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    Nope. My friends couldn't connect and when I've tried resetting the server it now won't show up in the lists at all. Hopefully they get on top of it soon
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    they appear to follow the treasure map ratings. I believe it is difficulty scale of 10, so 7.4 is very difficult. might want to find another island
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    Stop. Insulting. Each. Other. Locking this thread, guys, it's going nowhere productive.
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    ive built a good few galleons single handed since launch....i know where to get the easy materials without the usuall grind... x1 is bloody painfull imo.... x2 should be the base at least.
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    It's actually a bug with Freeports atm, we do have a fix submitted to certification (and we'll be releasing it today for PC, as it's clientside only). Have just posted this thread in the bug section: I know this ruins the new player experience in these game modes atm so hopefully these workarounds can help you manage until we get the fix through certification!
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    Jat posted that it would be fixed in an update.
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    Yes much more pleasant and pleasant not to feel alone
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    At the moment i'd be happy if ship npc's could use a fishing rod, then they could effectively pay themselves.
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    Pirates don't spend all day making ships. They buy or steal ships made by NPCs. So.. why not have an NPC operated shipyard Supply Blueprints, materials, assign NPCs, and go sailing while they make you new ships. New station, Ship Blueprinter. Placed aboard a ship. Once a ship has been launched, players can craft a Ship Blueprint that documents the current state of the ship. Ship Blueprint includes a list of all building objects, but not consumables, currently on the ship at the time of blueprinting Ship Blueprint includes the quality of all objects. Ship Blueprint also includes embedded placement information of all objects. New Skill - Shipwright (Basic, Expert, Advanced, Master). Skill level determines how many ships can be built from the blueprints. Reduces resources need to craft Ship Blueprint Improve starting and/or max levels for ships crafted from Ship Blueprint Shipyard Job Board. Snaps to the shore side of a Shipyard Has snap points for a billboard, storage, and craft stations. Has one Ship Blueprint inventory slot. Ship Blueprint in inventory will be listed on the Billboard, along with required parts /mats. Has virtual 'stations' for assigning NPCs. Number of NPCs depends on size/quality of attached shipyard. NPCs assigned to the Job Board will construct parts in the Ship Blueprint list, using mats deposited in the Job Board Mats storage, in the crafting stations attached to the Job Board. NPCs will deposit constructed parts into the Job Board Parts storage. Players can add parts as well. BP parts in the Ship Blueprint will either need crafted by players and deposited in the Job Board Parts storage, or the necessary blueprints will need to be present in the crafting stations attached to the Job Board for the NPCs to use. Once all parts in the Ship Blueprint are present, NPCs will begin assembling the ship in logical order. Rationale: In order to use the NPC Shipyard, it will be necessary to have Have either built an original ship and blueprinted it, or have acquired a ship blueprint through trading, piracy, or perhaps looting? Have collected the mats and parts to build the NPC shipyard objects, crafting stations, etc Have bought/looted sufficient NPCs to operate the shipyard Maintain the Gold and food to keep the NPCs working Have the BPs for any BP parts All of these incentivize players to get out and do pirate activities, rather than sitting in the harbor, crafting planks and rebuilding the same ship for the twentieth time.
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    Well tbh I'm still holding out for the airship!
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    I would like to be able to remove a deck and still be able to seal up the room. Likewise, building on the top of all ships looks very boxy. Some new shapes for placing on the top decks of ships to allow the walls to meet the planks would be nicer. On the same topic, slightly higher ceilings please, constantly feels like im hitting my head on the ceiling in x1 high rooms/ships. More building on Gallions please
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    Appreciate ya keeping this thread active and edited. Number of good ideas in here
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    I'd like a ship with air,Airships I think they are called,but failing that a bowsprit on the front of the ship that comes with building it.a bowsprit is NOT a figurehead its an essential part of some ships and as such should not need to be bought as a figurehead at freeport!
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    Hello, we thought of rowers on the boats. we have brigantines used for transport (without cannons) and when there is no wind, the boat is very very slow. Maybe use NPC assigned to gunports with oars instead of cannons, and gain some speed in case of calm sea. (cf Waterworld)
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    Love the idea of Bollards and whole ship repairing, been wanting those for ages, but also: Climbable rigging. Having to place rope ladders, when climbing rigging would be way more realistic, just bugs me.
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    I think there must be place timer after loosing mast in combat (like for planks). It's rly hard to do with barshots and enemy just instantly placing new one...
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    I would like to suggest that all ships hud's have a speed indicator in knots, maybe up in the top right corner along with the wind and sails icons. I believe this would add a lot of substantial game play, as we could then accurately test the different sail and structure configurations. Also we would easily be able to see how the crew and cargo weights effect ships speed. It would be possible for players to try design the ultimate speed ship too. something like this. Please remember to upvote if you agree.
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