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    Why are these ridiculous trash mode servers still up? Remove them already! Do not cater to players that are too baby to play a pirate game. Ur splitting the community by allowing servers for little cry babies. Im not comming back to Atlas as long as the stupid "PVE" server is still on.
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    Yeah I guess they are too dense to realize that simply adding factions would still be a sandbox. I think it comes down to them lacking the skill to pull it off rather then them not wanting to go in that direction. I truly believe lack of skill is the driving force in their decision making and it really shows.
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    I don't get all the hate on this forum from the (elite) pvp'ers against the pve players. For one, Atlas made over half of it's money from the pve players, who I might add stayed around while the early pvp players quit in droves. Also pve is just a different playstyle ,in the same way as people, we have different personalities. And as for telling pve players to quit all the time, I think pvp players forget that they are not the only ones who paid for Atlas and was given the impression that it would be a better game than it actually is. I pvp in most of my games, and I enjoy it cos i'm good at it. But I accept that pvp is not enjoyable for everyone. Especially if your playing as a family, cos pvp players can get really abusive when they lose eh! If they merge pvp and pve together you will lose a lot of previously loyal players , and the one thing Atlas wanted to be was an mmo, which it won't be if it loses a massive portion of the player base. The most successful online games similar to Atlas are pve with pvp zones, not the other way round. Or games with separate pvp/pve servers.
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    Well, you not coming back is a definite reason to keep pve servers running for eternity! Bravo!
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