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    You have banned half of the community unfairly, the damage from the mortars has killed the pvp land, you put me a cow pulling a cart and you say that a new season on a reduced map you are laughing at the community and as they have said there are only players left crybabies hugging a mortar and cheaters playing with secondary accounts. You only have to listen to the people who have played the 10 season and they can advise you, most of them are unfairly banned, start to solve that, for example.
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    On both singleplayer and official servers I am forced to play on the lowest graphic settings despite the series x having hardware well above the recommended system requirements. I can't even read my own compass it's so low poly. However when I first got the game on my Xbox one, the graphics were perfectly fine, better than what we have to deal with on modern consoles. So I have no idea why this is happening, I'd love to be able to play this game but the playdough makes it unbearable.
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    you must have F'd something up really bad......wtg Grapeshot!
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    The problem is not the spawn rate. It's the rendering range. You can be on top of them before you know it. It's worse if moving fast. There is a setting for this but even at max it's way too low. I understand rending these SOD at greater range would have a cost but something should be done about this. I suggest a glow seen at greater range, without rending the whole ship/s. This would help both those looking for them and looking to avoid them. And secondly, SOD being on the grid borders where you can spawn after passing through and can be in the middle of them. I recently passed through a grid in my brig to find myself spawning on the other side at a full stop T-boned into a SOD gally, taking damage as I spawned. Resulting in my sinking before I could get untangled from it. But I been here since release and have learned to just deal with it. Fixes like these just don't ever come.
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    I am on Xbox one S and the graphics since the new development team took over have been honestly pitiful in detail and it feels like 2001 early game graphics. I hope to god this is fixed because the game just isn’t as enjoyable when your graphics are dog water.
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    SDC conquered this game already, shut it down
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    Or you guys could be appreciate that they're fixing it rather than let it stay broken and that they have to wait on Microsoft sometimes to push updates and fixes through. It's not just fix and release everytime...at the main menu they have a warning that it will have problems because it's a game preview...have some patience. Keep up the good work devs! And if you ask around the community you will find out that are responding on discards that they are in. I don't have one but my crew member does and he said that they're waiting on Microsoft so we'll see. I
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    A Christmas inspired post... Despite the bugs, what do you like about the game that keeps you coming back to play? For me, I love sandboxing/ building bases and boats. The creativity of it all. The sense of adventure of taking your newly built boat for a cruise and exploring new islands. On the whole, the world is quite beautiful and immersive. I think they've done a good job on the islands. Some of them are very interesting and make you want to explore them. The musical buffing is a really neat idea how you have to play music in real-time. As a musician I appreciate this. The skill trees can be quite interesting to try. Being able to custom build your ships makes it much more fun than pre-made ships compared to Sea of Thieves. The mechanics of ship piloting is fun, and I like that you can hire crew to help you pilot them if you prefer to solo. I just wish I could keep them from starving when I log off lol. Building mechanics has been significantly improved from ark, especially with the snap feature (Q). The sea is quite well done with the white caps/ swells etc. There's something soothing about sailing in this game. How about the rest of you?
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    Don't waste any time on this game. Been waiting for this wipe hoping QOL would be better for Xbox players, and surprise surprise, the devs hate their players and don't want them to have a working game. Schooners still cost 5k gold, single players still can't compete against zerging tribes, still no small tribes, still no anticheat protection, still not listening to their player base, still not communicating anything important, and, sadly, no longer a game with good potential. RIP atlas, it was the best survival game concept since ARK, and just like ARK, they blew it. Thanks for hating your players ❤
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    RedBeard, i am afraid that you are aiming in the wrong direction again, just like all of the other 5000 Grapeshot devs before you. No, we dont need more content, we need the current content working. No, we dont need buffing the zerg conpanys. We need buffing the solos and small groups, who are the majority of the players. You could start by removing the claim towers, which finally have driven me and all of my friends from the game. Please remove the fountain of youth, as it is no fun. Remove the Kraken quest to unlock game content like subs and torpedos. Remove the max level penalty for players not willing (or not able due to company size) to travel and do the stones quest. Please strengthen defence and nerf offense. Just now it does not matter if you have 100 stone walls around your ships and treasure or not. If you refuse to do this small companys will stay to be cannon fodder for the zergs, just like it is now. No, we dont need modular ships. Modular ships have driven the creative players away from Atlas. Your plans for the future will, once again, strengthen the weaknesses of ATLAS and nerf its strong parts. We dont need stupid zombie voodoo temples, we just need a pure working pirate game. Of course you will not listen to me, as devs never do, i loved the original game, at the moment it is „way to much of nothing“. I certainly will return if i see a perspective to survive in ATLAS in the patch notes, which is currently not the case at all.
