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    You have banned half of the community unfairly, the damage from the mortars has killed the pvp land, you put me a cow pulling a cart and you say that a new season on a reduced map you are laughing at the community and as they have said there are only players left crybabies hugging a mortar and cheaters playing with secondary accounts. You only have to listen to the people who have played the 10 season and they can advise you, most of them are unfairly banned, start to solve that, for example.
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    you must have F'd something up really bad......wtg Grapeshot!
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    I could play the game if I wasn't banned for no reason. And so your ARK reskin doesn't bother me anymore.
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    It's nice that tickets are no longer marked as "solved" when opened, but will they actually be addressed with valid responses that are not pre-scripted? Why do you have an appeal option if you are "unable to reverse any bans in game at this time”?
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We have some important news to share regarding our official servers. As most of you are likely aware, our current season has seen some particularly rough waters. Some unintended features were unfortunately introduced that had an extremely negative impact on the game before they could be disabled. In response to this, we’ve made the difficult decision to wipe both the official PvP and PvE servers to provide everyone with an even playing field. We understand that this is not the direction we all expected this season to go and would like to sincerely apologize to our community as we take measures to improve the ATLAS experience. We hope you’ll continue the journey with us as we make our way closer to exiting early access. Thank you for your support and happy sailing! On a lighter note, here’s a sneak peek at a fun new feature coming in our next patch! Upcoming Wipe The final day of the current season will be Wednesday November 30th when we will be wiping both official servers for a fresh start. Servers are expected to go down around 7AM PST and should be back up around 7PM PST. Unofficial servers are not expected to need to wipe at this time. Server Changes With your patience and understanding, we’d like to take this new season as an opportunity to bring some adjustments to our official servers so we can better prepare for some major changes coming to ATLAS gameplay in the future. We need more servers to thoroughly test what we have in store, so we are temporarily downsizing our official servers. We understand this change is not going to be looked favorably upon by the entire community, so please keep in mind this is only temporary for this season! For more details about this experimental phase, please see a preview of the server changes below. More details will be provided as we get closer to our wipe date. PvP Servers: The PvP server will be split into 10 different 3x3 servers. Will be a mix of NA and EU servers. There will be no regions or portals. Claim type: will be a mix of claimable islands, claimable lawless, and unclaimable lawless. Quest content (Power Stones etc.) will not be available. Boosted rates. PvE Server: The PvE server will be reduced in size to a 6x6. Will be EU. There will be no regions or portals. All grids will be unclaimable lawless. All quest content will be available. Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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