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  1. Can we get Jerboa's as a new tame from Scorched Earth Ark DLC? I believe they will be awesome and practical to have to tell us about incoming weather while we are sailing and they will make the best and cutest shipmates a pirate could ever ask for!
  2. It really isn't a massive change at all. Brought in old assets, got rid of current ones, set the layout, auto render the ocean. After that tweak some numbers and boom. Update done, honestly a single person could have done this patch in a couple days. This is just like the last 3 patches they've done in the past 6 months. This is a joke and an insult to anyone with active brain cells. I give the game 2 weeks, 4 at a push.
  3. That's the thing, we all are, thats why Atlas population took a nose dive and why you are even getting an update.
  4. Is that it? All this hype for 12 lines of changes? Trailer video that was used at the launch of the game with literally 2 new scenes saying NEW MAP and SEASON 4?
  5. You are right, even people like you are entitled to their opinion even if it is wrong. What is it with INIGO that makes you want to go after them? It's looking to be personal at this point, you are going after someone that you say yourself is entitled to an opinion but you feel it's necessary to insult them to feel better about yourself? You attack another game release and comparing it to a game that had similar issues (I'm talking about Last Oasis v Atlas btw) The difference begin that Last Oasis Developers this is their first rodeo so giving them a little slack to sort their shit out should be given. However "Grapeshot" We'll just say Wildcard because we're not b/s'ing anyone. Has 9 official maps, Admittedly 3 were player created. But the point is they have experience, or should do, even if they don't behave like they have. Here you are being a hypocrite slurping on some of that Atlas slushy. I'm going to unfollow this thread so it's unlikely i'll read your reply as I know exactly what you are doing.
  6. So you've resorted to attacking people personally to try and drive home whatever point you are trying to make. INIGO isn't a clown, he, just like you, is allowed to share their unfiltered thoughts and opinions as long as they aren't breaking the rules. I'm less inclined to listen to someone like you at this point because you haven't even noticed how hard you are trying to defend a game in an extremely poor state while attempting to say "At least it's better than X because my friends and I ended up getting a refund and coming back"
  7. The irony of this comment is people can (and do) say the exact same about Atlas.
  8. This actually took 2 months to achieve. And this game is meant to be finished by the end of the year? But going by genesis standards I doubt it'll matter to anyone if the game is released in an uncompleted bug infested state.
  9. Because the last time they announced a wipe in advance they lost the majority of their player base?
  10. People aren't misreading. There is going to be a wipe, the only reason GS is stated they are trying to do it without a wipe is to delay the announcement of a wipe. Use common sense and logic, it's only logical to wipe.
  11. I was having a discussion within the Atlas Discord about how Grapeshot were failing to moderate places such as Reddit, after giving some snippets of what was being said on reddit without impunity I was muted by some from the "Management Team" being told to "Keep it Atlas Related" when in fact this was related to Atlas, the lack of moderation of chat and it's racial reddit community. The sheer racial hatred that is being spread across the playatlas reddit is disgusting and there isn't a single active moderator, there hasn't been for nearly a month. What surprises me the most is what the Atlas community manager did, muted without a time limit and deleted the conversation. Like he/she is trying to brush it under the rug. Honestly, I believe the atlas team need to get together and start taking this racial hatred going around seriously and remove those that are trying to brush it off. Racism is serious and should be treated as such.
  12. First time posting here so if I've failed any forum etiquette my apologies. Some back story as to why I'm suggesting this, skip if you're not interested. I'm from a small company on a PvP server, there is only a handful of us, say about 5/6 of us. In less than 2 weeks we've been raided 3 times. We're in pretty bad shape after two 6+ hour fights and one at the last 30 minutes of the fight in our harbour 1(us) vs 10(them) a couple days after a raid that almost cost us the island and our defences weren't fully repaired. We're pretty demoralised at this point as we're suspecting another attack this weekend that we're not prepared for and our members are drained of energy and have lost the will to fight. Onto the idea. Idea 1a: Make the cost of the island reflect it's combat timer, I'm not asking for an easy life, consider making 15 points islands only have a 4 hours combat timer scaling up to 122 point islands have 12 hours. Why do I think my idea would work: I believe it'll help smaller companies to own smaller islands and make them easier to defend, space is important when it comes to smaller islands, build too much you lose out on resources. Who & How would this benefit players: This would benefit smaller companies that only need a small amount of space but feel ready they can take an island for themselves and stick their flag in a sandcastle. This would also benefit companies going to fight larger companies as their attack window would be larger which a company with a larger player base should be able to support this. Can this be exploited, If so why and how would you combat it: Bigger companies could claim smaller islands to store their ship. As they would have longer protection time compared to other larger islands. Please Refer to Idea 2 for a remedy for this. Idea 1b: Consider splitting up the combat timers but only for islands that are 8 hours or more combat timers. Lets say a 57 point island has a 8 hour combat timer, the owner can split that up into 2 sets of 4 hours. A much larger island that costs 122 you could have 2 sets of 6 hour combat timers. Why do I think my idea would work: Larger companies have a much larger spread of players and times they play, so they are more capable of defending an island if it's going to be attacked. Smaller companies don't have that luxury, nor do they have the luxury of having players around that can fight off a larger force for an extended period of time. Who & How would this benefit players: This would help promote recruiting players of all time zones. Instead of companies cherry picking playing because it suits them best. Can this be exploited, if so why and how would you combat it: The only issue I foresee is if the attacking force sets up a FOB on an island during the rest period the owner of the island can just go down and demo their FOB, I'm not sure how to combat this issue. Idea 2: Set a ship protected limit based on the island points and ship types that are anchored. Just some random numbers, subject to change and open to suggestion. 0 points - Rafts and Sloops 2 points - Schooners 3 points - Brigatines 5 points - Galleons The first ships anchored gets the protected status of peace phase. Why do I think my idea would work: It'll hopefully stop harbour spam where people store 40-50 ships in a harbour and it's perfectly fine they are all protected. It'll make larger groups expand for more territory to house them all. Who & How would this benefit players: This would benefit everyone, larger companies won't have much interest in claiming smaller islands, also it'll remove using smaller islands as a staging point to attack a larger force using the peace phase to keep those ships safe. Can this be exploited, if so why and how would you combat it: I don't see an issue with idea being exploited but I'm open to criticism. The end goal here is to help smaller companies get established and grow so I'm open to ideas to make this happen.
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