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    Now we know why this game hasn't received a notable update since launch in 2018. They've spent the entire development budget of 50$ on amazon gift cards.
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    So as per my Subject how about this idea in resolving 2 issues at once.. First being placing the first mine/quarry/lumberyard - how about after you placed the common building to be able to later upgrade it instead of needing to demolish it to be able to place the better version. This could be done by crafting the BP and similar to a skin for sails ect place it in a slot with the exception once done you will lose the crafted bp item, resolves people having the current issue with after removing your current 1 not being able to place it again due to "to close to another building by this type.. Second being maybe limiting the amount of automation buildings a company may have per island, lets say 1 of each mine/quarry/lumberyard on lawless or claimable lawless islands, this would however not count towards if a company owns the island as they would have full rights on it. Resolves the constant issue with people taking all the spots with the range each needs to be apart from each other but allows other company's to also at least have some stake on the island.
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