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    Ever play Elite Dangerous? Great game but lots of "flying." Sailing and having encounters on the sea is part of the fun. "It's the journey, not the destination...yada yada." As the game develops there might be more to do while sailing. .
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    You do realise you are playing a game with 225 sea filled servers, with sailing ships. The scale is supposed to be vast, epic journeys that take days even weeks to complete. build and stock ships to make these journeys, resupply on route and move on to the next adventure without needing to return to base. This is a slow paced game, with bursts of activity every now and then. It is what it is and I like it that way.
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    Ahoy! We've now reinstated the Resource / Creature Navigator with enhancements for ExploreAtlas V2.0 - Choose your current Grid / Resource or Creature. Then we'll show you the closest option and the alternative grids. We hope you enjoy this feature! You can find this here - https://exploreatlas.co.uk/explore/ Explore Atlas Dev Team
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    This feature needs to be implemented as quickly as possible in order to allow allied Companies to work together in an effective manner. As it stands having allies man your base defenses or come aboard your ships leaves them crippled as they cannot respawn, make use of emplacements like cannons or mortars, and cannot steer or work sails. This change would be highly beneficial to collaborative efforts.
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    Might be able to guess what the idea is from the title. But basically, today i crossed into another grid, and found myself loading into a ship of the damned. The SOTD was sat in pretty much the exact spot I loaded into. For a second or two we sat there while I loaded, and then once loaded, it threw me 180 degrees and I was crossing the border back the way I came. Basically, I suggest making it so the SOTD can only come within a certain distance of the border. Because I can see this glitching and sinking a players ship. Also, I've heard reports from other players about having their ship sunk by SOTD's while they were loading in/out of a grid. So I thik on top of my suggestion, you should add a none/de-agro status to player ships when they cross a border. That way, players won't be helplessly sunk while loading in/out of a grid. They will have a good 30 seconds perhaps where their ship won't pull agro, giving them time to load in and either engage in a fair fight, or flee before the ship attacks.
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    If u get new settler then u have a lot time to remove his shit! yes on PVE! i removed few beds today. When i found those beds was 16 hours left for landlord demolish so if u miss that time then grats you have annoying building or bed there for longer time. Im not sure but i think 24 hours is the time when u can remove unwanted buildings.
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    the ability to wipe anything at anytime for landowners will never be a thing on pve , due to griefing potential , people dont play pve to have the risk of their work being demoed by a landowner that woke up in a bad mood one day , if u dont want players spamming traps why not as a landowner make a load at various areas for public use ? with signs at beaches to state they are unlocked and where they are ?
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    We're making some huge changes to the overall map to make some of this possible However, the game files do not directly dictate whether the resource is pure or just a byproduct. So at the moment; we're trying to construct an accurate and simple way to ensure this data comes through. The treasure map idea is great and is something we're already building
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    I find it ridiculous that you can only breed in certain areas. Bears spawn on my island. I'm in south central tundra but they can breed in west and east tundra? Just not central for some reason??? Literally nothing can be bred in central tundra regions
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    I always got lag when a company had the shores surrounded by shipyards, but that was pc. We have asked for one shipyard for all ships but then you'd prob get more lag cos everyone would surround their bases with large shipyards and no small ones. Like I say though it doesn't just cause lag on the xbox, and it doesn't seem to make much difference how much ram you have either. Anyway the OP isn't just an xbox player he's an atlas player and has a right to his opinion on this forum. Could we just get over the childish xbox vs pc issue? this isn't a damn football match.
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    I love this game. I play on xbox and have noticed a huge amount of lag due to the amount of structures on all the islands. I've talked to players across atlas and have noticed the islands with the most buildings and the most lag are all pc players. I've asked multiple companies to try to clean up there maps but they all refuse and just keep building and it's making the lag worse. Unfortunately I can't just add ram to my xbox so I know it's going to continue. I hope to see some building restrictions which may come in the form of a certain amount of buildings per company. Unless these issues are resolved I don't see a long future for atlas on xbox.
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    No the issues is new players spamming foundations over lawless area, and just because grapeshot dropped your graphics to min and went hey Xbox ready, why should pc gamers have change to suit your needs that’s stupid
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    Really guys no warning you just roll back M8 24 hours that is complete crap the other grids around us roll back only 1hr but you had to screw with M8 this is a complete joke I lost 3 baby bears to your roll back and you know your screwed up breeding system is so hard you know how much work that is. I wasted a whole day on that crap for you to flick a switch and think its ok.. Such crap.
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    How about simply upping the difficulty of spawning the V2. Make it a requirement for 50%+ of the players in the circle be V2 flagged in order to trigger the V2 Kraken, otherwise it triggers V1. It is silly that one, lone sociopath can screw it up for 145 people trying to unlock their sub (like last Saturday on PVE), it is also a little silly that so many people can be riders on one guy. V2 should be something hard to trigger, and earned.
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    I am guessing you drive trains for a living?