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    Hi Devs, Your game is dieing, and it's all your fault. Here is 1 tip that will get u back on track! Stop developing new content and focus on fixing the problems the game still has! There is no need to bring in a new update (therefor new problems) while the problems from last updates have not been fixed yet! All you do is wipe, wipe and wipe. Every wipe u have fewer players playing your game. DO u have shit for brains? FIX your problems befor u bring in a new major update. USE YOUR FUCKING BRAINS.
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    I personally feel Atlas is an abuse of early access - especially for the amount they charged. In this case, Grapeshot has used this program to "pay to develop" and "pay to alpha / beta test". They clearly had no idea what they were doing and should have had the game mechanics and networking more functional before releasing it to the public. To top it all off, they simply copied and pasted Ark in order to build the game which in my opinion should have put them much farther ahead than they are now. Early access isn't a good description of this game. It should be classified as "learn as we go". If you want a good example of what an early access game should be like, check out SCUM or Valheim. Both games have a polished foundation and at this point are simply adding more content. I can't remember a single instance of either crashing. Atlas is largely broken and yet they're still trying to add content on top of it causing it to break further. In my opinion an early access game should be in a "somewhat finished, and working state" before asking people to pay for it. Atlas has never been this and I don't think they've really had a proper direction. Mostly I think their creative vision for this game is wrong and continually going in the wrong direction. Catering to the hard-core gamer and forcing players to log on each and every day to protect their investments is morally wrong as it begs players to perpetuate unbalanced lifestyles. The land domination concept they insist upon is working completely against the game and causing new players to give up as they struggle to a place to find home. They need to focus on creating a great pirate sailing experience first and foremost. Hopefully the new devs can turn things around. In the last set of notes they said they were going to focus on fixing bugs and have marginally addressed issues such as gold for ships etc. This is somewhat promising and hey, I'll take whatever I can get at this point.
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    Ok, you seem not to have understood what is wrong with the game, even in the latest Redbeard Patch from tomorrow. So i explain it in very easy words : a) player is building ships, bases and shipyards over several month b) naked Beach Bob troll with a claim tower is passing by while the player sleeps/works c) game over Anything about that somehow is not fully clear and obvious to anybody ? P.S. If you suggest that working/real life sucks : I agree
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    I've been quite a bit frustrated myself over the past 3 years, which is why I quit playing until the game is somewhat playable again.
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    Well to be honest 3 years is pretty pathetic for the state the game is in. These devs are very inept at their job lol
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    Are you realy want to kill the game DEV's? 10 different servers 3x3 that stand alone so can's travel to other regions? i think you gonna lose lot off players out of your player base. sad to see this happen
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    put down a few docks just in time to do it all over again. they clearly dont ready any of these comments lol, no wonder no one knows what this game is, who wants to talk about shitty games lol
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    RIP Atlas If U want to kill the game just shut it down, what are you doing devs?
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    By the time Atlas comes out of early access, humans will be living on the moon!
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    Really funny how this is still a early access game even though it seems like you killed your whole player base already... Came back to try it again and now I'm seeing you won't be able to do the quests on PvP? what the heck is that about.
