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    Ahoy Pathfinders, Thank you for tuning in to our Dev Livestream this week. In this pre-recorded announcement, we’ll be summarizing the new roadmap we discussed in the Livestream as well as clarifying a few things raised by the Community. First of all, for those who didn’t catch the Dev Livestream, it can be viewed here The primary purpose of this stream was to bring you up to speed on our new direction and let you know what areas of the game we’re going to address moving forward. We opted to answer many of your questions from our Livestream Q&A forum thread by working them into the conversation in the stream (rather than reading them out verbatim and answering each one) for the sake of flow and clarity. We recognize that this format didn’t translate as well as we’d hoped for, so we’ll be improving on the structure of our streams in the future. The Mega Update and Xbox Launch Let’s get straight to reiterating and clarifying details in regards to the next Mega Update/Xbox launch which is coming very soon. The Xbox launch will include: Crossplay support between PC Steam and Xbox players for ATLAS. Parity between both platforms. Xbox players won't have to wait for updates as they will happen simultaneously with PC We’ll be working on bringing day one Keyboard and Mouse support for the game, otherwise, it’ll arrive shortly thereafter. The Mega Update includes content and changes currently on the PTR, as well as some additional content we’ve discussed, and this will go live on our Official Network at the time of the Xbox Launch. We’re incredibly excited to launch crossplay; we designed the ATLAS engine for crossplay across all platforms from the outset and ATLAS will be one of the very few games with full crossplay between Steam and console. There have been many questions about whether this update will be bringing a wipe. To be frank, this is not something we’ve decided on yet. We’re currently exploring ways in which we can handle this release without wiping and there are quite a few technical considerations which may make this a possibility, but we’ll share more info with you as soon as we’re able to. Livestream Recap ATLAS’ DNA The first point we covered on stream was revealing where we think players spend most of their time in ATLAS, and where we wanted it to be at a 1.0 launch (post-Early Access). This is the conclusion we came to: Essentially, we feel like players are currently spending too much time in certain areas of the game, and not enough time in the areas we think should be the most fun, such as Sea and Combat. Players can expect to experience more fun and engaging content out on the sea, and a cut back on the time spent on land or with creatures. This doesn’t specifically mean we’ll be removing certain areas completely, but instead reworking existing systems and adding new gameplay/content for the areas we want to increase. Now you’re probably wondering, how do we plan to get from A to B? Well, here’s our roadmap: Some important factors to keep in mind: This roadmap will begin after the release of Xbox We’ll be looking primarily at making tweaks towards the Official Network and Multiplayer modes, but of course, those will still benefit our other game modes and unofficial networks. However, the main official networks are our priority Tackling bugs and major performance issues will always be an ongoing effort. This isn’t everything. We’ll be able to reveal more details as we go along, plans can change, and there are going to be more phases but for now, we want to discuss our immediate plans for developing ATLAS. Phase 1: Quality of Life Improvements, Bug Fixes, & Performance Increases Arguably our shortest phase and has already commenced in part with performance fixes and some bug fixes, with some work on the Xbox, and some you’ve experienced on the PTR. Our plan: There will be no new content with this initial phase. This is because we’re going to be spending time fixing and adjusting already existing systems in the game. This means tackling pain points that you (and we) are already aware of, ranging from quality of life changes, balance, and polish on existing parts of the game. Reducing the tedium and streamlining getting to the fun. We know that there are aspects of the game which are frustrating and the solutions we can take to fix them (such as the Silo we implemented in a previous update to help with feeding crew). We’re making some meaningful changes here that will impact the player’s experience in the game, some larger than others, but all with the same goal in mind to improve the overall game loop. Just a few of the changes and fixes (both small and big) we’re planning to make: Fixing speed sails and increasing overall wind speed effectiveness. Adjustments to blueprint stat rolls and crafting requirements. Making improvements to logs for companies. Increasing max stack sizes for certain items. Removing the negative effects of status effects, including vitamins. Giving players the option to choose which Kraken to fight. Reducing the frequency of surface attacks by sharks. Increasing the treasure map spoil time. Cargo Container adjustments. Replacing the text in the game with a universal font style. Hiding more text behind the “Extended UI” function Making ladders easier to climb. Keep in mind that some of these items are things we want to address quickly, even if we consider them to just be temporary fixes for now. The changes in this phase will provide a much better experience in the present; however, we’ll be circling back to these areas in later phases to make much more extensive changes to these systems. One example of this would be “sailing.” We’ll make some early improvements to sailing during Phase 1 (such as fixing speed sails and increasing overall wind speed) and then we’ll loop back to sailing during Phase 2 for a more thorough pass on sailing functionality. Some more examples like this include: Tames and breeding will get a general balance pass, then we’ll do a larger update on tames and creatures in Phase 4. Blueprint scaling will get some early adjustments in Phase 1, then we’ll address it some more in Phases 2 and 3. Temporary fixes for certain combat meta pain points (until they can be further ironed out in Phase 