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    Aye, we should have posted that the forums were offline. Typically if they go offline, it's because someone is attacking our network, usually both sites simultaneously (most particularly after banwaves ). I usually post these and post on both platforms that they're unavailable (ARK and ATLAS ) but I was away this weekend for family commitments so wasn't around to do so but have reminded the others they can and should too. You'll notice that Chris sent out a tweet that he was looking into both sites, but it was only RT'd from the ARK account As for the Q&A, we'll be looking to answer those (in some form) during our livestream later this month.
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    We'll have a stream at the end of the month which will give some more insight into our dev plans going forward, but yes a large update is expected and when we're ready to share more, you'll hear about it.
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    Everyone Knows griefing but this guy went too far. After the First shock Moment i went And had a Cigarette,went back to Play atlas again After i calmed down a bit. Too Late,it went too far this time. I had to call my psychologist in the middle of the night,so he came to me at 3 in the Morning And gave me some pills so i can get some Rest. The next Day i pulled myself together And started atlas And i still could Not believe how cruel Monsters Human can be. Someone placed 50 penguins under my Palace And whoever Heard- the Sound of those Things know what im Talking about. I can never visit a zoo in my live anymore
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    I've pointed to No Man's Sky in the past as the ultimate example in the gaming world of "The opera ain't over til the fat lady sings", but until this past weekend, I'd never actually played it. My boss (who incidently is one of those mythical grown adults who plays both console and PC games and makes distinguishing between the two as somehow separate and distinct groups somewhat silly) has been campaigning for me to try it for at least half a year, and has kept me abreast of Beyond, it's free update released last Wednesday. It is currently on sale at half price for another couple of days and so after giving it til friday for my boss to verify the new update was as promised, I finally took the plunge over the weekend. I didn't write this to hype a different game on Atlas's boards, but in the sincere belief that all concerned can take something instructive away from No Man's Sky. If you've been living under a rock for the past 3 years, then NMS's launch might be the only one to rate as a bigger charlie foxtrot than Atlas's. When you have legal and regulatory agencies of multiple governments publicly declaring their intent to investigate your game based on allegations of outright fraud, it's safe to say something has gone horribly wrong. Yet Hello games, in the face of massive bad publicity and widespread public rebuke, declared their intention to simply put their head down and go about making NMS into the best possible game they could. If ever a developer had every reason to just walk away, this was it, but they didn't. Fast forward 3 years. The game I played over the weekend was engaging, it felt fully developed and fun. If I had been unaware of NMS's disastrous launch I would never have known from playing it. I believe NMS is an instructive example for 2 parties in 2 ways. The first will not be what you expect. For Jeremy and Snail Games, and all other decision makers in the gaming industry, look closely at No Man's Sky and think hard about whether you really want to release your game long before it's anywhere close to a finished product and charge people money for it, whether you call it Early Access or not. Because the damage to your game's reputation if you do so and it goes poorly cannot be undone. No Man's Sky took 3 years to dig itself out of that hole, and what it has arguably lost in the process is the chance to ever be a big hit. It's clawed itself into being a solid game because Hello games put blood sweat and tears into making it that way without ever asking for a penny more from the people who bought their product. But if they had waited until now to release, who knows what it might have been. Certainly more than the 10k average activity steam charts even over the past weekend with a major new content release AND the game at half price. "Long is the road and hard is the way that out of hell leads up to heaven." Indeed. It would seem wiser never to put yourself in hell in the first place, wouldn't it? Secondly, for everyone who bought Atlas and now despairs of the game's prospects as hopeless and beyond repair: go and have a look. I'm not saying what will be, merely what is possible. If GrapeCard™ were merely shysters looking to make a fast buck, I sincerely believe that they would never have chosen an MMO to do it with, and more importantly, they would probably already have walked away. Atlas is making almost no revenue at this point. Do you see many new players trying the game out? The fact they continue to press forward should be evidence of a significant commitment to produce a viable game. It is entirely possible that the game could still fail, that it's myraid issues may never be satisfactorily resolved enough to attract a meaningful and viable playerbase, but that is only a possibility, not a certainty. I want to also say a word about the continuing criticism of Atlas's concept as not just pirate themed, but pirate/fantasy. If you don't like the concept, by all means say so, that's useful and legitimate feedback. But at the same time, try to give them credit for trying something new and different. The gaming industry has too little innovation and experimentation at the top these days, as the bigger companies just regurgitate mostly bad sequels to already proven franchises. If Jeremy et al had truly wanted to just create Ark II, they could have done it without taking the chances they have with Atlas. Beyond this, for those that just want to stand on the sidelines, throw stones and jeer instead of offering useful and constructive feedback, I offer the words of Teddy Roosevelt: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
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    if your water supply had the quality control of atlas you would already be dead so i think those 400 pounds are worth it
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    When I am hiking and I look at a scrawny patch of trees and the first thing to come to mind is "I wonder what kind of thatch that produces?"
