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    So i woke up made my coffee and got on my computer loaded up steam and saw your update post. I have to say im very proud of all of you. Most of these little shit mongers that had bought your game complain 24/7 most not all i want you to know there are some people who love atlas and are super happy about the singleplayer. Amazing work im getting 90 fps no lag im so happy thank you.Im sure thier will be bugs but im sure youll fix them.
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    As a german player i wanted a real submarine and not a diving bell with scissor hands^^
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    So... if we can get an IWCRS, could we also get a GWCFA (Galleon-Wide Crew Feeding Apparatus)? It's a little.. odd that crew would rather starve to death than get off their hiney and walk 30 feet to a larder.
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    I agree, require a person to own the game before spamming the forum...
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    @Realist Man, your first problem is always, ALWAYS, that you just don't know wtf your talking about. It used to be frustrating watching you make several post a week about Atlas dying due to playerbase. You drone on and on about how it will die without doing X or Y to cater to you or your wierd PvE theme park MMO preference. Now, its just sad to see you troll along about a game that you don't own and haven't played. I mean seriously, you made a lost about needing more land...... No one cares about playerbase. I know this becuase the devs said so. I know this becuase the game has not yet even been released. You fail to mention its june. Summertime, pools, malls, vacations, sports. You fail to mention were in the down sode of a patch, with a new one about to pop. You completely ignore the fact that the game is EA and hasnt released, as such very little if any resources were put into marketing. 90% of current players laerned about this game from that awful Jurrasic park sim. The most ironic part is that as often as you worry about numbers, youve 100% failed to contribute to them, learn to be less hypocritical. On top of that, your ideas often sound like your making them up as you troll along. Factions? Prebuilt towns? Wow style themes? These are all counterintuitive to what a sandbox MMORPG is trying to achieve. Its just glaringly obvious you dont know what the game is like. Not that we dont need changes, we do, and we will get many changes over the next 18 months. But likey very little to none of what you think a game needs based off of nothing tangible.
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    AHOY Captain's,Builders and architects. We've happy to announce that our Mega City: Sturmberg City have been finished. Check us out in E10 EU PVE and let us inspire you doin it big! But Project Mega City is still goin to grow the next times! Our Discord https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/585043750678429696/595830162130731021/7.jpg
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    SHOW 'N TELL Avast, Pathfinders it be time for a new Show 'n Tell Showcase! Hear ye, hear ye! We be treasure huntin' fer the finest of ATLAS community creations! Show us yer mighty fleets, paint pieces, flags & sails, impenetrable forts, hellish tats, scenic screenshots, 'n entertainin' videos! Each fortnight, we'll be runnin' a contest where we'll select th' best o' th' bunch 'n award tha winners wit' a cash prize! Submit your entries in this 'ere thread for us to be viewin'. We’ve created this dedicated thread for submissions. Don’t hesitate to show us what you’ve got. The last two week's entries were amazing and we look forward to what you have for us this fortnight! Princess Sugar This is a friendly contest and not intended as something highly competitive. We'd like to showcase your creations in their many varied shapes and forms.  Submit your entries by Wednesday 3rd of July for a chance to fill your chests with some cash booty!
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    Hey, I'm making this post to suggest some additions and changes to improve game play for most players. - Hitching Post (I know this was an Ark mod, but it is very helpful for breeders and is historical accurate since throughout the ages, man was always able to tie down their animals ) - Bird Stands (For crows, seagulls, parrots, etc, to be able to stand on, instead of being walking around on the floor) - Grappling Hook on the Crossbow (Its a welcome addiction to increase range and speed of launching a grappling hook, also useful for catching crates while in a moving ship) - Draw Bridge (Would be an interesting feature to add, so we can build castle like buildings) - NPC Patrols Routes (Being able to set a patrol route for our NPC Guards, would be an interesting feature) - Glass Windows/Walls (Should be able to craft with the use of crystal) - Tranquilizer arrows/bolts with the use of poisons - Weapon rack (Mostly for show or storage in ships or bases, also useful for show for customers) - Armour Stand (Same reason as before) - Dung Beetle (Remake a of an Ark creature that "everyone" wants) Not sure if any of these were said or commented about before... I saw a few posts but havent searched all of them. Anyways these are some of my ideas and ideas of people i play with. If possible, would like to hear the point of view of the devs about these ideas.. Anyways, keep up the good work, i thing the game is going in the right direction and is improving constantly.
