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  1. Lyrric

    Blackwood Bug list

    Does it fix it permanently? or just fix the beds that are currently down?
  2. Lyrric

    Blackwood Bug list

    Has anyone found a work around for the beds other than creating a new company which makes you lose everything you have including tames?
  3. Lyrric

    Blackwood beds and fast travel

    Any update on this? Not being able to respawn on the island you are on stinks. Just lose all our stuff over and over again.
  4. Lyrric

    Blackwood Saps/Sugars

    They are all over the place. On the freeport island for sure and the one just west of it as well.
  5. Lyrric

    Blackwood Saps/Sugars

    My bad, figured it out