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    There is exactly zero incentive to PVP in atlas. Why hassle with trying to attack an enemy fleet in an epic sea battle, or siege a well equipped fort with heroic defenders when you can simply wait for your enemies to log off, then kill them without resistance and destroy everything they ever created in the game in minutes. Once your enemy logs off, they are defenseless, sleeping, and therefore can be killed with a single hit and looted of all possessions without any skill or difficulty involved. There are no safe places to log off either. The strongest walls anyone can build in the game can be destroyed with a few salvos from a ship, so in about 10 seconds. Even walls that are built far away from shores can be destroyed by a single cannon cart in about two minutes. Also, a simple cannon has longer range than any defensive armament of a base, so you can safely park your ship or cannon cart outside any base, and shoot it without any chance of retaliation. Any ship you may build will also go down in a matter of seconds if found unmanned, even if you spent a week building it. Suppose you are really vested into not dying when you log off, and decide to spend an enormous amount of time and effort building on a remote mountain top that is both away from ships, and cannot be reached by cannon carts. Well, then then any attacker can still destroy the strongest wall you can build in the game with about 30 grenades, in about 2 minutes. To put this into context, grenades are relatively cheap to make and the average player can carry about a hundred. Interestingly, not only is it incredibly fast and easy to kill people offline and destroy entire bases, its rather expensive to build them. Atlas has the odd logic of making it cheaper to attack a fort than to defend one, even not counting the range advantage of attackers that makes all the defensive armaments useless anyway. At the moment not even mega companies seem to keep a large enough player force to defend themselves 24/7, so just build yourself a cheepo ship, get a horse with a cart, pack in a few grenades and sail around to find any building or ship left unattended for two minutes. Destroy it, loot it then move on. Its what everybody seems to be doing as its the most efficient strategy with the current game mechanics. A single player in underpants can currently beat any mega. I had this stupid idea a month ago to start the game, team up with some friends, build an awesome pirate base and fleet and then look for other fleets to battle. After a month, the four other guys left, as if we built something, it would always be destroyed while we were offline. We never witnessed an actual battle. We did see ships sometimes, but if they found us online, they would just sail away without attacking, and avoided us if we tried chasing them. The few allies we met have the exact same experience (most of them left after getting wiped repeatedly). I have only witnessed actual ship vs ship combat on videos. And to be fair, cruising around we found countless fleets moored on shore with their owners logged off, and also countless bases built by fellow players. We made the policy of not attacking anything if there are no players on it, as it did not seem much fun griefing others. But for most people this is the game: find an unattended ship or base, destroy it, then loot it. If you find other players, then just avoid them. Offline griefing is by far the most efficient strategy in this game, and this makes it a very unrewarding experience in my opinion. Its not the fault of the players, its a mistake of the game developers that made offline raiding the easiest and most rewarding activity in Atlas. A very poor game design choice if I may say so.
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    Also the stats on player made sails are Important. You have 40% less Speed with a Handlung Compared to speedsails.
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    or you could always equip a sextant and it will tell you your exact knots.
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    Yeh my schooner is deffo faster than my sloop.
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    When you select a group, if you press and hold "N" for 3 seconds they will all unseat on button release. They will also become aggro, so you should have your finger on the ";" and hit it instantly to calm them down before they start chasing seagulls. To reverse the operation, press and hold "right shift" and they will all return to their most recent position. Obviously the above isn't as good as the unseat command you describe, but it does the trick until they give us a better suite of whistles to work with. I don't suggest you hold your breath waiting.
