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    You’ve single-handedly managed to screw over the community (probably one last time). I mean I’ve got to hand it to you, it was a great troll. Making the community believe that you’ve actually implemented new content with a ‘new map’ which is the old map, just rearranged - with ARK berries in it though. This update once again made us 1 step closer to the complete downfall of this game, or what’s left of it. I sincerely hope that Jat and Dollie can still look themselves in the eyes in a mirror since they’re the ones threw Atlas in the toilet and then flushed a few times. For everyone enjoying the game: good. But please, do not get your hopes up. I’ve defended this games for months on end because I believed this was a game that could last a decade - sadly I was wrong. Some new ‘devs’ and a community manager won’t change that.
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    clearly cutting 60% of an alpha game in production is the best way to add content! but they added cats that fish for you...that for some reason will not eat the fish they catch and starve to death.
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    I entirely disagree with you, for me its a very welcome addition that i can focus on building my base and my ship instead of endless gathering, this is not farmville, if you like gathering so much farmville could satisfy you more than ATLAS.
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    But.. nothing has changed?
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    still feelsbad though. - Head-Bobbing is unreal. yes, i turned off head-bob and melee-camera-animation, and yet, melee-weapons just take control of my crosshair. - Vitamins. Get rid of this bs, thats not how eating works in the first place, and shouldnt be a thing in games. - Weak-equipment. My stone-axe broke from 100 to 0 whilest fighting a bee ! let that sink in. - HUD. the HUD is attrocious, just like in ARK. but at least that was toggleable, to see how much stamina i have actually left. - Copy-pasted islands. yes, why ? cant you setup few more pieces of land ? honestly... so many exact copies of islands. not only is it confusing for new players, its just straight up lazy development... - finally, my char died of dehydration after few minuts of gameplay. wish i never bought this, because these Devs just dont seem to get a thing right..
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    Sidenote the starving cats were so ridiculous i just spilt my coffee reminiscing... Lol... Not to mention i could place some on a wet rock and theyd catch more fish than a sponsored pro bass team lol... Jus sayin...
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    It's not super bad in 1440p, but 2160p I struggle to maintain close to 60 fps sometimes. In a built up area, forget it. We're talking 30-40 fps depending on exactly how built up. I just set my temp to 80 degrees C in Afterburner just so the fans aren't revving their nuts off all the time. The area I set up camp in is not built up at all yet and I can usually average 60-70 fps in 2160p. If it starts to get built up at some point I may switch back down to 1440p.
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    Wie kann es bitte sein, das innerhalb von wenigen Stunden bereits alle Inseln außerhalb der lawless Regionen claimed sind. Wo haben die alle die ganzen Münzen dafür her? Und vor allem, warum sind die alle der Ansicht die kompletten Inseln gehören Ihnen und es dürfen sich keine Spieler ansiedeln, oder auch nur mal für eine kurze Zeit was hinbauen um solange man dort noch vor Anker liegt, ein paar Sachen für die weitere Reise zu fertigen. Meine Smithy würde einfach angerissen, in den 7 Stunden wo ich nicht online seien könnte, wollte gestern Spätabend noch etwas weiter mein Schiff aufrüsten und weg was sie, samt Material. Was soll sowas, besonders am ersten Tag des Spiels, wenn das jetzt so auf allen Insellen aussegalv der Lawless Regionen aussieht, ist mir der Spass an Atlas entgültig vergangen. Es kann doch nicht sein das eine Hand voll Spieler allen anderen den Spass am Spiel vermisst. Bitte fügt der Karte noch deutlich mehr Inseln hinzu. Und kommt mir bitte nicht mit pvp, darauf hab ich absolut keinen Bock, ich will Bauen, Zähmen, Farmen und nicht ständig um alles kämpfen müssen. Und den anderen aus unserer 4er Crew geht es genauso. Ich fand das Spiel bis vor dem whip super. Es gab immer irgendwo außerhalb der lawless Bereiche Inseln wo man sich gut niederlassen könnte, aber jetzt?
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    EU PVP i10 NE island Many resources when you press H on them say one thing but when you harvest them you get a totally different resource. For example when pressing H: Sulphur - you actually get gems and crystal Silver - you get iron Tellurite- you get flint and stone This is a common occurrence across the entire island.
