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    Fatal Error

    Not sure what to do next. I logged out of my Ocean game to help a friend in his Blackwood game. Maybe twenty minutes later I tried to log back into my Ocean game and for the last hour or so I keep getting Fatal Error while the game is loading, after the Login Screen. Like, just as the game is about to open, the white screen of death... I have rebooted computer and run the Steam file validation thing. Turned off Battle Eye. Nothing works. I am locked out of my game on a cronic Fatal Error. Weirdly, I can still get back into my friend's Blackwood game no problem. It is only My own game that is crashing. I have a two week old Windows 10 Nitro5 laptop and so far all I have done on it is play Atlas, so it is not gummed up with a bunch of other apps. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Including image of fatal error message.
  2. Draidor

    Weirdest Video Glitch Ever

    I have been hosting a game for my friend and I since single player started. Mostly no problems until I built this boat. Actually, this is the second glitchy boat. I see the boat healthy, he sees the same boat as a collection of scrambled pieces. We are not sure where the problem is but I have been sailing this boat around for a while now and it hasn't sunk yet, so I can only assume that all the deck plates are in the right place. When he logs in the boat looks wonky, but if he ports himself to a bed, then back to the boat sometimes it looks good and sometimes not. It has happened in a few different locations so it is probably not location specific. I have screen shots on my computer, but don't seem to be able to post them.