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    Pirates don't say THANKS when they TAKE and they GIVE nothing back, yarrr...!
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    lol Ok, Raise your hand if you actually own an island. Do you think I would be here if any of that silly monitoring business actually worked? I really don't expect or need sympathy, but to be clear, we monitor our island twice a day. We immediately respond to any notification. The system works like this: You have a flag with 1 settler. You get a notification of someone becoming a settler despite notification, messages, and signs everywhere that no building of any kind is allowed until we finish construction. You go to the coordinates and destroy a DP bed. You check the flag and it says all clear. However, there is another 2 beds hidden in a crevice somewhere that neither the flag nor the notifications told you about, only found days later on another daily clean. We even found one literally above one of our base builds within range of our own foundation. How can this even happen? We have built free taming pens, we have been nice and helped with maps. The only problem we have is with folks that feel entitled to pollute our island and contribute nothing to the upkeep while making swiss cheese holes in our island and delaying construction for weeks from people that actually farm their butts off to support the upkeep and want to build their bases. Actually settlers. If the monitoring system actually worked, I would not be here ranting about randoms grieving and lazy bed spammers getting Discovery Points for them and all their friends, which you do not need to build to get to anywhere on our island. As for the raised eyebrows about my play hours, I make videos, this is both work and play. But thanks for asking. EDIT: AT the end of the day, my opinion, nor yours matters. I will continue to fight the bed spam and you will continue to fight for it. I say that Lawless is for this kind of thing, not company-owned islands that do not want spam everywhere.
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    Well, their decision to have such drastically different sales has lost them 6 purchases on Xbox. My small ark crew are no longer going to be purchasing it on principle, and I'm sure there are a ton others who will google it, see the sales, and say screw them. Not a smart move.
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    The current map on the website home page (Top Colonies at bottom of home page) is inaccurate for the new map. Please update this. Map software such as Zupa (https://maps.devzupa.be/en) seem to pull from the website, and since the map is wrong, it's not worth using. Please update the map to the current version. Thank you.
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    Hey don't say sailing takes too long or the new players will criticize you. Motik I have no idea what the hell you are babbling on about, btw. If you criticize me then it is personal duh! and I have no idea what a milenial is, I think you meant( millennial snowflake) As I was born in the 60's and have been playing mmo's since they started. And I'm really too thick skinned to care what you think, I only replied to your attack on me cos you are late to the party and had the arrogance to try and lecture me. This is a forum btw, if you don't like people moaning or complaining why join a forum in the first place? ps. don't melt eh
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    Hi. I think the timer resets if any one jumps on the boat. If you can build around, over and under it to stop people climbing onto it. Hope that helps.
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    We finally had a ship auto decay in the middle of our harbor. It took every bit of 40 days. I have a theory that boat decay is the same as the chests set on the ground. I thought the SS Slapnuts would never go away lol.
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    I agree that the winds and current system are in need of a balancing patch. I don't want to see an instant fast-travel system though, I feel like doing anything like that would be way to exploitable in PvP and such. I would like to see some sort of system with trade winds and ocean currents creating some sort of "highway" between sectors and across portions of the map. Maybe ones that just give me a 50% speed bonus with a mild bumper system so I can sort of assisted-sail a bit at 30 knots instead of 15-20. I don't think they need to be super log and perfectly symmetrical either, perhaps each one is like 3-4 sectors and they travel in all kinds of random directions. So much so that I'd have to kind of pick and choose which ones I want to take to get to a destination, even if it means I end up traveling past the sector I'm aiming for and have to sail back a bit.
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    Adjust your expectations. You shouldn't be able to sail around the globe in one game session, anyway. If you need to get 8 grids away, then plan some stops along the route. There is always a good reason to stop - discovery points, alternate materials for high end BPs, trading with the locals, finding a level 30 tame. Sail 3 zones, and make a stop for something. Log on the next day and sail a few more zones and do something else. Sailing needs some balance, but it's what the game's about. The trip IS the game.