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    Well, what about grapecard not doing a single frickin thing to prevent it? Is that entirely on us, too? What about all those dysfunctional mechanisms that enable this kind of griefing behavior in the first place? Did grapeshot not create those? Is there anything at all that possibly could be grapeshot's fault? GS not only enables and tolerates such behavior, they absolutely give the impression to endorse it. Because they're so hardcore™.
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    Meanwhile both PvE servers are absolutely thriving. The toxicity of your fellow PvP players is not Grapeshot's fault.
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    lol hire this dude, yes lets listen to him / them!
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    We’re at the ‘ark DLC’ part of the roadmap. It was written down with such tiny letters nobody even saw it, it came after the ‘screw you, PC players’ part.
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    I didn't watch the video, but read the Q&A article that I found. It sounds more like they removed the typical player vs base, high level player vs low level player type of PvP that many toxic PvP players seem to enjoy. Actual PvP between willing participants, they seem to have improved on the ability to have and the rewards you can get from it. I hope they will be a success. It could give other companies a clue as to the proper way to implement PvP in a persistent game world.
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    that wouldnt be strage at all, specially considering they kicked the PC development of atlas to the side of the road for 10 months to focus on the xbox release, my advice is just wait for "new world" from amazon it seems it will be a medieval-survival kinda thing and is scheduled to release in march may
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    100% agree! would love to see all these changes.
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    OK. I managed to fix it by running the pipe all the way down into the floor (instead of having it just reach to the grill). Water now flows thick and fast again.
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    Hello Atlas community. Today I'm proud to release to first iteration of my advanced dynamic map for Atlas. The map can be found here: https://pocketdevs.org/map/ Currently, the map has the following features Important Zone Highlighting (Freeports, Golden Age Ruins, Lawless Zones, Central Maw.) [Toggleable] Showing Map Grid [Toggleable] Showing Discovery Zones [Toggleable] Showing Biomes [Toggleable] Showing Official Server Top 10 Companies + Claims (NA PVP, NA PVE, EU PVP, EU PVE) [Toggleable] Showing Current Mouse Position as in-game GPS coordinates + Tile Showing Specific Point as in-game GPS coordinates [Right Click] Controls Layer Control, this control allows for changing which layers are shown on the map. Zoom, this control allows you to zoom the map in or out. Right clicking the map will show the in-game GPS coordinates rounded to two digits. Screenshots Click any screenshot for the full-size.
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    Er.............. OK lol thanks for that jerryn. You only *just* "moved" to pvp and you're assuming OP is on pvp, but you give advice for pve. Ok. Cool story bro? Great advice. Thumbs up. OP: What server? NA PVP?
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    I moved to PVP, as I am assuming you are playing PVP; tax rates do not hurt you on PVE.
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