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  1. Me and my wife have been playing on our non-dedicated server for the last few days, and aside from the negative weight issue I brought up things have been ok. But now we can't load in at all. I launch the server, it loads in, I see my base, my animals and then it crashes to my desktop. I have no idea as to why. The only crash report I get is pasted at the bottom where it just says fatal error. We're unable to play now. It seems to crash when my textures start loading, specifically stone walls and stone window walls. Fatal error!
  2. Network: Non-Dedicated server Grid: Any Description of issue: A random animal will have it's weight become negative (-288.9/3372.8 as an example) and no matter what we do the animal acts as if overburdened. Restarting the server fixes the animals, but it always comes back, with my elephant being the most common (3/5 restarts it has the bug). Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: Can be provided if needed. Repro steps if available/applicable: Restart server, either an animal already has it, or will get it after some play time. I rarely if ever use my elephant. I had it standing around guarding my base. I move it, it's fine. An hour later I get on to move it, bugged. No item's added or removed. CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): None
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