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    Yes, I AM letting a game in ALPHA get to me. I absolutely love Atlas and the original vision that Grapeshot/Wildcard set for it. There are at least 1000 things in the game that I can name that need work or could use improvement/adjustment. That's not what I'm upset about. It's the lack of effort and communication that is unforgivable, because there is no valid reason for it. It would take one Grapeshot employee (Dollie is the designated PR lady, I think?) no more than an hour each week to give us a quick shout out on all their social media platforms and let us know that they are on the grind improving this game. As for the lack of effort, put yourself in a theoretical leadership role over at Studio Wildcard. You're the boss and project manager. Jimbo, your only employee down at the Grapeshot department has been working on Atlas for a month and a half. You pay him, I don't know, 50k a year for his services. In 6 weeks' time, you've shelled out $5,700. He reports back to you that he's fixed 3 of the smaller bugs in-game, moved some loot tables around and input different figures on 10-20 items. And, oh yeah, he accidentally fudged the numbers to the Army of the Damned. Also, when Jimbo lowered the level cap to even out the odds for new players to the PvP servers, he couldn't foresee that there would be a cause and effect on the Discovery Points needed to get to those higher levels, effectively not solving the problem at all. So, boss, what do you do? Is JImbo's work worth 6k? Do you continue to employ him? Now remember that in real life it isn't just Jimbo. It's an entire team of programmers that probably average more than 50k a year. If I was the boss and this update is what my investment paid for, I'd clean house. They'd all be fired and replaced by people that could get things done. The only reason that isn't happening in real life is because of the only scenario that makes sense: Wildcard has been redirecting Grapeshot's time and energy into working on ARK instead of Atlas. Again, I'm not upset about no new content, no major changes to gameplay and so on. Those issues aren't supposed to be addressed until later. We are on Phase 1 in the road map: bug fixes, QoL changes and performance issues. Almost nothing out of these 3 categories was improved upon in the time since the last "patch". Which sends the signal to anyone paying attention that Atlas has been put on the back burner. That, friendo, is why some of us are pissed off.
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    *** Google Translate *** Lvl 47 SoD's have just killed two of my fight bears. WTF what's the shit ??? So far I was able to kill the Bears without any problems, SoD's with over Lvl 90 (treasure cards of around 3000 gold and more). This treasure map only brings 1320 gold, otherwise I do something like this with a medium strong bear. And now even fighting bears are failing. The SoDs hardly suffered any damage, even with the activation of the cry of nature option. I, on the other hand, had been killed in a short time even with strong armor. My first bear was killed in a matter of seconds. With my second bear I wanted to at least save my gear. There were only two Lvl 45 SoD's left, even they killed me and my bear in a few moments. What shit did you do? The SoDs now have a greater range and hit me in positions where they never had before. First you can no longer fight the SoDs with long-range weapons and now also no longer with bears. People, how should you get gold as a single player to finance your island, among other things? Should I look for a gold donkey that can poop me gold? I can also start breeding animals, but soon everyone will be farmers and not pirates. I thought you wanted to be more on the ocean. Certainly not with such actions. If that is not a bug and you do not undo it, then after more than 3000 hours of play, I will delete ATLAS from my PC immediately. Sorry for my choice of words, because otherwise I am always factual and calm. But for such bears you need half an eternity with your crappy breeding system to breed and level them up until they get where they were. What's going on with you? Shortly after the update, all servers fail. And now after the update again an update, which virtually reverses the previous update. If architects like you programmed to build houses, a butterfly would collapse skyscrapers. In this sense. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *** Original *** Ausgraben einer Schatzkarte wurde zu einem Desaster! Gerade wurden zwei meiner Kampf-Bären von Lvl 47 SoD´s gekillt. WTF was soll der Scheiß??? Bisher konnte ich mit den Bären ohne Probleme, SoD´s mit über Lvl 90 töten (Schatzkarten von circa 3000 Gold und mehr). Diese Schatzkarte bringt gerade mal 1320 Gold, so etwas mache ich sonst mit einem mittelstarken Bären. Und jetzt versagen sogar Kampf-Bären. Die SoD´s nahmen kaum Schaden, selbst mit der Aktivierung der Option Schrei der Natur. Ich hingegen war selbst mit starker Rüstung in kurzer Zeit getötet worden. Mein erster Bär war dann innerhalb von Sekunden auch gekillt worden. Mit meinem zweiten Bär wollte ich zumindestens meine Ausrüstung retten. Es waren nur noch zwei Lvl 45 SoD´s übrig, selbst die killten mich und meinen Bären in wenigen Augenblicken. Was habt Ihr da für eine Scheiße gemacht? Die SoD´s haben nun eine größer Reichweite und treffen mich in Positionen, wo sie sonst nie getroffen hatten. Erst kann man die SoD´s nicht mehr mit Fernwaffen bekämpfen und nun auch nicht mehr mit Bären. Leute, wie soll man als Einzelspieler nun zu Gold kommen, um unter anderem seine Insel zu finanzieren? Soll ich nach einem Goldesel suchen, der mir Gold kacken kann? Ich kann auch anfangen Tiere zu züchten, aber dann sind bald alle nur noch Farmer und keine Piraten. Ich dachte Ihr wolltet, dass man mehr auf den Meeren unterwegs ist. Mit solchen Aktionen aber bestimmt nicht. Wenn das kein Bug ist und Ihr es nicht wieder rückgängig macht, dann werde ich nach über 3000 Stunden Spielzeit, ATLAS umgehend von meinem PC löschen. Sorry für meine Wortwahl, da ich ansonsten ja immer sachlich und ruhig bin. Aber für solche Bären brauchet man bei Eurem beschissenen Zuchtsystem eine halbe Ewigkeit, um sie so zu züchten und zu leveln, bis sie dahin zu bringen wo sie waren. Was ist los bei Euch? Kurz nach dem Update fallen alle Server aus. Und nun nach dem Update wieder eine Update, was das vorige Update quasi wieder rückgängig macht. Wenn Architekten so wie ihr programmiert, Häuser bauen würden, würde ein Schmetterling Wolkenkratzer zum Einsturz bringen. In diesem Sinne.