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    You're welcome,I love your vids,keep em coming eh
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    This is true to an extent.. but not all of the tools are provided.. otherwise I'd not be suggesting something. Your suggestion.. doesn't fix the problem, it just ignores the problem.
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    Or ask some friends to help you.. obviously, you'd need friends for that.. maybe they can add that as a function for crewmen, to be your friends.. (to much?)
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    Yeah it's friday the 5th. Yeah the time seems right.
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    I would like to see some areas on the pve server made pvp so that if people want to they can venture into a risky area for a sea battle without the risk of their base being trashed
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    - New placeable land structure 'Crew Resources Silo' which allows storage of food and gold to feed crew. Note this will also function on lawless servers, but to do so we've had to have them display island points on the map, however they still will not be able to be claimed.
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    And/or let us put ice/preserving salt into the larder/trough to increase the decay timer. Even if it's half the affect of the preserving bags it'd still help.
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    People can turn off the ability to have gold/food taken from claim flags altogether, if they prefer. The reason we opted for it as 2nd priority over Resource Boxes and Larders on anchored boats is so that people didn't feel like they would have to continuously replenish their stockpile on anchored boats (loading them up is quite a process compared to claimflags/silos).
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    HAHAHA Well played SIR!!!! Lol, Realist is nothing but a troll. Dude never even played the game yet is more active in the forums than 95% of players! Both need to get out of their moms basement more lol
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! In the last Captain’s Log, we revealed our plans to incorporate a Singleplayer game-mode; initially, we had hoped to release a beta-test by mid-July. Due to unforeseen circumstances… we’re ahead of schedule! The beta was released over the weekend, earlier than expected! (ikr) Singleplayer Mode Beta Singleplayer will be accessible via the in-game menu as of the latest major version. Unlike our previous betas, this is a game mode that doesn’t impact the multiplayer version, therefore, it was optimal to integrate it into the live game immediately. An added benefit of doing so is that you won’t need to maintain separate ATLAS folders or switch between the branches to access the Singleplayer beta and also play on the Official/Unofficial networks. The game mode is still in a highly iterative beta state. You will encounter issues but rest assured it is still fully playable. We’ll be actively collecting your reports and feedback as well as patching issues throughout the coming weeks. Now sink your scurvy sea dog teeth into Singleplayer and break all of the things so we can fix them Our commitment to multiplayer Singleplayer mode has been a highly requested feature and we’re excited to provide an alternate option for those who find multiplayer less suitable to their wants within the ATLAS. That said, the majority of the work involved in getting singleplayer’s maiden voyage away smoothly takes place during the initial phase of setting up the game mode. Once she’s at sea, it will grow in tandem with the multiplayer experience with little extra bandwidth necessary. Our team is fully dedicated to the multiplayer experience; it is and always will be our main priority. The team is constantly working on improving it, whether that’s through the introduction of new content, optimizing the game; covering both client-side and server-side performance, balance, QoL, and bug fixes. Plus, the work we’re doing with singleplayer will actually benefit the multiplayer game due to client-side optimization. Live Game Patches: Quality of Life Over the past few weeks, along with our regular live game patches targeting bugs and balance, we have had some focus on quality of life changes. As many players will have noticed, we’ve rolled out a few significant QoL updates recently. These have incorporated smaller changes such as increasing the slot capacity of storage items and allowing more varied resources to be stored in storage boxes along with more technical implementations, namely, allowing NPC crew to collect their gold payments and edible rations via the claim flag. It’s no secret that achieving certain goals in ATLAS can be a considerable grind - and part of that adds to the feeling of reward and accomplishment. What we don’t want is tedium. We’d rather your playtime be spent sailing the high seas, completing quests, fighting each other if you are of the PvP persuasion, working on your fleets and bases - things you enjoy. With this in mind, we’re committed to rolling out more of these types of QoL changes throughout ATLAS’ development cycle. This is a marathon rather than a sprint, some aspects will be quick and easy, whereas others will need more delicate and thought out solutions. We're confident we're up to speed on which aspects of the game you guys find