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  1. This might have been obvious but as far as I know you press F1 and are able to place one however not sure if materials are required or not. What happens when you try to place it? Edit cause I can't make more posts cause I am a noob hope you see this. This may be the reason why you cannot claim: Hope that helps
  2. Thanks Boomvocannon we are on a PVP server. Edited original post. Also Thanks for the welcome Pirate fish you should probably make your own post not post in someone elses question asking about something completely different. It will also allow more visibility and probably get your question answered faster
  3. Hello, I am rather new to Atlas and so forgive the question as it may seem obvious to a lot of you veterans. We just started out some friends and I and we are trying to figure out how taxation works. We have claimed an island and so are able to set the taxation rate on the flag itself. However not sure exactly how it works. I tried to look around for answers but have a hard time finding out how it functions and am getting confused between it and the bank that people talk about which I assume is another structure. So figured I would just break down and ask. Here are some questions: Basically what is the difference between the flag taxation rate and this bank I keep reading about. Do you have to have the bank for the setting on the flag to work or is there a difference between the Taxation Bank and the Taxation rate you can set on the flag. How does the flag taxation work. Does it pull gold from people settled on your island you have claimed or just a percent of their resources? I assume it stores it in the flag? Building and I think we have this figured out but wanted to get it confirmed. If we set building to just company then others cannot build unless they are added to an exception list correct which if I understand this correctly you can either ad a company or an individual to this exception list? Do your company members get taxed as well or do you have to add them to the exception list or is there even an exception list for taxation And one question. If you have the flag can someone destroy this flag or is your claim safe till you stop paying for it. Also we are on a PVP server (Thanks @BOOMERVONCANNON) Thanks in advance for any help. So far really enjoying a lot of aspects of the game.
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