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    As of now, the only use of the shipyard is to make ships. What if we can anchor or rather harbor 1 ship to the shipyard? This would work like the hitching post in s+ for Ark or the new breeding thing they added with extinction. This way, the ships would be more protected and shipyards would have a greater use (maybe give them a minor durability buff while harbored). My boats keep getting attacked by crocodiles and such that aggro onto my crewmembers. This would be a nice fix.
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    Although I’ve never tried it, I remember people saying it razed everything on the island.
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    I would be fine with them not shooting at every fish in the ocean. Or me for that matter. Sometime when I am swimming I hear a shot go off and a splash and when I turn around I see them aiming the cannon else where like it wasn’t them that shot at me. next time I do a sunken ship one lucky cannoneer is going to distract the sharks for me.
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    We wish everyone a Great weekend with those extra life harvest rates And dont forget to support this charity event
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    1) corrent, i always said it was stupid to let SotDs ignore wind since that takes away all strategy value of wind in PvE 2) i always found this to be more of a sneaky + strategic run than a fight your way through kinda thing, you gotta know the terrain, the timing and the skills you need to use, once you use all of those in the right way is actually very easy. 3) this devs have no fucking idea how to run a pve server 4) the biggest reason i quit this game was lack of pve activities, once you have satisfied your couriosity about the game mechanics, and there is very little to win vs a lot to lose in every activity you could do (specially if the game acts up or crashes) even when you wanna take a break from the game thats a no go because the decay system will always be preassuring you to log in they cannot make the game shine because (aside form their incompetence) they have been too busy cash grabbing the xbox players (i can even forsee a DLC 6 months after official release) and they are unable to understand what a pve player wants.
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    Our 24 hour Extra Life stream is fast approaching and we welcome all of you across the ARK and ATLAS communities in joining us. Let’s see what we can raise for the kids through gaming and giving with our fundraising event starting November 2nd at 9 am PST! Live from our Seattle Studio to bring you entertainment, over 10k in giveaways from sponsors such as AMD, Alienware, MSI, Elgato, along with Collector’s Edition boxes, game keys, Discord, Nitrado vouchers, codes and more! So please tune in, whether you’re a streamer, a donator or just keen to be along for the ride, we’d love to have you! In the spirit of the event, we will be enabling boosted rates for all players on our Official Networks. These rates increase incrementally as each fundraising milestone is reached: ARK: 0.5x increase on all rates across our ARK Networks for every $5000 reached up to a maximum of 8x. ATLAS: The full rate increase breakdown can be found here As an added incentive to raise money and awareness for a great cause, we'll be revealing unseen content from the new Genesis DLC as we inch further towards our goal. Tune in on November 2nd to find out what's in store! Gather your tribes, alliances, and stimberries and join us on an epic 24hr adventure! If you’re feeling heroic, and want to support the event with your own stream and donation goals, sign up here and let’s raise some money! We’ve also launched a Discord server for our Extra Life event: https://discord.gg/gnUFBMT Remember to read the guidelines in the #welcome channel to get you set up to come along for the ride. In addition to spicy challenges, contests, and in-game events, here’s what you can expect to see during the show: Key Events 9.30 am - Extra Life Interview 10 am - Donation Incentives Breakdown 2 pm - Alienware Interview 3 pm - Games 5 pm - Discord Interview 7 am - Developer Interview 8 am - Wrap Up Please keep in mind that exact times may vary We look forward to seeing you all on game day as we come together for the kids!
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    You can have 300 ships per company. You can have 20 unanchored in a zone at a time and 40 anchored in a zone. Anecdotal evidence from most companies is even those larger ones have usually around 10 or so active people on a single base. Just due to the nature of resources and other factors people spread out all over the map. We have around 35 active daily players and our "events" mostly end up being people porting to 2-3 ships for things like key runs and over level 20 treasure maps. This is all from a PVE perspective. No idea what those pvp peoples get up to.
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    There is a minimap available if you use the sextant and complete the easy mini game. If the perks are maxed out for the Sextant the buff will give you over 75 minutes of the buff which provides a minimap, compass, it also will tell you the ships heading in degrees and speed in knots. The sextant is crafted in the Seamanship tree as are the perks that extend the time of the buff and minigame.
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    Well found the ghost ship in the E13 spawn location invisible at 1600hrs. Went through to next grid where it became visible just as fog started. I shot it once and it despawned.
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    As stated in my initial post, there is nothing near the wheel. It is not obstructed in any way what-so-ever. However I've found a solution to the problem. Selecting to toggle third person in the radial menu while using the wheel. Using the menu button to select the option is the only way it selects when the radial menu is lock up on the screen. Hopefully that'll help anyone else who has the same issue as me.
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    So there is a wipe announcement for tge 28th and then it seems that all servers other than NA pvp will be down for 10 days. I suppose i will see you all next season. Can't say we didn't see this coming a mile off.
