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    I need halp, lads! This update yesterday (2/10) screwed me over big time. My entire map is revealed, no fog of war. I am playing on a 15x15 personal dedicated server. Since the update yesterday, the individual servers are now getting these new lines auto-added under GameUserSetting.ini: [/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/TestGameMode.TestGameMode_C] bUseWildPirateCamps=False PositiveTradeEventCooldownPeriod=7200.000000 GeneralTradeEventChance=0.700000 PositiveTradeEventChance=0.500000 bUseSettlementClaims=True bDisableFogOfWar=True bUseNewStructureFoundationSupportChecks=True RemoveItemsOverCraftingSkillBonus=0.600000 MaximumCraftingSkillBonus=0.600000 OldPlayerDataMaxXP=877438.000000 Even when I manually change and save these settings, as soon as the server starts up, it gets overwritten to this^ Until now, my fog of war was working perfectly fine. I had to explore to uncover the map, just like I wanted. Now ALL map revealed, and every island has this stupid settlement points number on it. Would really appreciate some halp, frens.
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    Right to the point. Unfortunately the devs just HATE small groups and solos with every part of their hearts. They just love huge megatribes and YouTubers. Message to the self-proclaimed solo superheroes in mythical armor and with mythical carbine, who solo one-handed Hydra, Kraken and God : It is NOT possible ! The average solo can never have gear above blue. So no sub and no squid for you, Mr. Solo And no Kraken ship. P.S. Thanks for the dolphin hint. I did not manage to tame one in diving suit close to the surface. Dont know if i want to gimp my spec just to tame something that is useless
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    Hi george. Hydras are pretty easy when you get the hang of it, but yeah can be hard without the right gear/suppluys. First u need to choose a good island,like e7 or e5 or f7, not too many hard monsters and the spawn is close to beach. then the gear. u want 1 loaded carbine,2-3 loaded pistols. and a tiger/lion thats fast if the hydra is deep inside, and u can jump back on boat, u can run quickly and shoot it far away from mount. or u take a glider and go find it,shoot it glide towards boat,shoot again so u dont loose aggro, then also have full plate set,med kit,monkey. Weapons on boat, i rekommend a catapult with 4-6 barrels,or cannons (4-6 back cannons)if u have like 150-200 cannons with u. I prefer cannonballs because of the long range instead of cannister shots, and if u have a sloop with no cannons, juat take it out in the ocean and it will drown here is a video, its a good spawn,but my tactic works for most of the islands.we completed last week 7 powerstones in 10hours straitght, With 2 of my friends. on pvp server,
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    Unfortunately, I can't help directly with the extracting, but I use Atlas Server Update Utility to manage my servers and it has an automatic mod manager feature in it, that helps a lot. Maybe it can help you. It allows you to manage your server without managing lots of config file editing. You can set it to download and install mods automatically or you can click a button to update them. http://www.phoenix125.com/AtlasServerUpdateUtil.html They people on their discord is really helpful too.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! ccc is a console command which takes your current in game coordinates and server grid then formats that into a cheat command used by Grapeshot employees to teleport to your exact location. It's useful when reporting map issues, or passing on specific information about your location to the team. To use the command, please do the following: - Open your console with the ` key (you can find it located next to 1 or above TAB) - Type in: ccc - Hit Enter Demonstration of the command typed into the console. The game will automatically copy the coordinates to your clipboard, just hit ctrl+v and you will paste the cheat command. It will be formatted like this: cheat TP J8 -451257 320374 484 Please use this when you are making reports to us, it will allow us to be more efficient when looking into your reports! Thank you
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