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    Ahoy Pathfinders! The next patch will be scheduled for 1/13 7:00 PM PT. It includes a variety of balance changes and as a heads up, please note: Grill ship structure weight will increase from 1kg to 12kg. Please be aware and take care! Full patch notes to be released tomorrow! Meanwhile, here's an additional sneak peak at the tameable Dolphins coming as part of the next patch: Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame View full article
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    Right now trading is only enabled within the same grid. As for a market setup: I've had success having both my market and warehouse side by side right on the waterline of a beach. If the warehouse does not connect to your market automatically, you can connect it in the interaction wheel in the market. Farmhouses need to be within a specific range of your warehouse to connect to it. Your warehouse will tell you how many farmhouses are connected. Yes...they all have to be on the same island. Once all are set up correctly, your market will be up and running. You can then select what you want to trade from what's in your warehouse. BE CAUTIOUS -- Trading is kinda broken atm so trade something in return for the exact same thing in a 1:1 ratio (iron for iron at a 1:1 ratio, so like 764 iron for 764 iron or whatever the number is) -- However, you must get trade routes going with other players. There is a "Find new trade route" button you can press, and it will give you a list of markets from other players. Be weary though. Just clicking on the first few routes you see will NOT guarantee successful trades. Look at the number by the company names in the list. It will say things like 5/8 or 17/8 etc ... In my experience DO NOT click on the company names (to request a trade route) that have 8/8 or higher (10/8 23/8 etc). Those routes will not produce trades. If you find a company that shows 7/8 or less, go ahead and request a trade route with that company. Trading will not commence until that company accepts your trade request. You can also ask in chat if there are companies (on the same grid, ofc) willing to trade with you that have an open trade slot. You'd then just look that company up in the trade route list (assuming somebody responds). Good Luck
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    @Ranger1k that is indeed true, and slipped my mind when I wrote that post up. But I agree, having a good bludgeoning attack with a pistol would be a great idea.
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    Made this post a bit a go but no one seemed keen on it. Just want devs to give a read and see if any thing tickles their fancy. So as a firearms enthusiast and historic arms guy I was thinking the other day about how good of an opportunity grapeshot have with giving us all the awesome kit and kaboodle that Pirates had. So to start things off I’ll cover melee weapons, though in general I think that weapon skins would be awesome. - boarding axe, a one handed axe for the boarding party type of occasions, could do increased damage to ship structures. -rapier, basically the same as the cutlass we have in game but could focus on stabbing motions over slashing attacks for better armor penetration. Second up firearms. I think the biggest opportunity is here seeing as how pirates love their guns -duck foot pistol, was honestly surprised that this one isn’t In the game already. Has three-five barrels set on a horizontal axis that fires a scattered shot similar to a shotgun but instead of a cone it fired on a flat horizontal plane. -hand blunderbuss, pretty simple. It’s a blunderbuss that’s in a small pistol configuration. -hand mortar, the ye olden grenade launcher of a sorts. Fires a explosive projectile in an arc much like a mortar, main use back in the day was to launch fireworks but some were used to fire small explosive shells. -turret rifle, the anti material rifle of muskets. Made to be mounted on walls and fire an egregiously large bullet at some poor soul hiding behind a shield. Could be used mounted or Shouldered but I imagine the user would be injured from such an attempt. -hydra rifle, the hydra pistol we currently have is what’s known as a revolving pepper box, the original concept for pepperboxes was a cluster of stationary barrels that could be fired one after the other. Either setup would be lovely to have in a rifle length weapon. lastly with the guns let’s talk about the carbine, carbines in general are supposed to be fairly short when compared to a full sized rifle and mainly saw use with infantry. IMO I would say remove the zoom, speed up reload, shorten the in game model, and cut the damage a bit. The last item on the list will handle said “nerf” -arquebes. Basically a long(physically and purpose) rifle made to shoot great distances. It could fill the roll of the pre nerfed carbine. the only weapon I could think of for siege weapons - ballista, the ballista we currently have in the game is what’s commonly referred to as a scorpion ballista. I suggest adding a normal ballista that basically functions like a mortar, it fires large round stone balls that historically were sometimes filled with burning pitch or primitive explosives. these are my thoughts on gear that could be added to the game for the purpose of giving players more variety when engaging each other. Any and all feedback is welcome. All I ask is that it is kept clean and constructive so maybe the devs will read it.
