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  1. This post is pure trash. Do you even remember the original claim system, or recall why it got changed?
  2. Yeah its funny, internet explorer settings....... Lol happy new year
  3. *than. And yeah, whatever? Show me what contradictions you are talking about? Why don't you take you own advice, and scroll up and show where this person is familiar with PVP? Also, I wonder why don't you respond to what I have posted? Lol newbie... What are you trying to talk about? Are you trying to talk about the claim system? You want a arena for PVE newbies to fight each other? You and McDangles fight each other with equally equipped ships, yet your'e a newbie and McDangles would most likely wipe your sorry ass?
  4. No? Hey man you wanna buy a ps5 or xbob whatever?
  5. I was trying to let you know that your error is a common error, and the devs apparently will not be able to help you. Anybody else that claims they can help you and somehow are able to help you, are just lucky. They have made changes that the devs dont know about. I once had an issue in Ark which was resolved by changing my Internet Explorer settings. Ark used (still uses ? lol) coding in Microsoft's Internet Explorer to work, and once that coding broke, the Ark devs had no idea as to what had happened. I solved the problem by researching how the Unreal engine works that the "devs" used. Maybe have a look at your settings on your computer? Or idk... just uninstall as I did a month or two ago.
  6. Lol, its funny. The captaining skills are quite unclear indeed. It is a good question. I dont think the devs even know how it works. AFAIK, you gotta be on the boat for the skill to have any effect, if you claimed crew but someone else is sailing the ship I dont think you will get that bonus. Lol who knows.... or cares really ... :(
  7. Yeah, it says he doesnt play PVP. Please point out what is supposedly clear that you think I have missed? The last time quips and slurs were mangling up anything, it was when I called you out for going out of your way to insult me. Then you just happen to not reply and go spam up other threads. So don't play dumb. The input that has been proposed in this thread is something that has already been discussed at length, with much more details and insight than that one paragraph. Nobody cared about that input back then, and it seems that providing even less incentive for the devs to care by providing less details and insight is unlikely to have any effect on anything. If you cannot be bothered to go back and look for yourself, that is half of the problem. My input would be this - anything that the devs say now is not going to hold much water. FFA PVP is inherently flawed, and there has been no game that is able to work out how to not be flawed. There has been many discussions on factions, with much more thought out posts than any in this thread. There has been many posts about the imbalance between attackers and defenders, and posts about 'objectives' for PVP players. If you didn't notice, most PVP players complete all the content in this game within the first few days, and then its a fight to stave off boredom/start fights with other players for content. Meh whatever, cbf talking to newbies.
  8. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/111273-help-pls/ "Help pls"? Do you notice how that thread is over a year old? Notice how many replies it got? Who are you asking for help? Devs cant help themselves, let alone help you.
  9. A single pillar does decay rapidly, and the devs spent so many tiring hours coding making that change because when the game was released, a single pillar did not decay rapidly. How dare you. The devs were so very proud of that coding. If you joined a PVE server to learn PVP, all you need to know is that the PVE game is the PVP "game" with the PVP removed. I wouldn't be surprised if any "admins" contacted you for screenshots, players complaining about structures that have no purpose but to prevent other people from building or *gasp* blocking "treasure" have never been able to provide a screenshot, and if you are happy to provide any screenshots, that is so fortunate. I'm sure the "live" support of the website will be up asap.
  10. Or months, or years? Who cares, right? I like how you made the effort to make a point that there is a new team working "exclusively" on Atlas. Why would anybody think that a newly built "team" working on Atlas is not exclusively working on Atlas? Seems a bit sus. Are you even still employed by these guys/alive and not dead?
  11. The webs backbone and bottlenecks and portals of the internet superhighway are getting the most ultimate of ultimate stress tests. Yeah, must be a cyber attack hack or maybe even *dramatic music* espionage. All those news stories about cyber attacks, and if you arent mistaken verified hacks and yeah sabotaging things must occur, you are so smart.