3) such as: stat scaling, torpor, NPC swivels, harpoons gliders. Phase 2: Seas, Ships, and Sailing Phase 2 is when we’ll start to reintroduce new content to the game. The general philosophy of this update will be: Ensuring that you all are spending more time having fun on ships and out at sea. Making the ocean feel less repetitive, more inviting, and more rewarding. We want ships to feel like homes! If players want to spend all their time at the sea, they should be able to play that way successfully. There are quite a few ways we’ll be doing this, but you can expect changes along these lines: Improvements to existing sailing and ship systems. Introducing more NPC encounters on the ocean (and different types too). Introducing more activities you can do on your ship. Exploring ways for players to store ships safely when going offline and taking a deeper look at overall travel times and ship functionality (such as sails/wind/cargo containers). These are just a few examples of what we’ll be tackling in Phase 2 and we expect that players will feel a welcome and marked difference in their experience out at the sea once these changes are made. Next, we’ll be covering Phases 3 and 4. Please keep in mind that a lot of the details in these phases are very early and we’re still figuring out our exact priorities, but there are a few things we’re relatively certain of and are exploring right now: Phase 3: Skills & Combat Here are some things we’re pretty confident we’ll be doing in some form: A skill tree rework. We’re interested in something more akin to specializations and roles to give more depth to the skill choices you make. Improvements to make combat feel more fluid and impactful. We want it to feel even more fun when you’re fighting! Changing the ship combat meta to embrace stronger piracy gameplay: A shift to a “boarding” combat meta. New incentives for choosing between sinking, pillaging, or outright stealing ships. Potentially adjusting the ship stealing process/claim time. Changes to encourage more fighting on ship decks. Phase 4: World, Claiming, and Tames/Creatures This phase is perhaps the largest section of our new roadmap. As the furthest phase out from right now, it is definitely the most subject to change over time, but we’d still like to share an overview of our current thoughts on these areas of the game. In this phase, we’ll be exploring various subjects such as: The world layout and network. Some of the points we’re currently exploring are a possible combined PvPvE network and different continental world layouts. Factions, which are very early in design right now, but are something that we’re very interested in from both a gameplay and a narrative perspective as a means of giving players across multiple companies shared goals. Adding more MMO-esque elements to the game such as more populated ports/towns, deeper in-game economies, additional storage options, etc. We’ll also be making some significant changes to the claiming system, adjusting how much of a role it has on the world and addressing some of its biggest problems such as “pillar spamming” and "honeycombing". Reducing the importance and role of tames and creatures in the game, as well as polishing other PvE content in the game such as Golden Age locations, boss fights, the Fountain of Youth, etc. We wanted to acknowledge the issues that we’ve identified in the game and outline our plans to address them. It’s important to note that this roadmap is not fully inclusive: we have a lot of other plans, content, and surprises in store for you all. We’ll be sharing more details with you as we go along and you can expect to see a more active presence from our team in regards to acknowledging the current issues with the game and discussing how we plan to address them. We hope that sharing our new roadmap and details on what’s coming soon for ATLAS (and also further down the road) offers a further “glimpse behind the dev curtain” so to speak. Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Navigate ye olde Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    make those changes happen and i bet people will start coming back!
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    I'm 50. My Atlas friend who plays on our private Blackwood server is 52. I agree with Chucksteak about reading to digest the posts in forums. The problem I have with Discord is the scrolling text black hole that is happening in real time. With forums, posts are more deliberate. Discord is just a vomit stream of crap with small chunks of useful info that get lost......unless it's verbal/talking info, then it's even LESS useful because you can't scroll up to "hear" the info if you're not on as the talking happens.
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    A feel a disturbance in the force, like if a million Realists cry out in pain and then were silenced... Carthago delenda est and fix PVP !
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    @Dollie Now you guys are setting the right course. I am happy with the decisions.
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    "There have been many questions about whether this update will be bringing a wipe. To be frank, this is not something we’ve decided on yet. We’re currently exploring ways in which we can handle this release without wiping and there are quite a few technical considerations which may make this a possibility, but we’ll share more info with you as soon as we’re able to."
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    i dont want more water, man that is boring, but is your game, if you ask me i want a arktlas, i want to tame water animals and swing across the ocean with my mossasaurus, why ark has 40,000 players after 4 years and you 2,000, we like to tame, we like to explore, we like ark, we like a ark of the sea, focus in tame awesome animals, not spend 2 hours sailing in a boring ocean, forget my poor english
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    Its a shame that you are not happy that some people are enjoying part of your game a little too much for your liking. PvPvE?? Nerfing tames?! If you nerf all my PVE gameplay and force me into being nothing more than content for your PVP players to consume, then I will quit and go play another game.
