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    One issue ever present in Atlas is "Megas" and the lack of options for small groups outside of those mega power structures. I have a suggestion for this I'd like to pose to the community with a TLDR at the bottom The Background For those unfamiliar, mega companies or megas, are very large groups that right now dominate Atlas. I've personally experienced one group being so large that they split into 3-5+ Companies that ally each other. This is out of necessity. Defending an island is no small task. Making it so that you can hold that territory, even against a small group is difficult let alone being attacked by a large company or group of companies. This time and capital commitment is not my preferred game style. There are those of us that wish to play a smaller, more water based game that doesn't involve base building or land holding. As of now this type of play is only supported if you can find a mega to allow you to park in their already defended harbor. This causes more lag for them and many harbors have to be "opened and closed" to stop suicide ships from running them. This makes getting your ship in an out of this lag fest a hassle. Also, why would a large company care to deal with that hassle? It also eats up an alliance slot. These large mega alliances have capped out alliance slots as it is and a small privateer alliance just frankly isn't worth their time or slot. Many of the large companies this season have even given up on having any "renter" companies on their land for the same reasons. The Vision What I dream of for this game is many small groups all vying for resources on the water. Squabbling over a ghost ship loot, ship wreck or other npc content with loot to fight over. Harassing harbors and intercepting cargo ships. I'd like to see the ability for 2-10 man groups that want to play together not be forced into the landholding grind. The Path So how could this be implemented in a way fair to both groups? Holding land is a PITA so it needs to be valuable right? Small companies need to have the ability to exist with out big daddy alliance/company there to protect them. I think I have a good solution. The island holders need a buff. There should be a substantial amount of resources that each held island gathers passively and puts into the flag. The amount should be based on the point count of the island and how long the island is held. Islands in would automatically produce the items available on that island. If one island has iron while another one has tin the resources gathered in that island's flag would be different. This would go for each type of resource. Now one company using its points to hold one grid might not make sense. Instead a mega alliance/company might spread out and trade resources between the grids. This is great for everyone. Large companies will create content for everyone just by existing (moving resources between islands, moving ships around to defend islands, etc) while having a benefit for investing all the time and resources into holding and defending. So that sorts the island holders right? What about the privateers who want to sail around, drink rum and yarrrrrrr to our little black heart's content? Well I have a solution to that too. Add a function in Freeports for purchasing a slip. Have it scale with the size of the ship so that a brigantine costs more than a sloop. Nothing concrete but do 36hrs, Weekly and Monthly slip rentals. Lets say it costs 1,000 gold per week to store a sloop and 10k per week to store brig; something like that. I'd love to see this be an instance where you can actually teleport into it and walk around your ship and access the items. There shouldn't be an unlimited amount of ships stored either. I'd say no more than 2 ships per company or player. When you join a company all your ships must be undocked and all slip rentals forefit. Now you can build a ship and log off without waking up to a spawn screen, hop on with a couple buddies and create content for other players. The TLDR Resource gain to islands held by players that scales based on the time an island is held and island points it costs. Add a system for renting slips for small companies to be able to pay gold and store a ship safely while logged off.
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    Hello, while waiting for the return of our little Show N Tell I will post some screenshots of my adventure on Atlas! I have said that I take a great pleasure to make them on those games with beautiful graphics and almost infinite positivity Screenshot (Buildings) Screenshot (Player) Screenshot (Ship) Screenshot (Environment)
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    Thanks for adding singe player, I can settle whatever island I want, build whatever I want everywhere and set the rates how I want them. Thank you devs BTW: does anyone know what the single player settings option does?
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    Well maybe not broken but its not the same as the old official server before the wipes. i made 60 ceilings and went up 2.9 pts in xp. this is not right and hand collecting with the bonuses is not giving very many points either. the Giraffe is not collecting like it did before the wipe. I put an entire brig together and only went up 6.7 points. this is unreal. something is wrong. Building used to give points, not so much anymore. the XP must be back to 1 to 1 instead of 1 to 2 as it was on the old official.
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    Yeh player shops etc could become an essential part of pyrate community life if they are implemented properly ie trade, fencing hijacked goods etc. But at the moment the upkeep makes them pointless unless you just need a gold sink cos you've got too much!
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    The first time I saw the trailer I was immediately thrilled to enter the game to see it is beautiful Freeport full of life, animation and players! Unfortunately I could not find that in game apart from the Freeport completely turn into a ghost town! only two three Png persist ... Would it be possible to animate the existing Freeport? without increasing the structures that are already quite beautiful, just add some Png with dialogue animations between them certain could make trips and move from point to point to a B and make a loop on the term, I do not not sure if anything is planned for and I understand that a lot of problems need to be fixed before but the freeport also empty makes me want to commit suicide! to give life even artificial so that it is not the impression to arrive at the real ports and not only to buy pirate proues or underpants, that one does not have the impression to arrive on animated docks so that you can admire the powers of ATLAS! Sorry for bad translation ( French )
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    Land is for farmers, we are pirates!! I wanted to make my boat my home to (is just too bothersome to be tied to a piece of land) but then they introduced decay so bye bye my dream. Yes, accessing the inventory AND climbing the ladder while on the sea is .....oooffff. I totally agree with you on the shovel thing.