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    Only thing I found that worked for me right now, is deleting the "LastGridCoord" file thats inside your ATLAS/ShooterGame/Save/SavedAtlasLocal folder. You will have to respawn at a freeport and then find you're way back to your base/home but at least it'll work for you. Just get into a habbit to backup your save game when you finish playing so if an update breaks it you can revert back to a working save. This is not a fix, just a work-around to back into your save game.
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    The point of this post is good. I see some replys asking why he wants to make the game even easier? It's not that he wants it easier, he's trying to create maximum pvp engagement to make it MORE FUN. Which will bring more players to the game making it even MORE FUN. Which creates a positive feedback loop, which in itself creates the success of the game. Progress is EVERYTHING in this game, so losing that progress to start over just because someone found your stuff while your offline. Creates no sort of creative difficulty of any kind, it causes you to repeat things you already have, like building another galleon, that's not difficult it's just time consuming. Also I've done a test, of the games defences, there all terrible. So if your logging off at all during the 9hrs your risking all your progress that's on that land. There just needs to be something, to save the progress of small company players. The whole settler idea is good, but big companies dont struggle with upkeep, so there's not much incentive to protect their stuff as the island owning company. I think ships not being able to be sunk, and even a small personal Freeport bank npc would go a long way in helping the little companies make this game fun again. There WERE a lot of players in this game wanting to do small companies, alot of them have quit, and the only reason I've been able to keep my progress since the wipe is Freeport tames, and a brig at 200% resist takes 16hours to sink in Freeport. Since my progress is relatively safe, it makes game progression fun. If I was progressing on a claim, it wouldn't be, because I know everytime I log off in battle time, I should expect it all to be wiped when i come back. So whenever something is working towards this saving progress of players that want to play with themselves and some friends, and not have the entire game done for them by a big company. Why I think they should model it around small company, no land claiming, and just living on lawless and freeports, then up to bigger companies keep land, and can have settlers. Do a small Freeport bank, and make ships unsinkable ,but raidable while offline, and smaller companies have a way to play the game. Atm if your not in a Freeport, as a small company, your stuff simply isn't remotely safe, doesnt matter if your defence cost 10000 gold a day, it wont stop players
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    Whilst I feel your pain, it happens in real life to. Whilst I'm at work, busy, after spent the majority of my first 25 years studying hard, earning degrees and then another 12 years working hard to earn and achieve a good, nicely paid position at work... I'm Taxed 60% of my earnings, so that someone that has no intention of working can live a luxurious life, doing what the heck they like with who the heck they like, with an income of HALF my net income, and NONE of my expenses. So, you worked hard to get the stones, and, some free-loader looted your corpse, took what you earned, and left you picking up the pieces? Yep. That's how I feel every day The only difference is Grapeshot could do something about that. The tax office, on the other hand shove their middle finger in my face. Don't worry guys, I'll be back to myself after this very strong coffee lol.
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    Although this is something that is frowned upon in PvE, they are actually acting like thieving pirates. I'd be annoyed if it happened to me, but technically it's still PvE in many ways.
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    Why people here can not see his point but only bash for his attitude? Artefacts not beeing acc bound is a problem in PVE. People seems to enjoy staying on GAR for a chance to grab one off of an unlucky guy. Fighting Hydra/Dragon is a huge time investment for smaller clans. When you are the only one in the group not getting the PS, good luck doing it again. Dealing with grifers just waiting to invalidate your time investment is not ok on PVE.
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    We have a small company of 12 with about 5 daily players. We currently hold 78 land claims in every biome except the desert areas (working on it but 21 day timers are meh) We are looking at getting some good trade partners also we could set up a network for say 80% trades with the delivering company gettine the 20% delivery fee. We are a friendly group of aussies and americans. seruum#3086 add me on discord or leave a reply here i would love to get talk. Steam acc steamcommunity.com/id/77700880099
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    B7 and b8 are our main basee so we have an excellent suply of sea salt, iodine salt, cobalt, iron, fronds bark reeds and rushes thatch, strong and lightwood, jute and hemp fibres
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    Turning the shipyard into a drydock could also be used as a mechanic for repairing damaged ships. (ie pull the damaged ship (and by damaged ship i mean missing planks) into the shipyard "raise" it and stop/extend the sinking timer)
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    I realy would love if you could dock ships back into the shipyard, like it is while being constructed. this will make offline griefing of ships less devastating to the game, as it is now. Like a build ship in the shipyard can be damaged and looted, but atleast it won't sink entirely because someone damaged 1 plank, while being offline.
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    I think it would be better if you could place Mooring Posts on structures that would when grappled allow a ship to be pulled in and tied off via the anchor. 2 for sloop, 3 for schooner, 4 for brig, and 5 for galleon.
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    It is true though Us PvErs do complain.. but largely about nerfs that have come directly from PvP servers / complaints
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    Or castles forts and keeps with a custom dick structure plats
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    If nothing else, allow this please! Or even better would be to add a specific building ships can dock to so we can make our own ports with ceilings and pillars.
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    next time check the reviews about the game you wanna buy on youtube before buying mate.