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    I confirm the words of NAL0. I play on PC in low memory mode. After the update, all models and textures of animals, characters and objects were broken. They look angular and plasticine.
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    I am also on an Xbox Series X and playing on single player. Before the patch my graphics looks top notch and had me thinking of getting a 4K tv. After the patch, my compass is unreadable, weapons are like stick figures, and the game itself very blurry. Plays fine so far other than that. I hope y’all get it figured it and I love this game and believe in it and y’all! I’m gonna keep playing regardless to lend my support. :)
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    Ahoy there! You'll be happy to hear tickets are no longer auto-solved after submitting!
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    No, the new devs are not focused on what has to be done. We do not need Zombie towers, statues and another 200 minibosses exclusive for super guilds. We need removal of all bugs, every Atlas player can very easily tell all of them to the devs. We need change of the modular ships, you ahould be able to build everything on them, just to bring them in line with the old legacy ships. By now the difference is rediculous : A broadsider is superfast, superstrong and certainly the strongest ship in Atlas. Especially the ship speeds needs severe adjustment. And stop the stupid perma-tornadoes, perma heat wave and perma frostwave. QOL is the word.
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    I would say it's a survival game and you have to learn the fears of the seas... at least in the first 1-2x trials you start from freeport with a raft or sloop. These ships will soon be no issue for you at all and you don't even mind ramming them or simply ignore them. To loose A Brigantine after border crossing is most likely only hapening to Xbox Players because the grid change last 2-3 minutes instead of seconds. Yes the SotD could be forced to stay away from the border by Devs to avoid this issue if Xbox Players lower sails before crossing. If you hunt those SotD in Golden Age later you will not find them or not the high level once... but on a raft they will be every where. Enjoy your survival expirience as long as possible I agree to make something to increase their render range or at least a hint that makes you aware of them more early. With the new modular ships turning rates it's quite difficult for new players that start with a Cog or Tramp freighter now... a shooner was much more beginner friendly in it's handling. Well until you loose your first plank and notice you do not have some spare planks to replace them. But most likely a new player with a Cog will not have repair kits as well^^
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    They spawn a little too much until you sail away to hunt them down. Then, you won't see any for a long time!
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    I wouldn't call it new content! More like just reskin and colours of old. quite lazy really.
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    my ship and 2 characters are stuck between k5 and e5. neither of us can go online anymore. what time is server restart?
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    a lot of people are stuck in a lot of places, if you can log into the game be thankful, most people are stuck in a zone and their tames, breeding, crew are all dieing or land claims that have minimal days are being taken over due to not being able to log in or switch zones. all started over a restart that supposedly had no update. Hopefully they fix it sooner than later.
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    Servers B2, B3, and B4 down for PvE Official. They've been down for me and several friends since at least 5pm CDT today.
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    It appears what ever fixes that were discovered are no longer working. I have been able to host a server that others over the internet can join with no issues pretty much out of the box. Now if I want to play on it it gets tricky unless you have a router that supports NAT loopback. There is a work around so that I was able to join my own server how ever No one else on my same network can join. The point of running my own private world is to escape from the toxic griefer ridden community whom this company care nothing about stopping. I want to play the game with my friends and family and not have to deal with anyone else. I have a system capable of hosting no problems. Why am I being forced to pay company to host so we can achieve this goal? Why at every turn are they "fixing" our ability to host our own servers? This was all something that used to work with this game. I have hosted in the past to family on my own private lan and friends across the internet. Now it seems no longer possible. We will not be forced to play on public servers. We will not be forced to pay a company to host for us. Unfortunately we will be forced to play another game that will accommodate our needs. This is all this company is forcing people to do. it is a shame to see such a promising game die while still in its creation.
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    @George Catcherthank you for this list. I tested the ship myself now and i found all those bugs are still the same.... imagine the ship was added to the game in August 2021... I found only one cannon that moved out into the gun port and was able to shot... all others gun ports did not work... i started in my shipyard... drove just to the next tax island and killed the tax bank... after this i turned back and parked the ship on the shore... i could scuttle it and it wouldn't make any difference for me playing the game... lol. I build it with a grey BP i found and i was able to place 2x large handling sails. Weight empty 3750/4500... without cannon balls.
