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  1. I thought Pirate Encampments has been scrapped now with their new "roadmap" for dedication for the MP now instead, is this still coming?
  2. I'm really wanting to know what on earth exactly happened to the NPC Pirate Encampments? are they still coming? has that idea been completely scrapped? This was one of the biggest things I was looking forward to, especially on private run servers/solo play.
  3. *Bounty System so pirates can actually be, more piratey and stuff.... *Ability to work for the Royal Navy and take contracts, for a faction and reputation system to police the waters of scoundrels! *More quests and storyline missions. Integrate pirate legends like Davy Jones into these quests! *Bring more Skelies for a Jason and the Argonauts type clashes on the mainlands and at sea. Not just SotD. *Change the look of the SotD, something I've never been too fond of personally, the look too weird and don't really look like cursed ships to me but thats just me comparing Sotd with Sea of Thieves cursed ships. *More ships types and more customizations for ship sails, figureheads and wheels. *More Mythical Creatures/Monsters on the Ocean and on Land. *Magic (but only in a limited form) I think it would add to the fantasy of the game but you need to balance it so its not overpowered or too much so it changes the game.
  4. I think the issue was they tried that, and because of the sheer amount of cheating and exploits that was happening along with no region locking, it essentially turned everyone off the game within the first 2 months along with a massively under-cooked game at release in December. Bringing Singleplayer to the game, along with coop and the ability to host your own servers does add a heck of a lot of variety back into the game which will draw players like me back to the game I think will overall, bring players back to the game but the reputation of the game has definitely been dented quite a bit so it's going to take time to work on that.
  5. ok so I found a post that enabled me to add custom level up using the OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints= command in the game.ini and its definitely working, but I've run into two issues, first being it gave me every single skill in the game at level 39? and the second is that it also gave me a negative level points of -806 when I had about 20 left. I added the 129 lines after I had already started a singleplayer game so I dunno if that's what's caused this issue or not but I was wondering if anyone from the community to tell me if my game.ini file is correct I'll attach my file now I haven't used the LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=5 because I don't know if its the same as ark, if it needs it? It seemed to give the custom points without needed that command as well. I also don't know if I needed the 2 commands below as well to make it work properly: OverrideMaxExperiencePointsPlayer=12873538 OverrideMaxExperiencePointsDino=7500000 I don't think its a bug I think it's just something I've messed up on. Game.ini
  6. The only work around for extreme heat is to use the MED KIt as well as having fortitude up very high (mines at 70) with cloth armor. Seems this is a private/singleplayer server you can adjust how many points in Fortitude you can get per level. This should keep your dudes alive long enough to survive the heat. If this is a custom map of say 5x5 grid, you may want to change what islands you have so your not just getting constantly bombarded with heat waves. Until this gets fixed, this is the only solution I've personally found
  7. interesting bug, thanks for the warning,
  8. I have a couple of MAP issues on Singleplayer right now which have only just occurred today so maybe it was something in the last patch that did something to maps? I'm not having the treasure maps issue a couple others have, just the normal map. I am also having an issue when I Log into my singleplayer save, it's spawning me about 50 feet in any given direction to where I actually logged off from. So I'll be in my house when I exit, and when I go back into my save I'm in the water by my base, or I'll be under my shipyards, or I'll be by my tamed animals or something. Anyway here is a couple screenshots of the map issues. Map issue 1. Showing one of my boats all the way out in the middle of the ocean on the map but as you can see, the same boat is at my main area docked. Map Issue 2 (I Think). Map is showing I've seen an ENORMOUS amount of the world map when zoomed out, but I've only ever visited 2 grids? Which are M7 (the freeport I first spawned into) and L7. I've never been anywhere else yet lol. Now I'm not sure if it has something to do with some skills I've learnt recently, but I didn't have this much of the map viewable yesterday so why I think it's a bug.
  9. couple things to try, try making another new weapon, not just trying a different one, like actually make a new one, maybe server has messed up all current firearms. 2nd thing, try and see if using one of the host firearms makes a difference? that way you can test if its something with the weapons that the game is only recognizing host firearms. You could also try sailing to a new island and see if you still get 0 damage on a new area. Maybe try to respec your skills and get the firearms skills again and see if that fixes it. Could be a problem with a character skill issue.
  10. I also would like to know this for singleplayer and non dedicated MP modes as I think it would be fun to come across some fun look'n chests.
  11. try completely removing your graphics card drivers with DDU (display driver uninstaller) and reinstalling the latest nvidia drivers. If this doesn't work, try reinstalling directX as well. the D3D error is mostly down to a graphics drivers or something to do with the display. But do remember this game is early access, and you are going to experience crashing like this from time to time, the singleplayer is still in beta and only got added a couple weeks ago, even though the game came out in december, singleplayer is very very new still.
  12. I would suggest deleting the same file AGAIN, and try and get there again in another sloop, my guess is something you've done or built on M8 is causing the crash which might be in your crash log but i'm not certain. If it happens again after you delete the file again, try verifying steam files just to make sure, and reinstall graphics drivers.
  13. did the SOTD fire at you though? I've had this happen but they either blow up, and don't fire at you
  14. hey no problem man, just glad you got it working. The issue I had was my original sloop was gone, the one you buy form the freeport, except the for the storage and barrels I built on it so those were hanging in the air when I got back lol.. but yea hopefully we wont need to do this again!
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