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    Thanks for the updated explanation. Much clearer and look forward to seeing this all play out. I know it's a ways out, but phase 3 and 4 sound like the game my friends and I thought this would be. I hope survival is increased a little more than the graphic shows though. I know I'm in a minority here, but I miss docking on an island in 1.0 and having crazy wolf packs led by an alpha, or triggering an alpha horse from across the map. Hope to see some islands with higher environmental difficulty that aren't Golden Age, like that again down the road.
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    The fact that they provide more information on some private NA stream is terrible - no matter what platform are you using and how old you are. I expect a dev "live" stream in an early-access alpha game to contain all the information they have agreed, as a team, to share with the community. As a backer (that's what you all are - backers, not customers, you are backing up a project enabling it's development) you are entitled (yes I will use that word) to hear whatever the devs feel comfortable to "leak" out. I should not be forced to go look for some unofficial unannounced private Q&A sessions to gain any meaningful information on the game I have decided to support. That being said - I respect Dolly and Jat for spending their time and participating in such things but the fact that you guys had to do this is simply repulsive, this sheds a terrible light on the company and splits the community even further. You ask us for feedback? You ask us to play on PTR-s and spend our time testing shit for you? You ask us to translate this game for you? Well we ask you to be honest and open, not sending your CM's to some obscure twitch channels to actually talk to people. Now I don't know what's worse, that terrible pre-recorded stream or those odd, unofficial Q&A sessions a "select few" knew about.
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    They ignore the old at their peril. They are the curmudgeons that have the disposable income, time, and dedication to make a progression game work. The younglings get distracted by the latest shiny and move like locusts from game to game, stripping content fields bare before dying in a glut of speedrun torpor.
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    So I'm reading a thread on Atlas Reddit filled with all the cryin' souls that just watched the live stream. Blah, Blah, Yada, Yada, you know, same ol stuff different week. Regardless, I come across the following post .... "The stream was basic at best, and the reason again as i stated above is because Dollie and Jat came on to discord voice and gave us the details that should have been in stream not discord voice. Instead of answering questions about cosmetics they should have answered questions like Dollie and Jat did that the majority cared about." Easily raised my eyebrow and thought to myself "What the F#%k". Again .... per usual .... per GS historical norm .... there are information channels that seem to get treated substantially differently than others. If you are not in the right one, you are SOL. So I'm kinda pissy and my son comes in and says "What's up?" I explain to him the separation of information and he just nods and doesn't really say much (Usual response is "I can't believe your still playing that game."). However, on his way out he does say "Forums are for old people, dad." What? What does that even mean? Apparently the general consensus "IS" discord and twitter for gaming info .... at least in his world. So I thought about this as I really don't care for either to be honest, it does make sense. I see the live stream dev panel and I would call all of them young(er). An argument could be made about all info channels should receive the same information, but, I'm trying to stay away from that for the moment. I'm sure that is where this will devolve though. Secondarily, I do not know for certain if Jat and Dollie in discord voice even happened. Seeing as I am an old(er) person (50), my question is .... if you are reading this, are you an old person? Is this forum just filled with edgy curmudgeons shaking their walking sticks at the monitors?
