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    Servers B2, B3, and B4 down for PvE Official. They've been down for me and several friends since at least 5pm CDT today.
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    It's funny how a simple maintenance routine would solve this: but clearly no one at Grapeshot (unless it's literaly only 5 people since they're slaves to Wildcard) can perform simple things like checking server status. It is too hard of a task for them. They can code an automated restart program to restart servers, and also create alerts to notify when they go offline. but nope they spend months trying to figure out how to change the map around, by copy pasting 7 different islands in different rotations. and you can't get ahold of Dev's realtime because the people who handle twitter and website forums are masturbating to Beastiality ARK2 porn. so when something like entire grid crashes happen. their screen is too damned to notice. If they had a Discord where the people who paid and expected to play could spam ping them for being bad, it would be so much better than expecting a reply from a support ticket. since both wildcard and grapeshot take over 2 months to reply to tickets, and usually the ticket is "sorry, but we can't help you. it's been too long "
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    It's not about whining. Lot's of Players here did write done their suggestions and feedback here for the past 2-3 years playing easy 2000+ hours the game. We got by fact completely ignored here and there is no Dev who reads here or even answer to any topic. This is a serious issue. There was a time where they even announced some "fake" comunity managers. @Chismebeard@Nami. Now you might think well there is a Dev replaying on Discord... but who cares about that spam chat channels? I did write there several times feedback can be found at the official forums collected over 3 years... response = 0. This Comunity Manager has to read every day thousands of Discord(Twitter, reddit... etc bull shit) messages with 95% spam in Discord to get 5% relevant feedback. His time could be spent much better by simply checking this forum. I agree with your opinion simply because you are new and you have to discover a good game with a huge world easy worth 1000 hours game play. But after that time passed you will figure out while all others Players who passed this stage are "whining" here. Simply because it could be so much better. After Xbox Launch update there was about 1 complete year no progress in the game. All Devs left to work on Ark Genesis. Season 3 was nearly 1 year without wipe and update. After that we got "new" Devs with no navigation as whitehawk has written. So the term early access is fine for you, but we support the game for years now with no response and updates that destroyed ship combat(barrels), realy worse loot tables for SotD in regards of ship planks, gun ports and sails... balance issues and all that stuff that matters... but we get new content that is mostly not working or finalized like the market and trade routes. If you are happy to get buildings that make meat to rotten meat... well.... If you are happy with modular ships that fall appart if a green SotD Gally hits you with one broad side... it's a feature, not a bug of course... 500 resources for 1 repair kit to fix 1500 HP in 5 seconds looking on that module... on PVE lot's of Players play the Broadsider simply because with 4 large sails you can drive 25 knots... but nobody fights with those lol. Cog got nerfed because it was to fast with 1 small sail... holy crap... small sails are for sloops only... or to add the small second Sail on the Shooner... medium sails are completely ignored in the game. So this is the tip of the Ice rock you can see out of the water... so please tell again we are whinning when you do not know anything about the game and did not read this forum before.
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    I started playing ATLAS about 2 weeks ago. When I try to look at the wiki or any form of context that relates to islands and the map, I always end up getting wrong information. I joined in on the [PvE] The Whale's Solitude official server and it only has a map grid of A1 - D4. I know that a regular map goes up to K11. I don't want to lose the progress I made on this character but there isn't a forum on this type of map. Is there any way I can get information on this map or know how to migrate my character to another server? Any and all help is welcomed.
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    The "official" wiki is not supported for some years now. If you need detail resources I recommend to check out this side: https://atlas.antihax.net/
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    A new ATLAS Devkit update is available! You can download the update from here: (The ATLAS Mod Kit can now be installed from the Epic Launcher) The optional Ocean map sublevels can be downloaded from here: (The Ocean Map Sublevels can now be selected as an optional package when installing from the Epic Launcher) This is a full devkit download, so it is recommended that you back up your mod content before migration. This update includes the Blackwood map as an example of how to create standalone maps similar to the ARK experience. This should be much easier to manage for mod developers. You can review the files in the devkit to see how it works. (example: Blackwood map as a mod ) Make sure to read up on how to setup ATLAS shoreline data so that water and waves work properly with your maps: https://devkit.playatlas.com/en/latest/Guides/Shorelines.html We've also added some more pages to the documentation site, so make sure to check those out.
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