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    Number one, take the wheel for a moment will you I'm just going to see where all those rats are going
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    I think they waited to long to get a new guy, this game has been heading in the wrong direction from the very start. hope it can pull a no man sky and get it right.
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    A short list with some fixes and maybe some new features who can be added to the game. Land- -The max health on characters should be limited at 300 and only with BP gear we should be able to cross 300 health.(more fair fights between players) -Fix pike range underwather (is huge and higher in comparison when is used on land) -The glider should loose altitude depending on the weight of the character.(More weight means much faster loosing altitude). -The timer for heal our self with a medkit should be increased. -To heal our self under the wather with a medkit shouldnt be a thing. -Increase mortar damage (it is no longer effective against galies with full resistence,no sense to use mortars against enamy ships even if is an 200% damage mortar. -Increase the 3rd person view when using mortars, we cant use the mortars properly when the mortar is placed somewhere in top of the pillar/cliff. -Increase Standard Carbine damage. -More gun depression for ballista. -More gun depression for Swivel. -Increase puckle resistence, 2 nades and the puckle is gone (Fix puckles behind the stairs) -We shouldnt be able to contest the flag when we are inside the submarine. -We should be allowed to move the flag location in our island once per week without loosing the island claim. -Less range for cannon on tames especially when the tames are on top of the hill/cliff. -Let as to able to pick the Swivel/Puckle/Ballista whenever we want and be able put it somewhere else. -Because no one is farming resources for BP walls/cellings/floors everyone prefers to spam more walls layers so will be nice if we can crafts on usual smithy with only 1 type of resources walls/cellings etc with 1/3/5/x resistence and off course the costs should be much higher but at least the walls spam will be much less or maybe BP with random resistence between 1 and 5 but this BP shouldnt ask for more types of resouces. SEA- - More speed for ships when backwards. -Fix Grapplinghook ships (We shouldnt be able to grap an enamy ship if our ship have less weight than enamy ship). -Let us to be able to take parts from enamy ship or from our ship who got sunk planks/sails/deck.etc (More reasons to sail and have sea fights). -The resistence on ships should be limited at 300. -Let us to decide if our/any ally company can see our ships position on the sea (this is for sea fights). -Let us to be able to reset our points for ships same like our character. -We need large doors who can be used for Harbour entrance,in particular for Galleon. -The cannons placed on ships should do less damage to structures on land. -Will be nice notifications when an ally join in the grid so will not be neccesary everytime to asking in ally chat who joined. I can explain even better why i'm asking this changes if someone is really interested.Will be nice to see your opinions about this list @Dollie and @Jatheish and off course the opinions from our community. ( 2700 hours in game only on PVP official if someone is curious)
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    Freeport Island You can drop claim flags on the freeport town and other structures on the island. South eastern Island bugs. This is a spawn island for new player start but covered in cyclops. I think the cyclops are supposed to be on the north eastern isle with the drake? You can just walk up to the drake no problem. Majority of Island Is missing snap points. Looks like a Temparate Island but has the weather and temperature of a Tundra island. Central Eastern Island No snap points anywhere on the island for building. Very few animal spawns North Central Islands No opposition getting to drake. Will do more testing on this island today Building is enabled, maybe intentional? All Islands and map in general Missing salt water fish around Island shores. Beds don't show on map and randomly stop working unless you create a new company. Lack of SOTD (Yeah I know, thought you would never hear that one right?) Vegetation seems to be mixed up. Aloe plants give fiber, fiber plants give berries, Berry plants to fiber are 4 to 1 it seems. Missing or lack of medicinal plants. Missing Wheat or lack of. Missing or Lack of Iron, Copper and Cobalt nodes. I’ve searched every island. Two islands have silver, one has Iridium and the rest have tin. Unable to grow crops due to biomes restrictions. No discovery points. Needed for two achievements and skills. Found several Sperm Whales but no Blue whales yet. Possibly missing. Trees floating in the sky northwest of south eastern island. Merging companies deletes merged companies claim flags. Silos cant be placed on Blackwoods type of claim system. SOTD spawning outside server boundary and becoming stuck. Sunken treasure spawning along coastal areas with treasure being underground. Sunken treasure spawning outside of server boundary.
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    I also noticed this. Rather like the free fishmeat and oils. It seems to happen mostly to mantas though.
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    I think was above the bigger waterfall in the cove
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    Maidwick Northwest Island Metal Sliver Iridium (Nodes) Fiber Hemp cotton straw bamboo Woods softwood darkwood wetwood Crystal Amethyst Berries bilberries Medical Plant Licorice At Land Norhern Middle Island Metal copper iron tin (nodes) coal sulfur Wood agedwood strongwood Thatch fronds bark Fiber Straw Foods coconuts parsley wild rice Skullclap Northern Island nex to Hydra Woods lightwood softwood wetwood Thatch roots reeds rushes Crystal Tellurite amethyst foods biblerries raspberries lignonberries fiber straw Metal tin (nodes)
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    *gives D a hotfoot and runs off laughing.*
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    *clings to Realist's leg just to make him drag me around out of sheer laziness.* Thanks for the lift dude.