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    While everyone is in a Kind of Doomsday mood atm And the Forums are flooded with 2 Million Threads about a wipe imagine that somewhere there is someone Sitting infront of his PC enjoying the Game And has a really Good Time until he steps into the Forum And gets Knocked out from negativity And Doomsday messages. While many People Hit 1k hours already but there are also New Players Who still enjoy And explore this new world.all that negativity effects People And spreads like a disease. We all waiting for new content And Bug fixes right now but remember how you left the freeport on a Raft, blindly stepping onto the golden Age Island And get Killed. Remember the First Ship you build and what a big thing even the First schooner was. Remind Yourself of the First plank you lost And the First SotD that you sunk. Your First Tame you had. Treasure Maps You did Without Tames,even the 100s People Running naked to the FoY, or the First Hydra you Killed. All that Stuff is still new And amazing to so many Players. So please Dont Ruin it for them #JatsHatforZottel
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    I'm old and I agree. The issue is not that much about being old or being young, except that younger people seem more attracted to shiny new things that promote some sense of belonging to some group or other. If you're older you might have learned over time that the important thing is whether a tool suits the purpose. I remember years ago at work when a bunch of people got very very excited about changing all the systems our company used for internal email, calendars, documents, accounting, marketing and sales...for everything...because the idea of client/server had just come out. These apps had all been running on a series of mainframes with boring text interfaces and command line interactions. This group was dazzled by new pc based interfaces with icons you could click on - they were colorful and fun and new. The old system had maybe 200 huge servers grouped in 5 centers around the world serving over 300,000 people. These excited people were all set to replace them with an enormous series of locally run lans, running windows, and were really charged up about it idea. Utterly the wrong tool for the job. So..if the job is to communicate key aspects of the game to a player base located in timezones around the world, with varying amounts of attention and time to spend looking for info, what's the best way to do that? Synchronous or asynchronous communication? Do you put the information in a central place where everyone can come and see it during whatever timeslot they have available? Or do you float it out onto discord where it remains for an hour or so and then disappears into a massive stream of mostly useless remarks? If you have a complex issue to talk about, do you write paragraphs about it or do you chop it up into tiny groups of 280 characters each and tweet them as 1/16, 2/16, 3/16 so that they're nearly unreadable? Using discord and twitter and livestreams is arrogant. It says, "You must all come to me, when and where I say so to get this information." With something like discord it's even worse, because you're not told when to be there, you must just go and sit and wait in case a developer shows up and feels like saying something. There are actually people who do that. Pfffft. I'm not your fan, I'm your customer. If there's somethng you want to tell me, put the info somewhere and I'll go see it at my convenience. I understand why the devs feel they have to participate in social media. Games are part of the entertainment industry, and you've got to be seen as fresh and hip and up-to-date. You've got to make contact in the places the players are, and that's where the (younger) players are. But social media needs to be for socializing. You don't make product announcements to one table at a cocktail party, you make them in some official way that everyone involved can access. Websites are good for that. Social media is good for...socializing. They've made a couple of improvements since the last time we complained about this, but things are backsliding now. Inside scoops on discord. Special channels for "special" people. On again, off again participation in the forums, including asking for lots of feedback and then ignoring it. Wrong tools, wrong methods, and not much respect being shown for people's time and participation in their project. Now get off my lawn.
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    i'm back to ark but i still check the news here. This new roadmap sounds good, a lot of aspects that can change the game in a very good way. Let's see if it will be all right when put into practice. Until there, my pirate outfit is resting... maybe I can use it again someday!
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    So basically...wait a year, come back and all this will be done.
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    Thank you a lot! That did answer most questions that the live stream threw up. I love the direction you are going and cant wait to see more details about it. You totally showed us you understand the problems of us players and have a great vision with possible solutions to all of them. Do you plan now to release captains logs again every one or two weeks to keep us updated and share some details? For the livestream i would suggest to post the summary first (its more suitable to explain new things) like you did with new content streams and then talk about details and show us wip in the livestreams so it doesnt throw up to many new unanswered questions ;)
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    I wish you a goodluck and to success with it! Atlas is great game and has no analogues. It needs this changes!) You've made a goddamn right desicions in this roadmap. Long live Atlas! Love you developers!
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    more action for crew members?
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    Does not matter what Jat and Dollie age are and where they prefer to hang out. It is their job to communicate on the official communication channels of the company - which includes this forum. if they are unwilling to do that - then either fire them or close the forums.
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    I'm a few years older and the best thing is I don't rush anything anymore, real life or gaming I take my time. I've got loads more patience now. Oh and I'm officially a grumpy burger, and I like it!
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    People are not complaining about this game being broken, we, mostly, understand that's it is currently in development, what is bothering is a complete lack of communication on official channels. Some dudes had to drag poor Dolly to some obscure private NA stream to get ANY information out of her after that disaster of a stream - that's why people are salty.
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    It would be a awesome feature to be able to tug other ships with yours.
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    This is where they should revert the wind "fix" and let us sail backwards if the wind is right. Or at least pull a ship with a dingy and a few people rowing and grappling hooks.
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    Play Ark then. Bye! Making it more like ark wont help the game and especially not the naval experience. There is no need for a second ark. The actual one is nice. Maybe a atlaslike modmap would help you. If there is an ocean full of islands to explore, ships to enter and settlements to raid, then i dont need a tame at all. They to big for the small doors and decks on warships anyway. I love having horses to ride on land. Cows, pigs, chicken and co do a great job to populate my pirate hideout. Monkey, parrots and others look great on the captains shoulders. So I am ok with having them ingame, but pls easier to tame and breed. I dont wont to waste to much time on shore. But for the rest, in a pirate mmo, I dont give a fuck. Only wont to kill them for exp and loot. And for game mechanics, it is a real fun killer, If I cant dig for that treasure chest without riding a bear. It is the right decision to put the focus on more pirate, navalbased content.