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    Hi everyone, After me and friends lost all their progression due to differents bugs, I made a small program that create some backup for your soloplayer/non-dedi. The program will ask if you want to auto-save Ocean or Blackwood map, then will launch the game. Then, every X minutes it will save the files of your solo/non-dedi multi in a folder with the current date. So if you destoyed everything with an inentended command, or a mod that wasn't loaded so everything related to it is destroyed, or any others sad story, you will be able to use theses back-up, so you won't loose your entire game/save I shared it on Github so anyone can use it and see the code behind, I made it easy to use, you just need to set your game path and saves path in the .ini. Read the readme, all informations are there https://github.com/LudovicLemaire/AtlasAutoSaver
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    We got a house in Spain... But was not there since 5 years now. If u're near altea, I maybe get a gardener-job for you
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    there is nothing to separate, if you behave like a dick you should be banned, period.
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    I don't know if it's already been suggested but instead of just treasure maps in bottles how about stranded sailors letters? And rescuing them as a quest?
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    Sounds like a good deal. But instead of a picture with you and MJ, I would prefer a hot pic of Emmy Rossum a.e. And as a pure swiss men I don't have a watch useless and only a status symbol for the wannabes. The Alps are really beautiful. Most swiss people forget about that beautiful part of the world with sooo many beautiful, hidden places in front of theyr doors (works for your next hot date way better than chocolate ). An apple pie is not a big deal. Bring me an original sacher pie from wien, Austria. Once tryed the original, you never eat another chocolate pie again.
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    Dear Forb, please send me a watch for my father, pictures of the beautiful Alps for my mother, and some chocolate for my next hot date. I promise to send by return post a picture of me with Michael Jordan (who is from my home state and owns the local NBA team), a whole American apple pie, and Mary Lee Mamlin’s cornbread, which is amazing.
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    Agree that communication has improved but still could be better. I don’t need some kind of detailed breakdown about what happened over the weekend but a basic acknowledgement that the forums weren’t working and whether it was for internal or external reasons would have been good to know.
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    My son got me into playing NMS a couple of months ago. So I have experienced it from both before and after the latest update. I also own it on both PS4 and PC so I can see what the differences are between them. One thing I am impressed with is their desire to get it right. The effort that has gone into it has been worth the effort. The fact that they told the player base what was being planned has been a massive boom. THAT is what Atlas needs. We need a road map of where the game is headed. Not the little hints that get dropped once in a while of something that might happen, but an actual tangible target. Im more than happy with Atlas being a fantasy pirate game. Nothing wrong with that at all - in fact it would be most welcome. The problem seems to be that its anything but that. Far to many unnecessary tames and nowhere near enough ship types. We need Atlas to be ship focused not tame focused. The game needs something that the community can focus on and get excited about - like NMS did with the VR. In Atlas's case it needs to be something pirate or fantasy based - preferably both. Atlas has a huge potential for being a great fantasy pirate game. But they need top decide if that is what they are going to produce and how. Stop pandering to the minority of so called experts and deliver what the majority of folk want - which just happens to be fantasy pirate. As Boomervoncannon says, try NMS and look what they have done from being an almost total failure to where they are now.
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    Pretty much what the dude above said. I used a brig bc i prefer brigs. 4 rear mounted ballista, normal is fine, 4 crew on them 3 on sails. Get close, sick the ballista crews on it and just let it follow you while your crew kills it. With no dmg levels and plain balista its roughly 60-80 bolts per whale to kill. Takes a minute to get the speed down, not to fast to loose agro, not too slow to get got by shamoo. Use grapling hook or diving suit to gather the gold. Can farm good amounts of oil from the carcas. Do it on weekends with gold buffs for extra gold.
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    In my personal experience, the issue resolves itself once you update both client and server to 218.25, a mismatch would cause many "O" related issues - specifically with older servers.
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    Are not games that are "cash grabs" typically, quick easy set up platforms and or copy paste with little effort into making them, for profit? Seems Atlas is in no way and easy game for them to make and a whole lot of effort and time has been spent in development since it's been out, with more content added and bugs to be addressed and all that, that comes from a game in development. Its not like real "cash grabs" where someone tosses out something and they are done. The only reason people started using that term is its the current "in thing" to be doing in a couple months they will start flinging around another one.
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    I'm walking down the hall at the office. I pass a seam in the wallpaper where one panel is slighter darker than the other and for a nanosecond I feel I need to do a repair.
