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    This is a pirate game, what the pirates want is gold coins and resources。ATLAS pays too much attention to the performance of blueprint items, causing players to focus on how to obtain mythical blueprints。The current game mechanics of ATLAS are destined to not retain new players,The highest online number of this game will only be when the season restarts And then keep falling、Can't make the number stable。Because the safety of the players on the lawless island cannot be guaranteed, many people often wake up after a sleep and find that they have lost everything。what ATLAS keeps losing is the players on the lawless islands. Perhaps reducing the output of resources such as metals and gems and crystals and weakening the attributes of blueprint items will increase more players and wars Reducing labor on land does not increase warfare at sea, because the reason why players do not conflict at sea is that they are busy obtaining drawings Make it easier for the ship board to be penetrated by cannonballs. For example, 5 or 3 shells can make the ship board leak. The ship board cannot be replaced and can only be repaired and requires players or NPCs to repair it all the time. The ship plate can be renewed after breaking down. You need to weaken the attributes of the blueprint items, because it is very difficult for players on the island of lawlessness to obtain,I swear I didn’t think I should weaken the drawing attributes because I didn’t get it. I was a member of JOJO last season. I had a drawing of 5 legendary large-scale control sails with 122, and I made it with a 130-level crow and dolphin buff. Out of 4 125 and 1 123,I just think the blueprint items are too powerful, and many players don’t have a chance to get them if they don’t join a large company. When a large company gets it, they have many ways to prevent small companies from getting it.! Weakening the output of metal gem crystals will also reduce the number of ordinary ships. Players will also cherish their own ships. Reduce the number of blueprint ships or the difference in attributes will make more players dare to fight. Let players collect basic resources, delete farmhouses, and reduce the output of some basic materials. Players will also fight for basic materials. The other is the problem of large Large control sails,Why can a large controlled sail sail so fast? And it can also make the ship turn faster. I think the acceleration of the large-scale control sail should be weakened and its influence on the ship's rotation should be removed. I didn’t even see the large-scale speed sail in the 150-man decisive battle of the H8 last season. The naval battle should be determined by the old captain's superb technology and the diversified collocation of ships (the choice of weapons, the choice of sails, the number of people, the number of ships, and the matching of ships), as well as the battle of the ship. The existence of the whirling gun makes the battle of the ship basically impossible. You need to improve the status of gold coins, first weaken the attributes of the drawing items, and then set up gold coins to buy some drawings in the free port, and buy any basic materials including metal gems and crystals, so that the status of gold coins is improved, and then reduce the amount of money except for killing ghost ships. And the amount of gold coins obtained other than treasure digging.Or set up to buy blueprints and basic materials on the marine merchant ship, or create a new merchant ship, the player can sail to rob the merchant ship and fight the merchant ship. I am a Chinese player. My English is not very good. Translation software is used in many places. I hope the developers can understand what I mean. Good luck
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    Just wanted to provide some context for the blatant mismanagement of this game.. We're TWO YEARS into EA for a PIRATE game and "walking the plank" hasn't been implemented. Need i say more? Quit over a month ago and its been a huge relief. Good luck, best wishes
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    New content = Good (depending on content) Adding new content BEFORE fixing old/existing content and game = bad Claiming to listen to our feedback, but not actually listening to our feedback = bad Hinting about more wipes after previously stating no more wipes = very bad Look....the game has potential...it really does. It's cool you want to add stuff to the game, keeping it semi fresh....but I've said it before, and once again I'll say it again....FIX CURRENT STUFF (including server/performance issues) BEFORE ADDING NEW STUFF!!!! Your lack of logic here amazes me. The fact that you claim to listen to us, the players, but never provide responses etc to player posts, auto-closing tickets, and what not just proves you don't care what we say/ask for. As for even more wipes coming....why should anyone here (pvp and pve) bother playing if you're just going to keep wiping things? Why should Player X build ships to fight SoD if they're just going to lose the ships yet again? Why should Player Y spend much of their time/energy/resources to tame that one tame they've always wanted, just to have it taken away in a wipe? Why should Company A tame and breed some basic tames to help out new players with their first tames etc if you're just going to wipe again and again? You want us to play, and you want new players to join, but give NO reasons to stay. What's a new player to think when they just get a basic base going, to log in one day and have it wiped because you devs think it's for the best? If you need to wipe, find a way to allow players to keep the things they've worked tirelessly for. Or just get good at making a game and keeping the players. As for costing gold to build ships....really? I can understand if you're going to allow players to buy a brig from an NPC (like the guy in the freeports), but if I'm building my own shipyard, using MY resources that I grinded, why should I pay gold to build something with my own mats? Building ships should NOT cost gold if you're using your own mats, your own shipyard. Learn to get good, devs.
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    I like the idea of a single maelstrom that wanders the affected map and does serious damage, and is avoidable. The number of cyclones is ridiculous.
