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    I'm also in the camp of wanting sailing speeds increased. I've been playing for 1800hrs and I'm getting tired of just sailing hours on end. If they added more things at sea like real pirate ships to board along with the real NPC then I might not mind so much. I will be glad when they add more things at sea, its badly needed. Why didn't they have real pirate ships from beginning instead of having SOTD? I'm sure it isn't that hard to do just like you spawn in ships that we currently make already. They could have even just fixed the BP sails where the very best can make 2 hour journey cut down to 30 mins and have a sliding scale on how good the BP is. Going out at sea almost begins to feel like a chore, the wind idea needs to change if the BP sails don't. In your mind you just know this game could be a real good pirate game, its just a shame the devs don't think along the same lines.
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    Hi Devs, I've been playing this game since launch. There's a few despawn rates that REALLY need to be adjusted. Here they are: 1) Lighthouses despawn after 5 days?! (I had a busy week, and I came back to no lighthouse - no fun). 2) Billboard signs - THESE should only be 5 days before despawning, not the current 30+ days. I keep having people place signs on my property that never go away! 3) Foundations with ONLY a bed, fireplace, or a single pillar. If the foundation can be deleted, the rest should be too! 4) Rafts - I've STILL got rafts at my base from the INITIAL server online after the wipe, and they don't despawn, yet our larger ships will. That's just dumb. 5) Sloops from freeports - Same issue as the rafts, and they're cheap, so they can be spammed! 6) Chests on the ground by themselves - should be 10 days like everything else. Please fix these despawn rates!
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    Adjust your expectations. You shouldn't be able to sail around the globe in one game session, anyway. If you need to get 8 grids away, then plan some stops along the route. There is always a good reason to stop - discovery points, alternate materials for high end BPs, trading with the locals, finding a level 30 tame. Sail 3 zones, and make a stop for something. Log on the next day and sail a few more zones and do something else. Sailing needs some balance, but it's what the game's about. The trip IS the game.
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    All are pirate based foods/drinks and what pirates really did eat and drink Drinks: Brandy Port Sherry More rum based drinks Coffee Tea Root Beer Food: Salted meat dishes (food) Oatmeal Foods with Butter in Foods with Cheese in Bone Soup Black Bean Hash Pancakes Waffles Croissants Muffins Yogurt Granola Sausages Caesar Salad Grilled Trout Grilled Cod Grilled Salmon Scrambled Eggs
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    Try feeding it from the area near the bola around its front feet. Come from that angle and aim at the mouth, the prompt should take from there. It is glitchy but seems to work more then not. We tamed one last night using that angle. GL
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    Bears like Honey and Honey doesn't spoil. Load the bears up with honey and as long as they are parked (and not being ridden or active), they'll slowly consume the honey. Should have plenty of time. Note: If you've already sorted this and are back from Vacation. This info may be useful for the next reader!
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    I've heard others saying the same thing. I assume you're standing right next to it's head? Others with this problem have suggested moving away from the head. Move all around it. My tames end up dying from starvation anyways...they don't eat from the Feeding Troughs, from their inventory or by feeding them manually.
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    You prefer the multi-month abandoned rafts? They collect like lice in islands adjacent to Freeports. Some of those islands look like beaches for the homeless. 10 days would be reasonable. These make a lot of sense on owned islands where the owners are marking important locations for building, resources, and shops, but those aren't even eligible for decay. 95% of these I see outside of that usage are in little clusters for animal traps that nobody ever cleans up. I'd say 10 days would be reasonable. The developers did this on purpose apparently, and are quite proud of it. No idea why, I agree with you, but don't expect them to see it your way.
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    How come there are no Developer Updates? nothing new in mouths
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    Thank you for posting and letting us know. Much appreciated!
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    Yeah, there's definitely some tuning and balancing needed. Some of us have been noticing worse performance since the system updates they did. Those "surprise" renders for whales and sotd are bad. I'm not sure how your playing time changes things. Either there's a time cost to accomplish things in the game or there isn't. If you want to craft a high level BP, part of the effort for doing that is gathering all those mats. If you can just teleport somewhere and back with them, it kind of defeats the purpose. I mean, I understand the feeling...I want to build a barn or a big ship or something and ugh..here we go again..gather woodgatherwoodgatherwood when what you really want to do is build something. But what's the alternative? Press a button and get a ship resource box crammed with everything you need? About the best compromise you can get on it is to set up some remote bases with basic sets of supplies in them and a disposable ship there, fast travel to it , get your stuff and sail back, making the tip 1/2 the time. Sailing for mats is part of playing the game. It may not be a part you like, but it's part of the game. If I didn't like fighting the army of the dead, I might be pestering the devs to just change it so you dig up treasure chests around your base. But if everybody succeeded in getting rid of the bits they didn't like, we'd have no ghost ships or whales, fast travel everywhere with inventory, 600 tames or 0 tames, you know? It just doesn't work.