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    Have you ever heard how a moose Sounds when ready to make love? Then imagine that sound pitched deeper And the Moose has smoked for 60 years. That Kind of annoying Sound they make
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    I expect you to behave like an adult, and have civilized conversation! This is a Forum not the game this is not a place for Role Play unless its specifically marked as such this is a place for feedback about the game POSITIVE or NEGATIVE So Developers can take said feedback back to the development of their game and improve on it.... This is Not a place to defend a Game, defending a game in DEVELOPMENT is not doing it any justice!!! Different Strokes for different folks you need to understand that, some people will like what you don't, in these situations to take a Cue from Bambi's mother. "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" Again your post has nothing to do with game features, game mechanics, how to make said game better or worse, it's just another post where you rail against members of the community!
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    At risk of getting perilously close to "speed up sailing", I think a nice replacement suggestion for the currently broken mechanic on Speed Sails would be something to mitigate the slowdown associated with low winds. Something where a perfect +200% speed sail would have no slowdown in terrible winds, and a +150% would only see half the current slowdown. I wish I could take credit for the suggestion, but somebody else thought of it before me. I think the real boredom kicks in when some people have to sail really far (7+ zones), but there are only a couple good reasons to do that: Whaling (if your base is equatorial), High Level Maps, and resources. I think Whaling is fine as it is, both a benefit and risk associated with polar life. I also think that resource distribution is fine as is, scarcity is the bread and butter of other trading games like EVE online, so really maps is the one place that could get some love. Two ideas to improve maps: Make them chain - Instead of always having every masterwork send you 8 zones of pure boredom away, have it send you up to 2 zones for a lesser treasure with an additional reward of the next map up the difficulty chain to the grand prize. Map quality could simply be an indicator of how many links there are built into the map chain, and boosted maps always add one more link to the chain, and always end on a Golden Age Ruin. Make maps last A LOT longer on activated merchant shops so that enterprising map hunters could make a reasonable living just hunting maps, shipping them afar, and selling them closer to the region they could be used. This idea would probably be mutually exclusive with the above idea about map chains, since it would eliminate far maps.
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    Remember ja preparing for Ice Dungeon the Other day And we had Drinks And Food to keep all Vitamins up to maintain equilibrium Buff. Funny thing was all ate Pizza That Day And Energy Drinks. Should be Other way around tbh XD
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    Not Atlas related, but a few years ago I was playing a stupid amount of Minecraft. One late, late night of playing I ran downstairs to grab a drink. Halfway down the stairs I realized I had not turned on the light and it was pitch black. In my 2am-game-induced foggy state of mind I threw my hand in the direction of the wall expecting a torch to stick to it and light up my descent. Clearly this did not work, as I did not have any torches in my inventory. Decided I should probably call it quits for the night. lol
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    That exactly the problem, a small team should focus on 1 game/platform and finish their job before trying to cover more platforms out of pure greed, the nature of early acces is to found projects so the can come to be, not found them so they get halted in their incomplete state so the team can focus on some other projects for a quick cashgrab while the players who trusted them are left hanging whats your point? what do the costumes have to do with anything? what is it that has never been attempted before?? costumes? temporary stuff?? the hell are you talking about!!!??? they are complaints because....well because you decided they are complains.... the feudal lord system has been discussed about before, and it has been explained why it doesnt fit the thematic of the game so i will resume it to you: the standar/romantic definition people have about a Pirate: person that likes freedom to the point they became outlaws to break with the shackles of society standars/rules the standar/romantic definition people have about a Feudal lord: person to whom you give part of your work/effort in the shape of currency to borrow his land (can kick you out of his land any time he wants, for any reason he wants and inspires a sense of slavery/injustice/being forced to..) your definition of the above might be different but the point is: why the hell would and entity such as pirates wich biggest trait is love/need/obsession with freedom want to ever live under a feudal lord wich represent exactly the opposite ideals, they are by definition conceptual antagonists!!! i bought a pirate game because i wanted a game that would offer me the life of a pirate, the life of freedom, the life of i can do the fuck i want without depending on others, without having to deal with others bullshit or social/political correctness, thats what atlas advertised, and thats exactly what the game is not delivering. Tames are not a problem for me tho... except when a fucking vulture kills my 99% tamed olfend because they aggro low hp entities regardles of context....or when a lion rains from the fucking sky (because physics!!!!!) in the middle of my taming and kills me, the animal i had 50% tamed and then my bear (this i could tolerate because of the game is on EA) who the fuck is Mr. Rogers?? is he gonna fix this shit?