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    1 You have made a game with a large sailing content and you have made shipyards (with no snap points) are there any plans for a dock system, wood and stone, and possibly an auto dock mechanism when your close enough so you are docked and facing out ready to leave (no more reversing at 0mph) 2 Are there any plans to overhaul the building system, you only have one method to go around corners with foundations atm, a triangle foundation for changing direction has very limited use. 3 Are there any plans to turn of the collision for building. Atm the landscape is limiting building, even a very small portion of a wall hitting the landscape will be blocked 4 The land claim system (holds head in hands) Please say you are doing something for PVE, and not letting 1 company have control of the whole island 5 Ship building, any plans for more types of ships (e.g unarmed cargo) more add-on for ships (e.g cabins) different types of panels and sails (e.g panels with built-in landers) 6 Ship movement, any plans for a massive increase to minimum wind speed, also wind direction, weight to speed loss and weather ( omg how much fog) 7 Transfer of resources, I think this one speaks for itself
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    "Hi, this is Bob. Bob will be the new boss. Bob has some great ideas. Here is his roadmap. His roadmap means wiping the servers, starting over, and making Atlas a moba. Enjoy"
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    nature sure is amazing, it can create the most complex and inteligent life form in the planet in 9 months, and that intelligent and complex life form can't develop the most basic pirate MMO in the same ammount of time.
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    Will you modify the underwater worlds so that they are all different from each other in order to make us want to visit them? Same for the ice caves? We don't have much more to do in PVE, are you going to add concrete content to make us want to stay on the game? Will you add new skills, islands, quests, animals, structures, objects, weapons, materials? Do you plan to integrate a progression system such as electricity? Soon a next Wipe? We are a big French company passionate about Atlas but the lack of content bothers us a lot... We quickly made the rounds of the game unfortunately.... We thank you all the same for all your work done for this game which has, however, a huge potential!
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    That sentences Sound like you just gave birth xd
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    indeed. i did some research on the guy, i think he may have worked in guild wars 2? hope he has what it takes to lead these boiz. godspeed.
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    This is what is listed as being part of Blackwood: Along with this new boss, Blackwood includes: The full ATLAS experience (including all your favorite features and mechanics) merged into a single 1x1 server grid. 7 unique biomes across 11 islands, from hazy bogs teeming with life to mysterious jungles full of danger and toil. Resource-rich islands complete with every material from the core game. New cities and outlying areas ideal for roleplaying and server events. A beautiful mermaid city ripe for exploration. A new boss arena featuring unpredictable enemy types and spawn locations. The Forbidden Reach: a hard mode island featuring elemental beings. It definitely says 7 unique biomes and maybe they are there, but some must be very very tiny. The official biomes are : Polar, Tundra, Temperate, Tropics, Desert , Equatorial and Ocean. I have found bit and pieces of what I thought were parts of those biomes but not complete areas and for sure not complete islands of those biomes. Same with the resources. I have found actual Tin and Silver and Emeralds and Rubies but those are the only metal and gem nodes that I have found. There are lots and lots of the other mats that, as far as I have found, no one has seen them anywhere on Blackwood. It would help immensely if we could have a Forum section just for Blackwood discussion. I really can't fathom why there isn't one.
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    Godspeed to the new lead designer...! This will be a great game, if - like everyone else - he atleast not listen to the Realist that is not in the game room... For everything else, the Bobs that actually do play the game and know what they are talking about have written ample concerns and suggestions from actual experience... The current concepts work - their balancing is the problem... And the realization that this is not ARK and it will not help to ARKify it more...
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    Maintenance (in case they do get their act together at some point), then log off to play something that's actually fun.
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    lol omg, how bout you focus first on not having to try 15 times to get on my ladder to my boat with a shark munching my ass before we add cow infertility to the game.
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    Not everyone agrees with what the "real problems" are.
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    No that's Dollie leaving the chat. If your premise is that it's inappropriate under any circumstance whatsoever for a moderator to ever leave a chat, I can offer a pretty good guess about the kind of thing that might have precipitated her leaving.
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    - Do you have plans to complement the underwater world? - Should we wait for the domestication of sea creatures other than crabs? - Is it possible that once the ugly square shadow on the water surface disappears when the camera is zoom-out during sail? - You promised after the last wipe the cool skin for hat. Where are they?
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    Can we get the fire elementals removed from game? They are ridiculous The kraken and ice cave are fun but not worth multiple runs. It would be nice to have smaller caves with loot drops or something worth running numerous times.
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    Are there any plans to make sailing in PvE fun? (or at least less boring) Are there any plans to allow solo players have fun? (like unlocking groupal content like the submarine for solo players) Are there any plans to remove decay? Are there any plans to make the game progression meaningfull? Are there any plans to make SotD grind worth it? Are there any plans to rework the skill tree? Are there any plans to make guns better than bow/crossbow? (as logic indicates it should be) Are there any plans to allow pirates to be free entities instead of feudal lord slaves?
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    Can we have a bell that can we use to sound an alert or that will chime in foggy weather?
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    You basically have the same decay rates as in the lawless, plus you pay taxes and we still have to find out what happens on a potential change of ownership. This does not look good at all.
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    Try escaping from a storm into a new zone and running right into a fleet of SotD - That'll get the ol adrenaline pumping
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    Stop whining, slaves ! You receive exactly what you deserve by not supporting my campaign against the 1.5 slavery system. Now feel free to feed your slavers at 50% tax.
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