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    Also always go one ship size bigger with your sails, ie a schooner sails really fast with one large speed sail, not 2 medium. And with only one sail you can sail solo when you need to. Try not to go over a third of your ship weight with addons and benches etc cos it will slow you down the more stuff you add.
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    That has been there forever. My Titan X chokes on it every time. I think the problem is with too many transparent textures suddenly drawing on top of each other, so the number of render passes goes up exponentially until the leaves fade.
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    Welcome, Ickle! I thank that the best thing to do early game, with multiple people, is to start on a lawless zone so you have no level 8 cap, have one person work towards ship building and the other getting archery then going into taming. If only two players, have the taming person also get advanced tools after archery, instead of going directly to taming, and the ship builder go into Piracy for Secrets of Piracy for the diving platform. If more than two players, have the third player get advanced tools and then get Piracy under the Seafaring to make the diving platform. Dive every shipwreck you find, no matter the quality, to start getting gold if you want an island of your own. Or even if you just want crew to handle your sails. Once you have a tamed pig, or better yet a bear, start doing common treasure maps to get more gold and levels. Happy sailing!
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    With the upcoming reworks being focused on creating combat, adventure, and players spending more time at sea, I think that there should be various events that broadcast to the players and appear on their maps. These events would give players enough time to travel across multiple zones to reach them before they spawn. These can be PVE combat events with amazing rewards, high value sunken treasure, high value flotsam, or abandoned ships that can be claimed by whoever wins the skirmish that would follow.
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    Hi @Cpt. BlackOrBit möchtest du eine neuinstallation machen oder hast du schon einen Server? Wenn du einen neuen Server installieren willst mit deinem eigenem ServerGrid musst du auch "New Installation" und dann den Serverpfad auswählen. Wenn der Server dann heruntergeladen ist musst du ein Standard ServerGrid auswählen (Ich würde 2x2 nehmen ist ja nur Temporär). Dann vergibst du deinem Server den Namen, RCON Passwort und die Ports und dann öffnet sich das Tool. Sobald das fertig ist schließt du das Tool und Kopierst dein ServerGrid.json (inkl. dem Ordner usw.) in das Verzeichnis des Servers unter ShooterGame. Dort müssten schon ein ServerGrid.json drin sein. Die überschreibst du einfach mit deiner sowie ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json. Dann kannst du das ASC wieder öffnen und schauen ob es schon dein neues ServerGrid übernommen hat. Falls nicht, drück Links auf Service Menu und Reload ServerGrid und wähl das ServerGrid aus was dir da direkt vorgeschlagen wird. Danach kann es sein das du ASC neustarten musst und nochmal das gleiche durchführen musst (Also Service Menu, Reload ServerGrid). Danach würde Ich es noch einmal neustarten und dann kannst du über Cluster Shards die Ports von deinen anderen Grids noch einstellen. (A1, A2, B1, B2 müssten schon richtige Ports haben aber die anderen nicht)
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    @Sovereign Snow Yep that's fine. I'll also like to see medium gun ports fit to the rear of a brig. i.e. two below desk rear facing medium canons.
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    So far we have Ark like stuctures for on land and boat like stuctures for the ships, but we lack any stuctures that serve to connect the two. I'm talking about docks. 1. a dock foundation, the ideal would something similar to Ark's 'Advanced Rafts' Mod Dock foundation, where the pillings automaticaly decend to the sea floor. 2. Pillings, a pillar that can snap to the corner of a foundation to make docks look like docks. (I know the workaround to get pillars in the corner position, but they are not connected and are so skinny that you need one every foundation to make it look realistic. have you ever looked up at the cargo racks on your galleon and thought would be nice if i can reach them from the dock. 3. Some method of unloading ships, whether it's a crane with a swinging boom that gives you access to any cargo rack it touches, or making the cargo racks actualy be able to be lowered and raised on thier already crane like fitting. 4. stantions, to tie ships to. Just for looks or give it the already in game ship harpoon feature any allow it to drag ships to it. 5. A rope fence to place on the docks. If GS just take a look at their own custom creations they show off so readily in thier previews, if we can build stuff like that, that would be nice. Your first stage of your roadmap is bug fixes, QoL and improving stuff already in game! I hope structures are included.
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    Yes much more pleasant and pleasant not to feel alone
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    this isn't about joining a tribe its about not wanting the hassle of holding land. I've played all aspects of this game from the small 5-10 man tribes to bigger 30-50 man tribes to megas with a couple hundred in different tribes. i see what you're saying and I've done that before. This would add a different dynamic to the game rather than a structure grind which is what it is. not a pirate game. i want to be on the water attacking other ships not making mortar towers and walls and puckle towers
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    A lot of people are wondering why you pulled all your mods.
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