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    Wiping is bad.

    I actually like your suggestions, a bank and a stable would protect a lot of our stuff in case of a wipe. Personally, I am not a fan of PVP. One thing I wised existed in this game is actual NPC merchant ships and NPC merchant towns outside of freeports. Give us PVE players some actual stuff we can raid (not ghosts, this is a pirate game after all, not a ghostbusters ship/home construction sim). We should also be allowed to capture merchant ships once we've wiped out their crew so we can refit them in our bases. Also, I wish we could also have NPC raiders events that pop in once or twice a week so that there would be some logic in building solid base defenses within the PVE game. Right now, we just build huge bases with zero thought of defense (we don't even build beyond wooden structures). At least Ark had the periodical angry dino running into your base. Atlas has zero reason to build any form of defense and the lack of base threats removes a big chunk of the game from being experienced by the PVE players. With the threat of NPC raiders, bases could get destroyed, defenses are lost (and need improving and upgrading), we would put thought on putting up defenses, locations would be selected for defensiblity and paying taxes so that you can live within the defenses of a larger and more powerful company would actually be worth it. I know these things would probably never happen but one can wish.