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    Hey depth. If you’re pointing a message towards me, make sure it is correct. When the game came out and it was complete shit, I defended it. When they implemented the new claim system people were still very critical but I defended it & when they did the SoTD change, everyone was bashing and I, again, defended it. After that last update, it went dark because they wanted to bring the game to xbox. And when they brought the game onto xbox, the two main people of Atlas, Jat and Dollie left this game to work on an ARK DLC without ANY notification towards the Atlas community. The project manager left aswel and to top it all off, the community manager did nothing but ignore the community for more than 7 months on end now. You think that it’s all rainbow and sunshines - but it definitely is not. If we look back to december 2018 and july 2020, what exactly has changed in a large perspective? Hmm, we’ve got different sizes of SoTD, another claiming system and trenches. Woohoo. That’s some progress in 19 months right there. Ever since the devs stopped working on this game (november-december) I’ve been critical. Am I allowed to? Yes. Does that make me an idiot? No. I have spent hundreds of hours in a game, reporting any bug there was to be found. Then finally we get something from the devs, and it is once again a huge disappointment for anyone that feels close to this game. The devs have lied to us, once again. A ‘new world’ would be here, which is nothing but a remake of a map which made it even harder for smaller pvp groups and even laggier for pve servers. All for the ‘sake of the game’ - aka their money pockets. Jeremy or Jat said in Nov 2019 that they would pull the plug if the Atlas project wouldn’t work out as planned. Having 2K players in population, abandoned by project managers and ignored by the community manager, it would surprise me if Jeremy or Jat would call that ‘as planned’. Don’t quote me as if I’m some new kid on the block, I’ve been here all along listening to the shit of the community because the devs were ‘failing this game’ - well, now that they’re actually are, I will damn sure open my mouth about it.
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    at this point i would not bother. get a refund if you can. if you can not get a refund i would avoid any guides or anything. build a raft, explore a little, get a couple hours thrill of adventure. after that the game completely falls apart
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    i think the systems are ok. its just the balances that are waaaay off. i would love to see some of these developers grocery bills. kill a 5 ton elephant? yeah, that is about 5 kilo of meat, which is about what a light snack is... i get thirsty and need a gatoraide walking from my cubicle to the bathroom so....if im running around an island i would obviously need 300 liters of water per minute. when Bob lowers the office thermostat 1 degree i get sooooo cold. i bet a 5 degree change people would freeze to DEATH!
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    indeed, i had read that they disabled them long ago, did they eneable them again? also the speed at wich you lose water is utterly stupid, can even run across half island without getting dehydrated
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    This is a pain in the ass, especially when it comes to treasure maps. I haven't had a deep look into the map yet but back in the days you could easily have two twin islands on the same grid. It really was annoying to figure out which one contained the treasure. 100% agree. I think nobody enjoys/likes that system. They should either rework it or remove it completely.
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    Well when you had 4 clusters of 15x15 at 225 servers per cluster you had 900 servers for people. now you got rid of 1 full cluster which was 225 servers and melded pve together. But also, of those 3 remaining clusters you dropped the size to 11x11 effectively getting rid of 104 servers per cluster for a whopping total of 534 servers less than what you had. so when you look at it the combined total before was 900 but now the is only 363 so in reality you came pretty close to getting rid of 2/3 of the whole game. Even though it isn’t exact we will just call it getting rid of 60% of the game. not sure if you guys(the community) thought about it yet or just don’t care but regardless of bugs and other complaints people have these guys did literally just take away 60% of your game from you. After that we can talk about the new resource bugs and many others, but my main point was above. to the devs, I gotta hand it to you. You are bold. You will never hear me say you don’t take risks. edit: I have never rented a server so I have no clue on the cost. If someone else is able to figure that out I’ll include it in the post with a “courtesy of” to that person.
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    Thanks, i'm down to like 35% usage now i've capped my FPS
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    I was using gtx 970 a year ago as well it was bad enough back then. I since upgraded to rtx 2080 and even that throws the heat out and can hear fans going. Usually I turn settings down abit, had so much lag on 4k when there is alot of structures. Always been the same with this game, should not have to lower settings, its on their end.
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    If you don't limit the frames or your gfx can't reach the fps cap its going to work at 100%. But as long as you have sufficient cooling it shouldnt be a problem. If you really want to do something about it you could cap your fps in the nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings > program settings > probably have to add atlas > Max Frame rate
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    using stock fans so that's bad, but i'm mainly paranoid because it smelt like melting plastic/wires this morning. Also the only time it changes from being on 100% GPU Usage, is when i put the game down to like 420p with 0% Resolution Scale. the settings make no difference at all for some reason. Also it literally says in-game that High Settings = GTX970 or better as an example lul. But yeah imma just buy a new GPU in2-3 weeks, any recommendations as an upgrade?
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    This game is very GPU intensive. Especially running it in 4K like I am. First try setting every setting to the lowest level and turn them up as you go. I know you're not going to want to hear it but a 970 is super old. That's getting close to 4 generations behind. Running your GPU at 100% all the time shouldn't cause it any problems unless you have very poor ventilation. I was doing the F@H Covid-19 protein folding project and I had my GPUs and CPUs maxed out as long as they had work for it for many months. The 2080ti FE does have a very shitty stock fan curve. It would rev on and off every 10 seconds from 60% to 100%. If you get MSI Afterburner you can make your own fan profile and if you are really concerned about the heat you can set a max temperature for it to throttle down your GPU if you want the fans to run more quietly.