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    It's not about whining. Lot's of Players here did write done their suggestions and feedback here for the past 2-3 years playing easy 2000+ hours the game. We got by fact completely ignored here and there is no Dev who reads here or even answer to any topic. This is a serious issue. There was a time where they even announced some "fake" comunity managers. @Chismebeard@Nami. Now you might think well there is a Dev replaying on Discord... but who cares about that spam chat channels? I did write there several times feedback can be found at the official forums collected over 3 years... response = 0. This Comunity Manager has to read every day thousands of Discord(Twitter, reddit... etc bull shit) messages with 95% spam in Discord to get 5% relevant feedback. His time could be spent much better by simply checking this forum. I agree with your opinion simply because you are new and you have to discover a good game with a huge world easy worth 1000 hours game play. But after that time passed you will figure out while all others Players who passed this stage are "whining" here. Simply because it could be so much better. After Xbox Launch update there was about 1 complete year no progress in the game. All Devs left to work on Ark Genesis. Season 3 was nearly 1 year without wipe and update. After that we got "new" Devs with no navigation as whitehawk has written. So the term early access is fine for you, but we support the game for years now with no response and updates that destroyed ship combat(barrels), realy worse loot tables for SotD in regards of ship planks, gun ports and sails... balance issues and all that stuff that matters... but we get new content that is mostly not working or finalized like the market and trade routes. If you are happy to get buildings that make meat to rotten meat... well.... If you are happy with modular ships that fall appart if a green SotD Gally hits you with one broad side... it's a feature, not a bug of course... 500 resources for 1 repair kit to fix 1500 HP in 5 seconds looking on that module... on PVE lot's of Players play the Broadsider simply because with 4 large sails you can drive 25 knots... but nobody fights with those lol. Cog got nerfed because it was to fast with 1 small sail... holy crap... small sails are for sloops only... or to add the small second Sail on the Shooner... medium sails are completely ignored in the game. So this is the tip of the Ice rock you can see out of the water... so please tell again we are whinning when you do not know anything about the game and did not read this forum before.
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    This was the last breath of this game. Let's take off our hats. Let's honor the memory. RIP
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    The "official" wiki is not supported for some years now. If you need detail resources I recommend to check out this side: https://atlas.antihax.net/
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    Totally agree with you. yes at start this game is really fun and always you gonna have an hope that ahh its EA at moment and soon all fixed but then time will pass like that was for me in official 1980 hours in private networks almost same more. So why we are here in forums and talking about how bad how broken ? that's why we have forums or im wrong ? And if we all gonna be like ahh its a game lets chill. Then developer sees only green light for going BS what they doing at moment. Again yes i'm agree game can be broken and full of bugs and if you have many friends to play that broken thing then it's fun But now think about what developer says if you read patch notes?!. There's like thons of fixes what you really never gonna see and mostly new season aka wipe is for money grabbing and alot more broken content. and that's why we so called bad people Black Knight's are here to cry and tell that something is wrong in this picture dear developer.
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    Amen. Early access is for a very important group of developers that are already close to being done with a game but need fine tuning. now, early access is we want to charge you and get your money first, that way if we fuck up we can walk away with your money later on. That is the exact definition of early access now vs then.
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    One of the things I like to do in this game is build on ships. Maybe some players aren't into that so give them the modular ship option. The modular ships should cost gold as they're pre-made. Non pre-made ships should be cheaper or not cost gold. I will admit due to the fact that I'm somewhat pedantic, that some custom ship builds aren't very realistic. A good example is that ship that has a massive array of cannons on the stern. One idea to combat this is to have a weight distribution mechanic. If you mass too much weight on one side it could cause the ship to tilt and have a reduced maximum speed, or affect its turning ability somehow. However this is a mechanic that given the games development to date, is probably too complicated.
