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    Wouldnt be the First And definitly Not the Last Game where fighting for your live Turns into a pillow fight.
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    Tell them there are starving children in impoverished places in the world (like say Bangladesh or Detroit) who would love to have that PC version and if they want desert they will eat it or no tv for a week.
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    Oh I think that’s the detail I assumed the Op knew, that Sony doesn’t do EA games.
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    Since Atlas will have crossplay from the beginning of its Xbox launch, I’m not sure how this information affects Atlas in any way. They thing they could do they are already doing.
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    this is the map from my local game files: https://imgur.com/7uCyKf1
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    It seems like that the servers don't give out the Steam profile name, nor any other unique identifiers anymore... Which is a good thing, as the the Steam64ID are used to grief known players specifically... That is why everyone sets their account to 123... Now that the Tracker don't show the Steam Profile name it is much harder for the griefers to get your Steam64ID, they would need to be in the sector before you enter it to get that information - btw which should be switched from Steam Names to Atlas Names anyway, or shut of completely... It is good enough that you know how many players are online in a grid (because of the server limit and performance problem) but knowing where everyone is at any time makes it too easy for the stalkers... Example: they wipe you; you are not rage quitting the game, but try to find a new hideout far away to rebuild; they show up the next day knowing in which grid you where longer than 10mins and finish the job of you rage quitting... As for the player trackers, they could just ask the servers for current numbers and show that...
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    That is as useless as "you can only have" X amount of company members and y amount of allies... Does not work and only helps the big guys while hurting the small guys... Anything you can bypass from outside the game will be bypassed from outside the game... That is why they came up with the only working claim solution = whole island... The problem is, that every small Bob and his mother thinks they are entitled to their own claim... If you cannot hold an island claim on your own, don't even try, and use the ones others have... Try to interact with other players - it is the MMO way...!
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    lol, it is intrusive to the leveling, that's for sure.. I have it turned off on my singleplayer hahahha. I can't be bothered there.
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    I5 is now a freeport, that area has changes a bit. https://maps.devzupa.be/en/atlas/176/atlasptr/#2/-473.5/561.5 this is the PTR map, and from my sailing around looks to be accurate for the new build.
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    G3 golden Age is now G4 And H11 is a freeport And new golden age is in J11
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    is funny how people come to a survival game but want a safe enviroment, this game was actually dangerous when launched, i cant remember how many times i died, but it was challenging and fun, then they made the wild creatures dumb and infected them with alzheimer (they would faint attack you then run away then forget that they even saw you ROFL) and if that was not enough alpha's count was diminished too now Atlas is a boring game with boring land gameplay and boring sea gameplay, like a minecraft without digging, a building/sailing simulator.
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    So a wipe without any significant content update... honestly such a bad idea. Good luck GS!
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    The seahorse ate the hat we were promised after 1st wipe...and died.
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    Wish they would turn off taming more most animals and creatures. This is suppose to be a bloody pirate game. Running around with dragons and giant crabs is to much Ark. They need to stop with that shit.
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    Man, I love spicy food but that's pushing it.
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    @Realist, when you say you want ALL discovery points, you really have no idea the scope of what you're saying. I wish you luck. If you do it before the cows come home, I'll be impressed. Hell I'll even make it interesting. If you can get ALL of the discovery points in under 1000 hours of playing time, I'll personally watch @PeglegTheAngry eat a handful of live bees. He's already angry. How much difference can it really make? He'll be fine. Probably.
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    So for months Mr know it all who has not played the game but gives advice to those that do, does not really know squat after all.
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    As a PVE player, this wipes all of the countless hours I have put into getting tames with good stats, breeding/imprints, etc. I have basically built my own Freeport at this point, and have regular travelers that stop by to check out my marketplace. Not to mention my fleet of painted boats. Ugh! It will be difficult for me to start over, and I am honestly unsure that I am willing to put in the time to recreate my own little place a third time. I value my time, have a consuming career, and while I understand that it is EA, this makes my stomach turn. You continue to make rash decisions catering to the fly-by players that stop by for a month to play, cry/whine/complain, and then quit. It is upsetting that you generally make all decisions based around PVP, and give little to no consideration to the PVE community. The game mechanics take days/weeks out of our lives. It is a commitment. I’ve been here since day 1, and I’ve rolled with the punches. What incentive do I have to continue supporting your product?
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    Well you are stupid. I mean if you are here for 10 months now and still have no clue about the game.. and instead of just playing it, you’re in here asking irrelevant questions.. i mean..