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  1. I agree to these points completely. I forgot to mention them. Thank you for that!
  2. Hello, I would like to suggest following things to the Balance of the PvE Creatures. - Decrease the Aggro Radius of Animals like Wolves, Tigers, Lions, Snakes, etc. (-30% to 50%) - Decrease Damage dealt by said Animals. (-20% to -30%) - Lower Spawnrate of Alpha Creatures. (-50%) - Increase HP of tamed Creatures. (+15% to +30%) - Bug: Animals can hit Structures like Storage Boxes, Smithy, Wooden Floors, etc through Stone Walls Reasons: - A Bow does around 80 Damage with a Headshot towards a Wolf, a Pistol around 130 and only the Blunderbuss + Carbine 1-shots them. Same goes for other written above Animals, except the Lion. The Lion's take more damage from these Weapons. Around a 110 with a Bow and so on. - No matter how much you try to be safe and look around you, these animals jump you out of nowhere and you usually end up being dead. - Alpha Creatures in the Territory I live in and after asking multiple People on other Islands face around 5-20 Alpha's a Day. Late Game they are easy to kill with Fire Arrows and Carbines, but early - midgame they're pretty much an annoyance and a Tamekiller of everything you own. No matter how careful you are, their Aggro Range is so huge, they'll jump at you out of nowhere and you mostlikely end up being dead with a Tame which gets 1- or 2-hitted. - It says something if its easy to take out a whole Crew of Damned Warriors when you look for Treasure, but then having trouble cause a Lv3 Wolf interrupts. The big difference is the Movement Speed I suppose. You can kite Damned Warriors, but you can't kite Wolves, Lions or Tigers. They're just too fast. It would be nice to maybe learn a Skill to increase your Movement Speed for around 3 - 5 seconds and call it "Charge, Rush" or something like that. Not to be super quick, just so you can barely outrun these Creatures and make it possible to either Run + Shoot them or get to some high ground. - Tamed Creatures seem to have a really hard time competing against Wild Creatures. Usually even a low level wild Creature seems to be stronger than a tamed one. It also seems like Wild Creatures have more HP than Tamed ones. Do tamed Creatures lose HP after they are tamed? If you have a different Opinion or agree with the points above, feel free to write it down. Please remember to give constructive feedback and add your suggestions, this is not a Topic to complain or troll. Thank you for reading!
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