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    The easy answer is the one you have, you just don't like it. Its ok, most of us don't like it either. You ride that sloop into the ground. Then make another. If you have an abundant amount of game time, or if there are even 4 of you just kind of actively playing, you want to set up a warehouse with some farms and a market. The market will get some money rolling in over time. The trick is to have everything working and not getting messed with when you log off. You will need some 25k to get a schooner and a dock to try to keep it safe in. I'm solo, I cannot play every day for hours. So this idea of theirs doesn't work great for me. I have largely sat out this season so far because of the ships costing 10k+ gold thing. If you do what the devs would prefer, you will find a bigger company to join. The game is currently balanced heavily in favor of larger companies. I just find it makes the game suck and I lose interest the second someone limits how I play. Basically, these devs have made some terrible decisions this season and the game play suffers for it. Barrels, Gliders, Ship cost, no limits on WHs or FHs, Claiming islands still a thing, ect...
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    remove your cost gold of creating ship its ruined the game!
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    I have 3,500 hours but I have no idea how markets work, too complicated mechanism, remove the value in building ship gold I want to swim and not farm gold, the game about ships and not about gold
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    So currently the ship sizes are pretty cool, but there is a serious jump from the brig to the galleon. Lets look at schooner, max 5 cannons per side, 10 total. Brig max 6 cannons per side, 12 total. Galleon max 26 cannons per side, 52 total. seems like a huge jump, and honestly most people HATE sailing galleons, they are just too big and clunky. Can we not get a double cannon decked brig size ship? ship of the line or something? maybe like this Frigate - max 12 cannons per side, 24 total. No need to make it much different to a brig, just add an extra deck on top and raise it up a bit, same sail layout, same everything, just 1 more deck of cannons.
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    You can do that now, just the guns are on deck and you'll have to spec into more crew and depending on the setup probably a little more carry weight. Not great as its points wasted that could have gone into dmg and resistance. Only way to offset that in some way is by using high quality BP. I know what your saying though, You want the crew in the gun ports not on the deck. AC Black Flag have the scaling down quite nicely and have a good range of ships. Gunboat max 2 Cannons (Our Sloop) Schooner max 8 Cannons (we have 10) Brig max 24 cannons (we have 12, with the size difference 2 extra cannons than a schooner is a bit reserve) Frigate max 46 cannons (what we are missing and i'd probably half and say 24, also slightly bigger than the brig, add in a deck and a little bit of length) Man of War 50 cannons (Our Galleon)
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    Any ship Schooner or bigger takes over a day to claim. It's far more likely that someone will just shoot one of your planks and sink your ship that way. The system needs a buff. I would suggest shorten the claim timer for unanchored ships but keep the claim timer duration for green anchored ships OR as Mike said earlier in this thread, allow some way for people to control enemy ships whether its sails/wheel so that you can spend the 2+ days moving the boat somewhere safe that you can claim it. If someone were to steal my schooner, brig or galleon I could simply sail a raft over to where it was left and scuttle it with the current timers the way they are.
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    The ship stealing isn't even bad. It takes hours just to steal a sloop, and it does notify you. I think you are playing the wrong game buddy or you dont need to be playing an official server.
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    Well the old this is a pyrate mmo comes out everytime you have an idea that's controversial. Even though this isn't strictly a pyrate mmo anyway. I'd like to add that pyrates rarely attacked each other for the reason that they knew it would be a fight to the death with barely any chance of surrender. Most pyrates would work together when it suited them. They attacked naval vessels and merchant ships mostly. Yeh there were rivalries aboard a ship amongst the men, but not with other pyrate ships. This game is not a realistic pyrate mmo ,anymore than lord of the rings is a ww2 novel.
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    What has stealing to with pvp????
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    Your ship can't even be stolen if someone is sleeping on it in a locked room or if a single NPC is alive on board. You choose to live in lawless then adapt to the situation instead of complaining about mechanics of the game that are in reality in need of a buff, not a nerf. The entire point of lawless is so that there's always land available for new players to get started and build a ship to go adventuring with. The land claim system currently allows you to select a 15 hour peace time phase where no one can do PVP or destroy unanchored ships and structures except for the claim holder.
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    THEN DONT PLAY PVP. I hate this shit. Dont effin complain about stealing. Do you kniw what pirates did back then? They stole and looted and plundered? THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GAME
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    Please make it easier to steal ships. The current claim timer still takes far too long considering the difficulty to remove all the players/npc's on board. The ship stealing skill is also a joke considering it only increases the timer by an extra few seconds and requires constant spamming. The OP is very wrong about ship stealing given that even a tribe of 1 person should be able to log on at least once during their island's wartime to contest the ship claim and reset it.
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