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    So here is my issue. I live on an tundra island on PvE EU. My island has an frozen lake/pond, which isn't a valid water source to put a "underground water pipe" down. The message says: Can't Place Underground Water Pipe: Must be placed in water or connected below a pipe with water. I have placed several water reservoirs next to this lake. It gets 200% water, so it is a non-stop water source. I've tryed connecting the underground water pipe to it. It will snap into place. But it will not let me place it. It's not a valid water source for some reason. Please make it so that an automaticly 24/7 filling water reservoir, is a valid water source for an underground pipe system. (this message was created after moderator blitzed909 from the Discord server suggested I should make this suggestion here) If the devs don't fully understand my suggestion, contact/@ me on the Discord server. Jahee#6593)
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    Network: Playing non dedicated coop. Grid: M5 Issue: I've been playing non dedicated with my wife for a while, and the other day our smithy workbench disappeared. Edit: Placed directly on foundations that were still intact. I figured it was probably a minor issue that was pretty rare but came back yesterday to half our base having vanished. Not only had our loom, ice box and bed vanished... Half the building had gone with it as well as a saddle equipped to our tiger. It was full of holes and we have floating workbenches and boxes everywhere now since the ceilings are gone without a trace. This makes it really hard to enjoy building a home port. Edit2: Just logged on and our Schooner was also missing ceiling pieces on the deck and the wheel.. Repro: Not sure, it seems to happen randomly. Screenshots of the aftermath: Any temporary fixes will be appreciated while the devs work on the issue.
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    You have to download the map on steam. Just like you have to download expansion maps for ARK.
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    The first half of these patchnotes are actually decent. Good job on that! I'm glad that you implemented my solution for the peacephase barreling, took you 4 months but hey better late than never. Buffing horses and swivels only shows how far removed you are from the actual state of the game - You might want to rethink that one. The grenade and puckle damage changes would be pretty good, if you actually went through with the flag height changes. I guess at this point we can only hope for you to flip-flop on flip-flopping on the flip-flop. See you guys in 2-3 months for the next patchnotes
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    I once had 1 cold wave and 4 fogs during the day in Tundra. Imao - they should change the weather to more "real life" state. - No more wind rotating clockwise. - No more wind raises and cut it's strength from strong to calm and back. - No more global wind. Wind must be mostly average (but yet gives us full speed to shorten sailing time) and occasionally raise to hurricane (damaging full sails and planks if you stay wrong side to waves) and rarely drop to calm state. It should blow one direction for a while, then change it's angle. Slight changes are often. More changes - occasionally, limit possible changes to reasonable angle. And btw, in real life wind mostly blow from west to east (that's why airplanes flies few hours longer to US than back to Europe). - Rain must appear when it's above zero'C (32'F). Snow - when it's below (in Tundra sometimes it's raining with -20'C (-4'F) and sometimes it's snowfall when it's +25'C (+77'F). Rain must add some weight to a vessel and lower it's speed for a while. Snow should slow down sails control. - Strong FOG should appear before sunrise with calm wind. Average one - after the rainfall. Fog should affect damned ships too. - Tornado should land just one single huge whirlwind predictable and visible from far away, so our goal would be not to play pacman, but to leave/avoid dangerous area at all cost. St. Elmos flares before storm would be nice addition. Lightning also should rarely strikes masts, do some damage. And yeah. Coldwave in Polar, Tundra and Temperate - should bring clear bright skies and calm wind, while HeatWave - rains, hurricanes and cloudy skies. Coldwave in Tropic, Desert and Equatorial - should bring storms, clouds and tornadoes, while HeatWave - just calm and clear. There should not be Tornadoes in Polar, Tundra and Temperate. Instead some snowstorm must be introduced.
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    I'm hoping that many others have suggested and or complained about this, because for.me it's very close to a game breaker personally, it's not fun being forced to do boring tasks to progress in the game, discovery should.be natural not following a video.on YouTube doing the same thing everyone else has done making it even more pointless yet time consuming for no reason at all, please scrap this I love the game just like ark, don't care about the bugs or the PC megatribes attacking my 3 man crew every night and being forced to live on lawless that has no alphas and a lack of resources it's pvp I get it I roll with it but i just Wana do what I Wana do and not be capped and force to go down a route. Please please get rid of this I've been staring at my screen for almost an hour now wondering if I can be bothered to keep playing at lvl 52, please.please get rid of this it's a gamebreaker for me.personally, I don't usually.bother with forums but maybe people will support this and who knows, or the opposite and defend it, just can't see the enjoyment anyone would get out of it.
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    same for us, non-dedicated coop on PC. - random Sails, steering wheels etc. are suddently missing from anchored ships when returning to sector - bookshelf full of blueprints , Smithy, Large Storage boxes disappeared in houses/structures I had the suspicion that it's a clipping issues (no-clip building activated) but that can't be the cause for all missing items Also the carriage saddle we had on a bear tends to delete things when touching it, but it seems to be creatures only. (I guess it's the a similar effect to "cornering" a wild animal to tame/kill with two tamed creatures and suddenly the wild creatures vanishes).
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    We own ours, we havent used fast travel but I appreciate giving your ideas. We have left the grid with our ships though. Also lost a bear on the last journey, so things arent getting better.. Might put this game on hold untill this issue is resolved, I can only imagine how bad it must be on official servers, where people can raid you.
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