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    Did this really need a 13 month necro?
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    know what else is still a thing? Aimbotting and it is game breaking. Dev's are not doing a thing about it either.
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    Started playing again yesterday since launch. How are people still able to hoard animals in the freeport?! There was a company (Uganda) had hundreds of tamed animals in the freeport with a lvl 1 (probably a bot) running around making sure they didn't lose claim. It just made the initial game experience horrible due to frame rate drops and just the fact I couldn't even run around without getting stuck on them. Devs if you see this, it was on The Krakens Grasp server north east section of the map.
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    Expanding on a theory that I came up with in another thread, I think something bad happened at Grapeshot about a week ago. The quality of their work has never been good (remember the introduction of SOTD?) but everything fell off a cliff with v14. The impassable doors, the elephant nerf, the ongoing Fountain of Youth debacle, the stone nerf, and tonight the struggle to even deploy the right version - their work is significantly worse than it was during the first four weeks. My theory is that the Grapeshot leadership has decided that Atlas is a failure and re-allocated resources accordingly. They're not wrong, if so; it has two-thirds negative reviews on Steam, nearly 15,000 thumbs-down, with no sign of the trend changing. Player counts are declining daily, subreddit growth is dead, everything in the press has been negative. Besides the occasional big name obviously being paid to play, it's dying on Twitch. I think they did a major layoff last week, and the remaining employees are either rattled or bitter. It clearly shows in their work. Obviously, this will only make things worse faster. What's the solution? It's pretty simple. Just like every major videogame failure, the community has been telling the developer how to stop the bleeding every step of the way. I don't know if the creative direction is being done democratically or by one bad creative director, but in either case, Grapeshot needs to make a big, public change. Give all the decision-making power to one person with clear vision and enough humility to listen to the community, and maybe you can turn it around. Do it fast, because this ride will be over in about a month if you don't.
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    Same applies a year later, still shit.
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    They already got your money and according to Grapeshot we are all tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists so anything we say about people hacking in their game is irrelevant seeing as the developers have made the first perfect unhackable game. Nothing to due with the fact that their racism is leading them to think that banning hackers is racist so therefor they can't ban the hackers for fear of being racist, when in order to have that fear, you have to be racist.
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    The aimbotting is so annoying. They need to Permanently ban the person doing it and temporarily ban the whole company. I know 4 companies that have left the game do to aim bots and many more planning on walking away. Devs seem to not care anymore or something.
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    That is because those with claimed islands keep them clear of trash or they become overridden with crap 2x2 thatch traps with no gates and DP bed spam. The control radius of a single foundation with a bed is huge on a claimed compared to lawless. Most who arrive rather than asking permission of where they should build that won't block spawns just set up wherever they feel like it. The "You're not my real dad! I will do as I like!" mentality of a small percentage of the ever-shrinking playerbase leads to an us vs. them mentality that is hard to shake. Good news. Anyone who is not actively playing has that island claim decay in 10 days. We have one base where a member breeds tigers that has switched hands 5 times in the last couple months. Every time it is claimed the new owners roam around and try to tell people to get off "their" island. Good luck.
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    Honestly, it's game breaking to be able to build rafts and have full blown bases in freeports as well as using freeports to keep and breed animals. There is no gold upkeep, there is no puckles and swivels to set up, no harbor defenses, no way for anyone to get your stuff unless you make a mistake and not repair a plank or a raft. The way to remove this exploit in the game is to make all freeports have a 1 hour combat timer. Nothing is safe in the freeport. It will instantly stop people from living out of a freeport.
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    Not knowing the server, as I said, I could only give a 1/4 perspective, and yes I gave a example but am well traveled enough ( doing discoveries by boat ) that the example is well founded. By the way I'm sorry to hear about your car, mine seems to work just fine.
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    Owls shoulder mounts that give night vision when picked up.
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    +1 Just happend to me. I died, try to appears in new bed and White screen, my char was goneā€¦..
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    Yes, this is really a problem. The character just disappears from the server, and you need to create a new one. I would like the developers to find a solution to this problem. Or developed a character backup system.
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    I did not change the computer and operating system. I did not install the game again. The file integrity check did not reveal any problems. Restarting the game and rebooting the computer does not help. My characters and acquaintances disappeared when teleporting between regions. For no apparent reason or error: you teleport to a neighboring region, the game returns back (teleportation does not occur). You exit the game. All. The character is lost. When you re-enter the game offers to create a new character. On other servers (like PVP NA), my characters load seamlessly.
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    Hey guys, We're currently investigating the issue where Xbox Frames can be incredibly poor and makes the game stutter. What would help us narrow down the cause and get to certain fix is gathering more information about why this problem happens, so if you're experiencing the extreme stuttering if you could please fill out the information below, that would be incredibly helpful. What Xbox are you using? - Xbox One - Xbox One S - Xbox One X Do you have ATLAS installed on an Internal or External Drive? - Internal - Internal and External (game is on Internal) - Internal and External (game is on External) What game mode are you experiencing the issue in? - Single Player - Official Servers - Non Dedicated (Host) - Non Dedicated (Client) - More than 1: please specify - All Have any of these workarounds resolved the issue for you? Workaround 1: Hit the dashboard button Quit the ATLAS application Relaunch it Workaround 2: Hit the dashboard button Quit the ATLAS application Restart the console Relaunch ATLAS Workaround 3: Moving the game to an internal hard drive Workaround 4: Under Preferences: Capture and share: Allow game capture: Don't Capture. Workaround 5: Clear your Xbox Cache (guide on how to clear the cache) This isn't a bug we've ever experienced on our side so we'd like to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. Any information you're able to provide will be very helpful. Thank you very much Pathfinders!
