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    You wouldn't be safe. All your gear and items on your ship would still be at risk but I suggest not being able to lose your ship in ~10 mins when it's green anchored. I know it's prob hard to understand if your a moms house basement dweller, but ppl have lives and losing your ship that takes a day to rebuild every time you have to unexpectedly step out for a bit WILL drive away the pop again. Your supporting/promoting design flaws that will drive this game under, again.
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    When you die after starting a treasure fight, you won’t be able to get the treasure. I tested it and died in purpose, each of those I wasn’t able to dig up the treasure knowing I got all of them. Not sure if it’s on purpose though, it would be stupid if it is.
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    That is a very short sighted thought process. Say you are out exploring an island and need to log off for a few mins, or can't get back to your ship in time and someone comes by and planks your ship. This is going to drive away the new xbox crowd fast as soon as that new car smell of the game wears off for them.
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    1. If that happened in lawless region: Your fault. Lawless has no peace timer, and isnt supposed to be your forever home. 2. If that happened on a claimed island: Your fault. Combat time is 9 hrs a day. You can easily make friends who have overlapping peace timers to ask if you can park your boat there.