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    Well, there is fasttravel in the game...….just not for ships (which makes sense, nobody would sail anymore to save time and don´t have to fight) They could give a a new ship type, a very fast one that can´t have cannons on it! Maybe that would help those People that don´t like sailing in a pirate game
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    if your destination is 14 grids away technically it would be one grid away
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    Shelling from shore and watching skellies crumble as a result is also very much part of pirate fantasy. There is an easy exploit fix without removing the ability to do it. The solution is very simple, the XP should not come from the mob, it should come from the method used to attack the mob. This is something the game clearly knows because you get XP per dmg, and it knows the dmg types on a hit. Do that and now if you want to use easy but fun ways to murder skellies you get less XP than if you go wading into mobs naked with your fists. And since it is so damn easy to wack a mole with a bear using one should also get nerfed XP.
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    And I don't blame them, they are clearly playing the game within the rules and have a very efficient strategy for success. I blame the game developers who made the game rules favour this kind of gameplay. That fact that it takes more resources to build a wall than to destroy it means if you are building any base, you are losing. Because you could have used that time and effort to easily grief someone and gain their hard-earned wealth instead. And as Mike says, for the players who are not interested in griefing, the only logical solution is to not play, hence why 90% of the playerbase left.
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    Yeah, in the end it's their game they can do what they want with it, but we can see how 35000 people voted. They had some fun, got greifed after they logged off, and quit. Now most of the 5000 players that are left have the attitude of, well if you dont have enough players to defend it you shouldn't have it, but they dont think about sustainability of the playerbase at all. If the game is designed this way, only one group of players wins, the biggest one. Therefore pvp is eventually going to be pve, then it will die off/maybe have a few solo players. At which point I'm sure they'll eventually close down the official servers. Wiping and not changing anything about design will just start the same process over again where eventually the biggest group will win again. Last time they wiped they did make some changes that helped some, however they kind of just stopped, and cut out small companies entirely(pretty evident by the company alliance limit instead of a player limit). The players left have figured out the best ways to greif the combat timers, so the playerbase kept dropping, and it wont stop until the devs stop them by design, and allow more than just the biggest company in the game That's the simplest I can put it, your right some of my suggestions have been repeated from game suggestions to this pvp general section. So 35000 players, or the 5000 players left, who's side are the devs going to pick?
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    I agree with much of what is posted in this thread. Raiding bases is far too easy, and naval combat - supposedly the main focus of the game - gets surprisingly little attention. Also, I just noticed that most people in this forum seem to keep repeating the same criticisms in hopes of getting listened to: basically all the top threads here are calling for less offline griefing and more love for ship vs ship combat. Instead the next update is delivering cats and seahorses. Not only is this game in a bad state, its apparently heading in the wrong direction. (meanwhile I have been griefed again, 3rd time this week. Strongest defences breached in under a minute, tames killed, all assets looted, base destroyed, ships sank. And I was just finishing rebuilding the walls after the previous raid and making a new ship so I have at least one. Hence the base was practically empty after the previous wipe, the attackers had nothing to gain from this. No wonder 90% of the playerbase quit with such mechanics.)
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    The only naval fight I had fun was in the beginning of the server we had no npcs. in a schooner using the canons manually, the capital said go to portside or shoot starboard side. I find ship battles very boring. Only the capitan have fun, others are just playing hammer and bucket simulator, until you are boarded and granades destroy you. I would like to use the canons and let NPCs repair the ship or the planks to set automatic. It Would be cool if players could use a top deck morter, or something useful im battle that cannot be used by a NPC. NPC take all the fun and leave the boring tasks to players. This game is all about people having their personal ships, and when you are raided you have 2 people online having to move 12 ships anchored fully manned of NPC. As a crew member, in a ship battle you can only do podium, hammer, bucket, gliding and trying to board a ship when you are not laggy rendering a ship. Shooting canons is something NPCs do better. Devs should go and play blackwake until they realize what is a naval fight.
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    Thank you Jat for letting us know the HARD FACTS.. However i would strongly urge you to increase PVE Ships from 14 days to 21 days.
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    Might be Old School but using a galleon Without Armor And broadside works Fine for me atm. Still Need to kill some abhöbe Level 30. but encountert 3 galleons 2x 30 And 1 Level 20 at the Same Time. Lost 1 gunport but it was a awesome fight. But i agree they should Either add more ship Level or have them spawn alone And in Packs
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    How can you play for a year and not know this is the worst way to tame an elephant? Get a fucking bear and bola the elephant while sitting on it. You dont need pens, it makes them buggy. Also ure feeding it from the WRONG side. I've never had any issues with taming an elephant and i tamed dozens since last christmas. Not even gonna talk about devs, this gif was frustrating enough, seeing how bad u are after a year of playing.