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    Ah so the Devs were doing US! a favour when they released Atlas. Sorry I didn't realize. Usually games are released to make money as a business venture. Or to satisfy someones need for creativity. And hopefully make money too. I can't believe how naive I was when I first bought Atlas on steam, and then again on xbox (paying nearly 3 times the price of pc at the time) you see I thought that by buying and supporting an EA game that I was doing the game company a favour. I bet they only took my money so that I didn't get offended by thinking they were treating me as a charity case.How uninformed could I have been eh?
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    I love all the know it all and ungrateful players on here! I say take as long as possible to fix it instead of a million updates. Patience is a virtue. Great time to go find out what "outside" is in the meantime! Take your time dev's!
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    Not really. Player counts just keep dropping. It isn’t a matter of failing. They have already failed and are already in the hall of shame bottom 100 steam games so it really doesn’t matter what a couple oeoooe think
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