  12. "Cyber attack, hack or maybe sabotage? " Lol thanks for the laugh
  13. Mcdangles you never played pvp?
  14. Yeah those tarot cards are totally unclear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they worked when you post screenshots of your PVE base on the forum where nobody gives a shit. So little answers!!!
  15. You do realise that many people have wrote down many positive things in many threads, however they don't really appear to be read/or matter at all, yeah? Great. This is funny to me. The first thing on your list is that you mention ecosystem. Did you ever play Ark? One of the things that the devs wanted to do when they started working on ark, is to create an ecosystem. They failed, and gave up basically. Atlas devs afaik never mentioned any intention to create what the ark devs failed at creating. What you have described there is a single entity called a lion fighting another single entity called a bear. It is not amazing. It is not an ecosystem. If you think fights between wild animals in ark or atlas are intense and they make you crack up with laughter, that just makes me sad. In 1998 we had wild animals in video games fighting each other, and what year is it now? It also makes me realise that the devs are just hoping that the game they are shitting out appeals to the lowest common denominator. Crows nest colliding on the mast? Oh wow, here, have all my monies!! Did you know that physics have been in games for decades, and here was a grappling hook in CTF quake, which again was released about 1998, over 20 years ago. Not "amazing" at all, and quite sad that err people would think it is "amazing". The whole point of a sandbox game "like ATLAS" is that you can do things, there isn't much of a linear game experience because you have the freedom to "do things", the focus is on the "doing things" so that gamers can make their own experience/game. Sandbox games are actually the most capable of doing those "somethings like this which are so amazing that they have been in a game which was developed in 1998". It is not suprising that when you are irked, you just laugh and say "how amazing lol". But yeah, those human animations LOL such a big stiffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Oh yeah, you like how the sea is part of your boat? Your ship just enters the water and gets flooded but magically doesn't sink? If only this game was a movie then it would totally nail it to everybody with those amazing cool totally epic cool visuals. The islands are copy pasted, flat, boring and mostly a procedural generation. Waterfalls and lakes in the middle of an island turning you into a kid going to the zoo for the first time sounds errr so nice *pats head of kid, good child* aww good baby googoogaga Errr, ok? Not really convinced.... That every body else has already commented and put "out in here"? You think that any of your comments have not already been made? Funny. Hey, did you read the news? Bears can wear hats!!
  16. eeeceee

    Patch V519.5

    Barrels, gold cost for ships, gliders... etc. They probably think it will stop the lag. What? Instead of nerfing an enjoyable tool, lighthouses are limited to below 100m? I guess you mean that instead of making an enjoyable experience, the devs just nerf. Just fyi, this has been the case since Ark started development. I guess the err "thinking" is that small to medium sized companies are lagging our shitty servers with their ships on our game that is supposed to be all about ships. So, just nerf 'em.
  17. Where is that thread where a player submits a ticket and the response is "yeah fuk off lol?" Check logs? That sounds like effort, so fuck that. Are you serious?
  18. You are a nice person. You show understanding and aren't selfish, so you help others. You say island owners will be a thing of the past due to some of them not being like you, a cooooool understanding nice person. Do you want to explain further or just be a cooldude? If you owned all the islands you wouldn't be getting a head of anything, and would be behind yourself for sure. p.s. dont change your playatlas.com username it is so cool!!!
  19. Wow, that random designer and their wing sound so comforting. However, what would you guys know what we want to see? What do you mean background? Hahahahhahahahaha
  20. There is a button that you need to press, its like left bumper + something. Just search on the internet. Your company mate sounds like they are in a xbob party.
  21. There is spatial limits on more than warehouses. Haha. What else can you do for fun? Grinding isn't fun? Valuable PVE player, I spent lots of time thinking about you, and my solution is that you are saying that you want to get a barrel in the face. Thanks for the noise
  22. You could also say that its an achievement to not be dead. Congrats, and thanks to you also too devs, wishing you many happy weekends.
  23. Let me grab my ascendant riot gear, and then you try stun me. Ok, I will grab my shitty founders hat instead.
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