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  1. okay i think i once posted something similar in the steam forums. but now i found out where exactly this bug comes from. 1. if you create a non-dedicated and password protected server, you are forced to find it in the server list to join. (since direct joins/invitation joins are not possible when its password protected according to the patch notes ov v211.15). 2. but the problem is, i never cant find my firend's server in the non-dedicated server list (and yes, password protected are shown). so i was thinking what could be the cause. 3. i noticed that ALOT server names are like.. "northeast freeport". and that was extremely strange: why should people give server names like that? 4. we tried to change the non-dedicated server name via config file in the atlas folders and appearently even in config it was set to "northeat free port". im not sure if we did right, but it didnt work to change it via config. 5. so: session names are actually NOT changed. it is bugged. and you can imagine how annoying it is to check ALL the "Northeats free port" servers to find the right one lol... - and this is the reason why we all cant find our friends' servers in the non-dedicated serverlists. this bug forces all of us to play a not-password-protected non-dedicated game. which is extremely annoying actually, since every random player can join then. please.. fix this. this bug existed since the first release of non-dedicated server update. and since the source of the bug is known now, i hope you can fix it asap. i know this game is in early access, but this bug exists since nearly half a years (since non-dedicated servers are possible).
  2. hi since the newest update, the game is not playable anymore, since i cant create a pathfinder/join a server, because when i join and click "create pathfinder", it immediately crashes. the crash report is the same is this guy's: https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/discussions/0/1629664606994958881/ i am playing in low memory mode and someone answered there if you switch to normal mode, then it will work. and he was right, it worked. so low memory mode of atlas seem to be bugged.
  3. hi there it happens surprisingly often, that trees, rocks or other ressources are kind of.. fake? not sure how to call it. but if i try to harvest/mine/cut them, i dont get any ressources. they are there but not giving anything. happens nw and then to some trees/rocks/nectar stones and stuff.
  4. hi there it happens often that after a while i do no firearms damage. i log into the non dedicated game, i shoot a giraffe and then try to shoot a pig. but after the giraffe, my firarms does no damage (it doesnt make the animals aggro either, since it does 0 damage). what could be the problem? it happens annoyingly often and 90% of the playtime i cant use firearms since they dont do damage. but my friend (the host) seem to be able to do damage with firearms even if i cant.
  5. hi there. our non dedicated game get corrupted so my friend started a new one. idk how but he could keep the old ap but all stuff we build there was gone. only the discoveries were kept (the stuff we explored and where we uncovered the fog of war). our characters were kept, too (our lvls and trained perks). so when i logged in, my lucky loader skill wa suddenly at a 12h cooldown. anyone knows a solution? relogging didnt help.
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