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    The time you invest here and in steam forum to cry about the price of this game is insane. (while it is very cheap game) But you should ask the Devs if they will pay you as a game tester hunting for bugs, exploits, glitches and give them feedback about game balance etc... Oh wait, there are thousands of players doing this for free without beeing noticed/not listened. And they even pay for the game to play it. *hahaha* Early Access***
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    The Greek type ship that you have put in does not fit much with the ships of the time and people wanted something frigate type, but well if you already have it, I don't think people are going to complain because you put more ships but a frigate in a game of pirates can not miss. You wanted ideas, then have mine, instead of putting ships for gold you should give the option of making them too. Well the idea is the following, add daily BP global auctions of good quality where some plans of each piece of ship are auctioned such as 5 mythical sails, 20 mythical cannons, 20 plates etc in set (each type of piece in a different auction ) and add a structure or from the flag of the island itself or somewhere where you can put gold the option to bid for those lots until a certain time of the day (the ideal would be an accessible time for the largest number of players) thus the gold it would be even more useful and the importance of trade routes would be enhanced.
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    "ask the community for gameplay feature ideas and see if some of them work…" FUCKING LOL.
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    The fantasy component in the Atlas is the main thing that brought many here! Return the old map, return the old content! Add quests, new NPCs, make a more interesting crafting system, so that it is difficult, dangerous and interesting to mine rare resources for new recipes! Think about global, high-quality underwater content !!! INTEREST THE PLAYERS !!! ONLY THEN YOU WILL HAVE PEOPLE ON SERVERS !!!!!
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    Used to love Atlas... Was all I played every available minute. Had a company that eventually worked it's way to owning an island. Then the "previous" (cash grab) devs left everyone in the dark for ARK. This killed it for most of the company and many never came back. This season I went in solo. Settled on a mega company island - friends I made when I started playing Atlas. As a solo player on PvE it can be a grind and farms and warehouses helped kinda. Farms in your area work well but warehouses... If I have one I kill the ability for the island owner to have one meaning I don't get to have one. This means that the "new content" just doesn't apply to me and I'm sure this will be the case for many. Claiming should be a hybrid of what you have now and had before. Each player has a certain radius they can claim with a flag or tax bank that makes it their spot on an already claimed island. That way it compartmentalises the area and allows a farm and warehouse and tax bank. This way content isn't just for the megas. I had 2 super casual players join my company... So casual that they are dead each time they log in. We managed to make a bit of gold but 95 percent of our purchases in game are with resources. I assume trade routes would help here but again will we even be able to use it. It really would be an awesome shift if this is implemented well. Later I had a friend from previous season come over. Bringing gold earned from being in a large company, which we used to get us up to scratch vs the megas. If ships are going to cost gold... As a solo player I'd have nothing just a ramshackle all season (If even as one storm and SoTD and it's gone). How is this supposed to get people on to the oceans. We have lives outside of the game so unless there is a passive job or trade route that can persist while I'm at work there is no way that'll happen. Lastly while the season started out roughly from a dev stand point it was OK for me till around the farm patch. Something on our grid broke and many couldn't log in. We got stuck in infinite load loops. Tickets were raised and immediately resolved. For a solid few months we couldn't log in. The work around was to not click rejoin but select the server you were on and join from there. This seems to work but something on the persistent players on ships broke players sleeping on islands. It's still broken and we still have to mess with the work around to play. TLDR: Please fix the issues. Please listen to your community (PvE paid for the game too) Please remember that there are solo players out there. Please take our time seriously - we also have lives outside of ATLAS Please take your games community seriously - give us more concrete interaction. Quality communication is beter than putting things out to just have captains logs. Bring back the Dev streams at least once a month. Give us actual lists and progress updates. Currently in the eyes of many players I've interacted with Grapeshot is a bunch of gamers trying to kinda make a game while playing their other favourite games. You need to be seen as a bunch of Devs working for a company that is producing a game that they want to produce and give feedback and join in the frustrations we feel (and perhaps fix them). Sweeping most of it under the rug ain't helping PvE or PvP. As mentioned... Make ATLAS the game the original Devs were excited about and the game you seem to want. All that said if what you previewed here is implemented and balanced properly I'm looking forward to it. Oh and Devs... feel free to contact us if you actually want to interact with the community, most of us have the same user name here and on the Discord server.
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    All of this is great grand and wonderful but when are we going to get other building styles other than Thatch, Wood and Stone? I am a builder and would prefer some other options for building styles similar to what Conan has to offer. Also, when there is another wipe, please announce it with a little more of a notice this time.
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    The ideas are all focused on PvP, the PVE servers are very bad. You need to improve the quality of the servers, what’s the use of having a game, if players can’t play without disconnect, many servers whas crash the game when this very full. I'm really sad, because we lost time, at the beginning after wipe, we even managed to play, but then when the server has more constructions, we have many problems that hinder the experience. Despite the problems, I appreciate the efforts in bringing new updates.
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    My company of 40+ members quit this season because of Barrel Bombs and lack of Dev communication on the subject. Nothing changed and guess we aint coming back.
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