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    Good job killing two of my best bears and the last fun I had in this game. It's thank you and goodbye from me.
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    I don't like the idea. There are plenty of other ways to add more depth and competition to pve without bringing in pvp. All these proposals do the same thing...add optional pvp and tell pve players "Don't worry, you don't have to pvp if you dont' want to", and then they set up areas of the map where pve players can't go anymore and make fat rewards which pve players can't get. Pve players become second class citizens on their own servers. If you're a person that doesn't want anything to do with pvp, this idea has nothing but drawbacks for you.
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    I am looking for a reason to play again. That patch is not it. Now we have the trolls back carrying stacks of grenades blowing the stone paper walls with it... great.
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    The most frustrating part of all, is this: THERE IS NO OFFICIAL RESPONSE FROM A DEV, MODERATOR, OR ANYONE ELSE IN OR ON STAFF FOR ATLAS. and THERE IS NOTHING ANYWHERE IN THE OFFICIAL GAME NOTES ABOUT A SELF DESTRUCT TIMER FOR SHIPS. Not even a random one. So either the game is very buggy or one of the programmers has a horrible sense of humor.
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    Im really hoping this is a bug, my cousin and i got smoked on our level 80 bears last night on a quality 20 map. Its just us in our company so if this was intended we really wont be able to do any of those types of maps and in all honesty just move on to a different game.
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    R.I.P. Treasure bears. Guess they can still get fiber.
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    Not only this but how on earth could you kill them even slowly when they continually despawn every 20 seconds and respawn at full health? I just lost 2 good bears. I isolated one warrior of the damned, thinking this would make it safe to try and take them down one at a time. The single level 76 warrior of the damned did 192 damage in one swing and the rest is history. Absolute stupid update. High level maps are are now literally impossible to do unless you have a team of at least 3 players all on high level bears, and even then it is a risk.
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    The damage of animals vs AOTD has been decreased by 66% but not only that - you take way more damage. A masterwork warrior usually deals around 60-70 damage per hit. Right now, a common warrior of level 22 deals 60 damage to tames and players. Good job Grapeshot, you manage to screw up the only thing nobody was complaining about.
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    Bears? All animals. They nerfed them all.
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    LOL JUST LOL you know this game has like 5000 more important problems but NO we have to nerf bears ASAP!
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    Well this will be interesting, wonder if they changed any of the other animals vs AOTD, bears aren't a great choice now, not like you can use guns or arrows either, my pistol was 4 dmg and arrow about 11
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    We were told in the patch notes that mounts were getting a range increase. We weren't told that a bears damage was getting cut to 1/3 what it was. I had killed level 66 army of the dammed and routinely level 16-18 hitting for 31 points of damage before buff. After the patch I couldn't hit for more than 10, 20 buffed. Was a good bear before that patch also. Its roadkill now. Would have been nice to know before it got killed that its damage was 1/3 what it was
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    Garbage Patch considering the time you all have been gone on vacation... Sad
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    Long ago a we beat a larger company to a claim on a tropical island, and before they left they built a bunch of foundations and beds. The foundations were fairly substantial in scope and scale (having the appearance of legit foundations for future construction), and built after the claim had failed for them, so we assumed they planned to build there, and, not being jerks, we didn't use our 24 hour demolish grace window on the structures, in case they wanted to move in anyway. But a week later, they hadn't returned, and still hadn't built up. So we kept an eye on the decay demolish timer and waitted for it to expire so we could clear it out and use that land ourselves. But a day before the timer expired, they re-appeared from the beds, refreshed the timers, and left once more. This has been proving to be a cycle, every 9 days, they teleport back to the island, refresh the timers on their foundation spam, check to see if our flag has expired (It's paid up for like the next 2 months, so no), and leave once again. It's rather evident they are trying to wait us out of owning the island and the foundation spam is to lock down the land they want to build on, when or if we ever stop playing and get to claim the island (Which is unlikely for the foreseeable future) Is there another means by which a land owner can remove someone else's structures, besides the 24 hour grace window after a settler first moves in, and the extremely generous 10+ day decay timer that is refreshed just by teleporting and back out? (We welcome the idea of having settlers on our island, free stuff from bonus taxes and reduced upkeep costs are always welcome. But our island isn't very big, and they're occupying a lot of prime space other players could be building on, not to mention another of their foundations is blocking one of the few metal patches on the island)
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    I didn't miss it. The timer's borked. Possibly the company settler notification is also borked as well, although those have never been that helpful to begin with. If the beds appear less than 24 hours after you've checked for them the last time, they can't possibly be outside the demo window.
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    They've been told about it in discord. Since then, they announced that they're desperately working on a fix for puckle ammo boxes needing to be replaced before the guns pull from them. So it's either intentional or not really a priority compared to a minor inconvenience
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