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  1. Yeah, that makes complete sense. Solo players should be able to lower into the derp water and can swim "from and to for safety" It is for sure such a big issue, that whether or not you can be in a cage
  2. So dark and cold in the 5th dimension. ahahahhahaha
  3. Huh? But teh moderator said that you should just blah blah blah..... LOL derpy derpy doooooooo
  4. 25k is not that much money, and yet the devs still cannot fix this game. Many people have tried to fix the game for NO MONEY, and yet the devs still cannot fix this game. If i could I would send you 25k just for making that post.
  5. If we owned the game, we could do whatever we want, and eventually find game programmers. Sounds fun
  6. Stats do not change, once a baby is born, that is it. Doesn't matter what food you feed them. Only way to "change" the stats is by imprinting, which has been in the game since day one and also been in ark for so many years because atlas just copied the system. Have you tried to eat a potato? If not, before you do try to eat a potato, you could try checking what your food stat is. You will then notice that potatoes are good once you eat one. How easy do think potatoes are to grow?
  7. Damn, well now i wish i had the game installed! :p
  8. Lol temporary alliance. Grow a pair, try to think, and just talk to the island owner if you want to do a map there. If they say no, then have a big cry on the forums. If you came to my island, and said you just wanted to do maps, I would say OK go for it but I will be watching you. I might also just kill you for fun (you know.... pvp??? hahaha) You get attacked on other peoples islands, because it is their island. Seems straightforward to me. Obviously, you do not own an island yourself.
  9. Huh, you aren't going to advertise a private server? Unfortunately, having a clue is not the same as not having a clue, even if some people find things fun.
  10. It's complete shit? yeah those details, very hard to find....
  11. How about i just barrel bomb you in the face?
  12. These guys won't be able to use a new engine, they barely are able to use the current engine? However, they actually did change engines from ark. Atlas uses a newer engine already. Im sorry but I cant really understand the rest of your post after your first sentence.... ... because of things like this. Yeah the modders can make stuff, such as the camelophant, and the devs can buy that. You remember ark being only one map? Yeah ok well i remember when the trees in ark were fucking crazy and went sideways outta the ground, and nothing in the game worked. Same thing with altas, people spawning in the middle of the ocean for no fucking reason, lol. Why can't atlas be more like ark? Well, that is the point of the thread. The answer is simply that they are two different games, one was lucky enough to turn out to be good, the other not so much.... Yep, I did uninstall, because of reasons.
  13. Er... the blind leading the blind haahhahahaha
  14. Hey man nice post, I think, but can you use paragraphs? edit: yay thanks!! best post ever on this forum
  15. Well, just look at this forum, people appear to do things that you would think "wtf how do you have the time for this bullshit" and they enjoy themselves apparently also, lol @ that emoji, such a fail
  16. You breed 7 babies instead of 20? Sounds efficient....
  17. Hahahah, please tell me what words you think are "big"? "hierarchical" ? Lol Or maybe just explain wtf? Lol
  18. Err, are you ok man? Take your own advice, and maybe ltp.
  19. Cool story bro, what point are you trying to make though? You had 3 grills and the temperature increase was barely noticeable, compared to having 3 campfires?
  20. Wtf, that looks like a whole bunch of gibberish. Are you trying to comment on Gomez Addams' post that in PVP there is no course for quick/any retribution? Where in this thread has anybody proposed that pvp "solves griefing"? The OP says that they are unable to play PVE, due to griefing, and I explained that the PVE game is simply the PVP without the PVP, and no further thought has been put into it. Do you know what PVP is? Player vs player. Some players grief, but that's ok, because you are a player too who is competing with this other player who just happens to grief. Maybe learn to play the game?
  21. I did read, and I gave you responses to each little thing that you wrote. How about you do the same, and we will all say we are soooooo grateful to have amazing people like you on "EA" forums. Thats great that you say you agree with me however. Thanks?
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