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    My boss has a pet macaw. When the heat index here in North Cackalacky hit triple digits the other day, I found myself wondering if he carries it on his shoulder to keep cool. Also this is my new favorite thread.
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    Haha a neighbor of mine has a bunch of freshly cut firewood in his driveway. I drove by and immediately debated in my head if it was wetwood or strongwood.
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    I second this request. I have been playing ATLAS since the early access launch and suffered through the server wipe and was forced to farm and rebuild/re-tame everything back and STILL, the game gets boring at a certain point since there is literally nothing to do in the late game (UNLESS YOU HAVE A LARGE COMPANY TO BOSS/DUNGEON FIGHT). Please for the love of ATLAS, implement AI humanoids that will liven up the game as they toil to gather their own resources, hunt the wilderness, build up their own bases and naval fleets, and eventually declare war on other Playing Characters.
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    Economy is the key to success for atlas: -marketplaces on freeports to sell resources, items, ships and tames And serverwide connection of those stores (ex: all 4 stores in a Freeport server share the same goods etc) So people have more acces points and blocking is not that easy If this results in massive server overpopulation you can split freeports servers into 4 own server (triangles) -storehouse on freeports for companies (and private) where people can bring their stuff and store gold and from which transactions are calculated -gold generation! More ways for gold to get into the game -gold consumption! (maybe companies have to pay for the amount of crewmembers, a big safe (structure) to store money for company <= only one per comp) great for smaller ones and big company size is expensive, need for more interactions -blackboard in freeports for comps to recruit new players and new players find comps for joining or renting) This is important, finding a safe place to life should not be a long and frustrating procedure -private message ability: pigeons maybe + pigeon house where messages can be read Comes with the blackboard, people must have a way to contact those companies who offer recruitment or renting -and a tavern on freeports where you can buy Crewmember that spawn ON your ship, there is no need at all that they spawn in the middle of the island and have to follow us, especially if the freeports get more crowded. Crewmember selling guy asking on which ship you want to have them and if you buy them they will be there -if above is implemented QUIT farming events like x4 to not f**k up economy! Why? Because this is not ark, even it feels like it it got special needs to work, it's an MMO(Interaction) where the first M stands for Massive what means 'a lot' and so there needs to be a lot of interactions available (especially some not completely frustrating ones) And why economy in a pirate game? Because there is no piracy without economy.. Think about history ^^ Atm people have no reason to drive with a ship other than discovering or treasure maps, travels are long and not even exciting, encounters are rare and if then totally random. With economy you can calculate an encounter of you wish to have one, you can set traps or patrol routes of trading ships. And if lucky you will also get a reward for being a pirate! And you also have a reason to use ships which rizes the traffic on the seas because people want to get their peace of the trading cake and sell their resources or maybe they want to buy a super nice blueprint ship? Or a bred tiger! This economy change forces people to get out there for a reason, and make some money with what they have on their own island, perfect I tried to think about all the content to fit into the game as it already is so that there is no need of another wipe With those things implemented there are a lot of new opportunities even for new players and for smaller comps
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    All the necessary logistics for trading came already with the last mega update, which was very nice! Cargo racks and saddles are the perfect prerequirement for a good trading Bigger Freeport structures (especially the market must be big and acessable from a wide place, NOT ONLY A SINGLE NPC) will probably be necessary and bigger docks, maybe even fix anchor places? And ramps for easy loading Into cargo racks xD
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    Yes, information about the closest Freeport via an item shop is a good idea, but transaction must be done in Freeport so you have the need to go there All in all more information must be accesable, like crewstatistics, how much gold consumed per island etc
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    Linking player shops placed on claimed land (owner or non) to auction houses in the correct located freeport would net the most return I think. Giving another reason to build/live on claimed land even if it is not yours, pushing those in lawless to move on (PvE issues). This would also boost economy overall. I hope they take this feedback and implement it. Giving us an eco system that pushes players to both play and travel would be ideal.
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