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  1. Anyone know how to tell what lvl your ships frame will be depending on the durability of the shipyard I have a 189 durability mythic and curious how to figure the max lvl of ships from it
  2. Have a question which is better to use ice or salt I don’t seem to use my ice much and I have loads. Wonder if anyone knew, can’t find any answer around the internet.
  3. Yeah same with tundra put some grills on then never have to check again just food and imprint
  4. So how do taxes work on pve do they still cut into the person farming on a island they don’t own or is it different cus I see most islands at 20% on official pve and a few lower I thought it was changed at some point and it was just a extra amount that went into the owners bank and does not take any from the person farming if anyone knows I would love to know asked around in game but ant seem to get a answer thanks
  5. I would recommend tundra for breeding I breed razorteeth and bears in my tundra
  6. Encampments are not out yet they said end of the month just the non dedicated multiplayer came out today soon tho I can’t wait ^_^
  7. Anyone wouldn’t happen to know how far that gets you apart from each other yet would they with the 3.0 set
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