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    I think you need a nap dude.
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    The irony in this post How many hours have you got in the game exactly? Because most of us here "complaining" have been here from day 1 People are entitled to post here, it's what a forum is for. I can assure you most of us are not children, far from it but I'm assuming you are? From your grammer. I notice you say you've been watching the forums but suddenly decide to create an account? Tells me everything I need to know.
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    Atlas has a lot of things right already. Glad changes weren't drastic. Upcoming content sounds interesting.
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    I just don't know right now. I'm not terribly enthusiastic about dumping hours upon hours in this again. The fact that the resource thing is happening again is... just sad, really. However, it was impressive that they actually got this out on time and not 13 hours later. Right now, my ship is anchored at an island with a few hundred gold aboard and I'm deciding whether it's worth it. I have an Ark series I'm working on. I am reeeally enjoying working through the Dark Souls games and Sekiro. I'm also working through Red Dead 2. I'm waiting for Grounded to release at the end of the month. I'm waiting for New World next month. And to be honest, the only thing I really enjoy about Atlas is the ocean simply because I moved to the middle of north Texas and miss Portland, Maine, which I can't visit because of the pandemic. I don't have much hope in the devs. I don't have much hope for the game. I'd like to be wrong. But I'm very close to dumping all my crap into an unlocked box on the beach, deleting my character, and uninstalling the game for good.
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    Removing the grind from discoveries is ok but removing most discoveries is just wrong. Some People liked it and the game lacks content anyway it should have stayed atleast optional to go and explore them and have something unique to come across from time to time. Removing the old map completly for no apparent reason instead of leaving it as an optional map for private server/sessions is also just wrong again there are people that liked traveling and exploring on the old map or it setup with multiple hotspots that allowed a more cooperative playstyle. There are no fixes for the issues of the game. Atlas lost a lot of players as in it current state it is not fit for high player density and the playerbase stabilizes only at a low number. A smaller map with only 4 freeports around 1 hotspot means in the long term the new map will hold a lot less players than the old map did. The official server will turn out more like an ark server with 2 or 3 rather small groups that actually own the server and not allow others on it. I hope you got a good plan how to fix this, but i would suggest to not keep it secret and talk with the community. A lot of feedback can be gathered before putting all the work into it.
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    To all the complainers, Has it been forgotten by many players that this game is still in Early Access? EXPECT WIPES EXPECT BUGS EXPECT LOSING ALL YOUR PROGRESS OR PLAY ANOTHER GAME This is an Early Access game - NOT a finished product.
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    I just got some from C7 northwest island behind huge statue of dude with a lantern. Emeralds.
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    I just logged out and there were 80 online in 1 zone.. The atmosphere in there was a bit... questionable.. people being idiots for the sake of it, killing tames while others were taming them for lols and giving each other grief even for asking questions. Guessing the kids came out of hiding. But mixing 2 regions into a smaller map is going to have people living on top of each other. And that's going to put people's backs up over resources and space etc. People were spamming foundations all over beach fronts which I get if you want to expand to that point and reserve your land until you build on it but sometimes spamming way beyond what you'd need and where it clearly isn't necessary. Bugs have turned up which didn't exist before like farming fibre for instance. Resources seem strangely spread out. Like in some temporate zones there are strawberry's EVERYWHERE but not much of anything else. Seems this game just took a really big step backwards.
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    @Chismebeard, @Nami, and @Gortok? *crickets* lol
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    In the 500 hours I've played this game, I can count on a single hand, how many times my ship was sunk by another player at sea. I cannot count the times they were destroyed from decay or offline raiding. I considered rolling on a PvE server, but there aren't any ship battles and where's the fun in that when you're playing a pirate game? Eventually I retired from playing, because the amount of frustration/farming heavily outweighed the fun. It seems players have been asking the devs for some sort of extended freeport safety since release. Something simple would do. Why not allow players to dock ships in the free port for X gold per day? They could even go a step further and despawn the ship until the player talks with the NPC to fetch it back. But let's be honest here. This game has been shelved, and I won't hold my breath for any QoL improvements.
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    Hundreds and hundreds of hours on lawless with zero problem. Island claim is great for some who like more control of the construction around them. If you play long enough, you will end up seeing everybody come and go from lawless except a few and usually those become great friends.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! ccc is a console command which takes your current in game coordinates and server grid then formats that into a cheat command used by Grapeshot employees to teleport to your exact location. It's useful when reporting map issues, or passing on specific information about your location to the team. To use the command, please do the following: - Open your console with the ` key (you can find it located next to 1 or above TAB) - Type in: ccc - Hit Enter Demonstration of the command typed into the console. The game will automatically copy the coordinates to your clipboard, just hit ctrl+v and you will paste the cheat command. It will be formatted like this: cheat TP J8 -451257 320374 484 Please use this when you are making reports to us, it will allow us to be more efficient when looking into your reports! Thank you
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