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    You are right, I haven't considered PVP because I refuse to play it. It's far too much of a time commitment for me and the grieving is something I exclude from my life whenever possible. I didn't realize that a shipyard could be destroyed so easily, but I guess anyone could wander by with a ship full of cannons and destroy it. I remember when I first started playing Ark I didn't understand why my base was half destroyed each time I would log on. I hate the fact that you practically have to be on all the time to protect your builds so I simply stick with PVE.
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    Recently I have been noticing that animals have just been disappearing off boats into the water. Just sailing in general and going through portals seem to be the worst. Recently I had one fall off, backtracked and picked him back up, started sailing again and a buddy jumped on him which teleported the animal and my buddy back to where the animal originally fell off. I remember in the past when they used to fly up into the sky and never be seen again but since then it really has not been a huge issue until now, I can not seem to keep them on my ship and its so frustrating. Would you please look into this
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    The last time i played i did so in the desert biome, so yesterday i created my character and started working towards moving to africa, first kick in the nuts came when i went to free port with my bear, hired 3 sailors and instructed them to follow me to the boat, the moment the last sailor jump on the boat my bear simply stoped existing, banished without a trace, i took it like a man and altered all my plans since i had to retame my bear as you cannot find bears in the desert (unless you do now), while sailing around in the process of re-taming my bear the 2 unassigned sailors i hired also went puff, simply disappeared, when? i have no idea, i only know they were with me when i departed but at some point they simply werent anymore, i took that hit too and proceded with re-taming a bear, after a rather frustrating time finding one i manage to tame one, so back to the begging right?? lets go to africa i tought, so i did all the sailing needed and finally decided on an island to stablish my base, can you guess what happens next??? yes, my new bear was gone. i dont know why this game keeps existing tbh, they keep introducing content when this basic bugs still exist after 3 years as when you try to hide a dead body under a rug, the fundamental code of the game is absolute garbage, i imagine this new team is trying to build a game from scratch using as a fundation the same piece of shit coding the past team wrote and i just cannot comprehend how they cannot realize that you cannot build a castle in a swamp. i came back after not playing the game for 2 years, i expected NOTHING from the game, and yet it still managed to disappoint me, honestly just kill this monstruosity, discontinue the project and let it die in peace.
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    No, a lot of other things killed the game lol like Megas number 1, the gold costs for ships, and then wipes. Many different type of players came to play and not just try hard white knights.
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    Its in Alpha ++ lol They announced it on steam and the website.
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    The game is never going to release and it has already failed lol it has been 3 years and they can’t even get it to alpha status lol. ok Greta, it seems like all you are doing is whining yourself. Don’t be mad and the devs guys, they are my boyfriends. Ark had consistently 10’s of thousands of players throughout the entire development and up to over 100k at times. Last month atlas had 800 lmao this guys just suck at their job and that is all there is to it
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    It is about how they handle it. The game has gone backwards since release, the "development" (if you can even call it that) is slow and sloppy. I was here at the start when Jat said laughing they arent going to be one of those games that stay EA forever and that they aim for 2 years tops. Didn't quite turn out that way, did it. The unlimited island points or the dropping of all tames isnt a minor thing that slipped through the net when they thoroughly tested the changes. They obviously didn't even try once. Same goes for the ladder fix for Cog and Carrack. I mean.. come on. Dont tell you you actually believe, that this game is going into "release" in a playable form ever (and with an actual playerbase).
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    that next wipe will be my last time in this forever EA game. All they do they do totally wrong!!! they must go back at day one version of game and just fix bugs and let game stay like this. But making pointless content cause few streamers wanting it is totally stupid and thats why this game is doomed and boring.
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    No, they won’t be looking into it. It has been around for a long time. Get ready to spend more time looking at your games instead of sailing. Pretty pathetic when you just want to sail but have to constantly watch your animals. These devs are worthless
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