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    You go build it then It's not actually been requested through us yet. But to be honest, i'm not sure what the purpose would be since people won't know specific discovery names. We already display all the locations for discoveries though
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    B8 on EU PVE. Been farming for 8 hours straight today And ended up with 40/60 slots Filled in the feeding trough. I am Aware Stack sizes have been increased etc, but im Getting about 35 meat per elephant with a pick And full habdharvest skilled. Tigers And bears getting the Same Amount . I Used to Farm for 30 baby Tigers alone but now i can barely keep 5 alive.
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    For someone who has no interest in Atlas anymore you Seem quite active on the Forum. Whats so bad that the crabs Look simliar? I mean they are crabs, they have leg's And claws And Not much to Change anyway in the Looks. If you wanna compare all stuff devs Teams copied from their own Games You will spend years.
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    I hope they keep trying to add new things but I'd like to see them stop for a bit and just focus on game issues and lag. Once the game runs good they could add whatever they want! But until then I might be taking a break from the game. I can't even land on some islands the lag is so bad. I just get disconnected
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    So... you're complaining about how long it takes to sail from place to place... on a game that's about pirates and sailing from place to place?
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    Let me introduce you to the concept that you picked the wrong genre of games to play. ARK, Rust, 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, Etc. If you want to play on an Official Server, well that's your decision, it's also your decision to deal with whatever elements are present. Including being raided when you arent on, griefers, etc. Now despite my ire for the Devs and their bad decisions, they did in fact put a reasonable raid timer in. That you can personally set to your preference for Start and End times. IF STILL that is not good enough for you, let me remind you, there are PVE, private servers, with additional raid protections available if you just want to get on and play Pokemon without getting your shit shoved in. Alternatively there is also Singleplayer where you can Catch Em All without any risk to your little RP base at all. I've got no sympathy for any of your problems. I've dealt with my fair share of griefers, proper raiders, even being attacked by the Player Cap Alliance, which prided themselves on their namesake for player capping entire sectors they were attacking(They were still bad at fighting, so it's w/e). I've done my fair share of griefing and proper raiding, and it's quite fun. It would be a darn shame if they nerf any of that to pander to Casual solo players or 1-4 man companies.
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    Regular Xbox One might not have enough juice to run this game. I'm on Xbox One X and it stutters while things are loading in at startup or when passing by a large settlement. For the most part, runs great on X, aside from a few freeze crashes now and then
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    A few thoughts I think that if players can snipe pirates, the NPC pirates can snipe players. Maybe not to ludicrous Chris Kyle accuracy but make it challenging. I think battles should be fun and not face rolls. I don't think you should be able to snipe a whole camp from far away and waltz in. Again, battles should be challenging and take some tactics. I like the idea of NPC pirates hunkering down and locking themselves in if they are getting decimated. Then we have to blow it up. I would love to see NPC Pirates on the ships so while broadsiding we can board and fight. Maybe light some fires etc. I do not think we should be able to claim the ships though. Too easy IMO Overall the concept is really awesome and will make the game playable/re playable for some time. I loved ARK and there was an attempt by a modder to add NPCs but nothing like this. I am so looking forward to this and hope it is as good as it sounds so far.
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    the link in the banner does not work: Something went wrong Project does not exist or access to this project is limited. In case you are confident that you have access to the project, try to switch account if you have several or contact a project manager for further assistance.
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    I would like some small achievements which unlocks skins skins are love^^
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    I tested all with anarchy. My Brig design (NO SHOTGUNS, NO LOUVERS, No stupid kite tactics) was able to end lvl-40 SotD. Withi this new attack and defense stats, it should be even better. While Galley... well... I mean, all sea battles should include maneuvers right? Especially now when they are not SodDs but SquotDs! And Galley - just simply can NOT do that. So right now if you gonna fight SqotDs, your tactic will probably be like: - You sail by and shoot. You sail straight for 2 minutes, then do 1 minute 90' turn, and shoot again. Then another 2 minutes straight, and you have to somehow do your straight so all damned ships will be just one side of you. You'll get loot for last SotD you sink, because you will not find any others due to insane long straight sailing. Fighting like that is a torture. So GALLEY is not a battle ship in my opinion. It's more like siege ship where insane firepower against staying fortified targets is required. And of course it's good for far non battle voyages, because right now Galley with 6 speedsails is fastest ship in a game, and can carry a lot. So even If I had all resources - I wouldn't build one. Because while anarchy, I simply DID NOT enjoy to sail it and fight with it at all! And one more thing. I got my mythic sails BPs from SotD's 34 and 36 lvl, while the biggest one I down with this anarchy Galley - was lvl-52 and this one gave me a mythic cannon blueprint with 200 of health and 100% damage lol : )) I threw it out board right in the moment I've got it : )
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    Where the hell is the discovery point navigation? even the new people know where the tames and resources are by now. you really should have done discovery points first. Smh
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    next time check the reviews about the game you wanna buy on youtube before buying mate.
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