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    Well, my response would be No Man's Sky. I think most of us know the story. How the hype train went racing across the planet then suddenly dove off a cliff after release. The thing to take note of here are the Steam reviews. Those initial negative reviews. I decided not to buy NMS on day one and see what those reviews were like. I patted myself on the back when they all plummeted. Now though, just over a year later, Hello Games has done an amazing turnaround. It's reviews are mostly positive (71%). Steam does things in a very intelligent manner. Not only does it compare all reviews, it also compares reviews for the past 30 days. NMS is currently sitting with all reviews being mixed. While Atlas has definitely gotten off to a rocky start, and should the dev's be able to turn it around as well as Hello Games did with NMS, it too will likely have an overall rating of mixed. Before I decide to buy a game (Atlas being a big exception) I look hard at reviews. The ones that interest me most are those in the past 30 days. While a review from a year ago may still carry some weight, I realize that what the game was a year ago could be vastly different from what it is today. Everything that reviewer a year ago complained about could have been fixed in that time. So the bad Atlas reviews now? I'm not too worried. As a matter of fact, the population that is here now is still more than adequate for doing EA and had all those 58,000+ people kept playing, we'd all be bitching about the lag instead of stone walls. My Steam review for now is thumbs down. Will I change that when I think this game is something someone else should buy? You bet I will, and be happy to do it. While there may be some circumstantial evidence of internal issues at GS, the fact is, they know and we don't. Until such time as they announce something or some media outlet drops a bombshell, we won't know anything for certain. While it may be amusing to speculate on such things and I too have been juggling around some thoughts on it, it's nothing but speculation and I am not going to change the way I play based on that. Nor, should we be making any demands or suggestions on how they run their company based on that speculation. As for the steam charts, twitch feed and reddit, that's to be expected. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised that the numbers are as good as they are. No Man's Sky went from a peak of 212,000+ to only 9,200 in less than a month. A few months later it was lucky to have 1,000 players. Now, they're back into the 6-9,000 player range. So every time I see a doomsayer talking about the Steam charts for Atlas, I take it with a grain of salt. Atlas is doing MUCH better than NMS did. As for who should be in charge... I never played Ark. And I'm kinda glad, it would have severely jaded my opinion about Atlas and WC/GS. What I do know is that Ark is pretty consistently in Steam's top 10 games based on player numbers. And to me, that's no easy feat to achieve, whether they're on private or official servers. Atlas has been in the top 20. That means to me that the same creative minds that are behind Ark are also behind Atlas. While everything about Ark may not be what everyone wanted or expected, that top #10 position tells me that it must still be a pretty good game. Atlas also sucked up a bunch of Ark players, and I'm assuming Ark modders a well. And, the dev kit is out and being actively developed. In the near future, those modders are going to be working on Atlas mods giving even more choices to private servers. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter which genius is at the helm, as long as it's the same creative genius who worked on Ark. So as for the solution, my thoughts for now are, let's see where this boat is going. If I see some dumb shit, like paste for stone, I'm gonna start waving my shuffleboard stick around like a lunatic geriatric. I may not like all the ports of call we stop at and I'm pretty sure we're gonna hit some rough seas along the way and I may need some Dramamine. But I am excited to see where this boat is going. And who wants to always sail on calm seas anyway. How boring. tldr: chill.
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    Look here folks, ATLAS got sidelined so they could port this hideously optimized contentless bread sandwich to Console. It got sidelined again so the devs could go back and help Wildcard push out another DLC to keep itself floating. If they cared by any means they would have let Wildcard do its own thing and kept focusing on their new brand and getting it where it needs to be. Clearly its evident they dont fucking care, it's EA, it's not under the mother studio name, so if it fails, oh well, they can wash their hands of it. If you want to see what Devs that dont care about you or your purchases look like, then look no further, ATLAS is the wagyu beef of mismanaged apathy. Now, take No Man Sky for example. FUCK THAT GAME, they fucked everyone over on release. HOWEVER, theyve been working non-stop for years to make it into what they had promised, and its years late, BUT look at a team of people who made bad decisions and made good on them and keep cranking out more content for free, because the reputation they rebuilt is keeping them afloat. That's respectable, good on them. Still havent touched it since release day, but good on them. ARK? So many Day 1 exploits that are so deeply built into the game they have said they cant fix them without rebuilding the entire game(assuming they know how), cheaters are so rampant, they have zero official server support, it's garbage, that game lives and thrives because its a canvas for the mod and private server communities. ATLAS has already sunk, and they keep trying to dive the wreckage to bring it back, but they forgot they made 2-3 sharks spawn on every shipwreck, so theyre getting FUCKED because theyre a buncha naked beachbobs.
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