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  1. Thank you so much! @Phoenix125 I'm getting error, could you help me, please? I'm using the latest version of the manager. Stoped the server and I clicked the buttons: Update Util, Update Atlas Server (i forced a verification) and updated mods too. Started server again. I got this msg on the logs: But i can't join my server. I got error that mod could be outdated: Any help how fix it, please? Ty!!!
  2. @Phoenix125 1.9.8 BUGs! I've updated from 1.9.4 but now with 1.9.8 version 1) AtlasSaveDIR isn't accepting letters, it says error: Unacceptable Character You can only type a number here. My saved folder is A1, so it isn't loading any config file inside A1 folder: GameUseuSettings.ini , Game.ini , Engine.ini The program created a blank new ones. And it isn't loading my save -.- It cerates a new folder: 0 instead of using the right folder A1. 2) 3) It lost some configs like as Config file, where you set it up the Map. I noticed that after started my server because it started ocean map, instead of Blackwoods. So I clicked on Config button, and noticed that Map=ocean . For some reason it changed this value. Could you fix it, please? Thank you very much!
  3. I noticed that the button Stop Server(s) works. No problem, it isn't a big mess. I loved so much your manager, thank you!!! you can set it up a Blackwood map so easily, just add some extra param to exec the server
  4. @Phoenix125 Thank you for this manager, its so nice!!! But i got a problem with the latest 1.9.5 build: It just stop working the function to stop server. I click on Stop Server, no matter with i choose to announce or not, it sent the do command exit, but the server don't shutdown. I tested the rcon: sent msg to the server (thinking that it was a rcon bug), but it successfully broadcast the message to the server. I'm using just one grid with Blackwood map. Any idea how to fix it, please? ty!
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