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  1. i would love to get a Elephant from u i am in O10 i can do 300 Gold for any that is Over L80 since Elephants cost 250 gold anyware from L50 to L100
  2. yeah and i just reallised that there needs to be 5 differant fish traps
  3. yep i would agree but also steamships would have to be the same speed as an fully opend sail at high winds no matter what and they would have to be more monuvable also and u can control the speed by sticking 1 to 4 NPC crews and they would also have be able to go against the craken at basics hull and still survive
  4. I would love to see Steamships and All nautilus submarines plus more sailling ship plus a economy system plus the level cap to go up also so who else would love to see new things
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