particularly tedious. That said, please continue to let us know the type of QoL changes you’d like to see. Let’s work together to identify what’s important to you. We understand that this is a diverse community, each group holding a different perspective and all of your feedback is valuable to us and the game’s development. Speaking of which, we’ll be adding a new structure to the game, the Island-Wide Crew Resource Storehouse. That’s I.W.C.R.S for short. This structure will store berries and gold, as well as automatically feed and pay your crew from anywhere on the island. This will be limited to 1 per company per island, whether you’re the settler, an island owner or inhabit a lawless island. We’ll also be providing an option on claim flags to disable their island-wide feeding and paying options for crew. Updates that have gone live since our last Captain's Log Complete Patch Notes v208.21 - Fixed a bug which would cause players to be stuck when unmounting creatures - Cleared up the pinwheel text on Claim Flags, so they now indicate what it'll be changed to. v208.2 - Fixed invalid discovery points value on server v208.11 - Fixed a client side crash v208.1 - Single Player Beta Mode Note: Whilst not a formal system, Singleplayer users can play on any world json they want, by just replacing these files: \ShooterGame\ServerGrid.json \ShooterGame\ServerGrid\ (the map images) When doing so, please back up your SavedAtlasLocal folder, and then delete your save data using the in-game save delete button. - Claim Flags now have a toggleable setting in Settlements mode which allows Settlement owners to choose whether to pay and feed the NPC Crew for allies or everyone settled on the island. This will be displayed in the top-right hand corner HUD. A single + means ally crew will take gold/food from claim flags. ++ means everyone will take gold/food from the claim flag. A lack of + means that only the settlement owner's crew will be able to take good/food from claim flags. - Magic Mythos is now active for the weekend: 2x bonus rates for Harvesting, Taming, XP and Gold! - Future proofing landscape optimization (large patch) Just some further information on the update size, the reason it is so large is because a technical change went in place to improve the logic surrounding landscapes (not related to single player). Something we plan to improve more on in the future. This optimization will basically allow us to reduce the current install size of the game by, hopefully, ~33%. The way it works in technical terms is that all the landscape variants of the same shape will use one map, with material variants, rather than each having a redundant copy of the large maps themselves. This means we won't have to have all those additional copies, thus reducing the effective size of landscapes (which together comprise over 50% of the game's install size) v207.999 - Crew gold payment and food can now be done via your Company's claim flag. Crew that are on an island or on a fully anchored ship within Settlement range are eligible. Berries are the only food that can be used in the claim flag (there is a greatly extended spoil timer on berries in a claim flag for further QoL). Crew will still seek out payment and food from nearby food larders and payment boxes and if there are none nearby or they are empty, they will take from the claim flag. - Increased SoTD XP: Schooner approx 20% increase Brig approx 50% increase Galleon approx 100% increase 207.998 - Fixed Ghostship not appearing/disappearing - Increased step height for Elephants and Rhinos to 110 to allow to climb half wall steps, and helps with other obstacles both would realistically be able to step over - Golden Age AoD now drop less gold, have a larger respawn radius around players/tames and a longer respawn interval - Fixed cases where players would be dismounted from the swivel gun when firing on a ship v207.997 - A claim flag can longer be placed on a fully anchored ship during peacetime. - Grog: Damage bonus changed from +6% to -3%, duration changed from 600s to 300s - Rum: Now instead of giving 15 waters, it removes 20 water - Target soft spots - Cooldown increased from 15s to 60s and torpor bonus reduced from 35% to 28% - Critical strike - Cooldown increased from 20s to 60s and damage bonus reduced from 2x to 1.65x - Target weakness - Duration increased from 10s to 24s - Reduced the following armor stat scales by 30%: Health Melee Damage Stamina Fortitude Intelligence v207.996 - AoD on GoldenAge now drop gold when killed. Scales with level. - AoD now have a non-weighted random spread up to level 120 on GoldenAge servers - AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage. - Fixed cannons shooting thru overhangs - Increased sword damage by 50% - Increased mace damage by 35% - Increased pike damage by 15% - Increased spear damage by 20% - Increased throwing knife damage by 20% - Increased gun effectiveness against creatures 12.5% - Reduced med kit self heal 20% - Reduced tiger and lion head hitbox bone damage multiplier to 1.5x - Increased minimum island points on PvE from 30 to 70 - Increased max island points on PvE from 150 to 250 - Increased max island points on PvP from 250 to 320 - Magic Mythos is now active for the weekend: 2x bonus rates for Harvesting, Taming, XP and Gold! 207.994 - Fixed multiple cases where players would become unbased (slide off ships) due to certain structures. v207.992 - Company Rank settings are no longer the default option on E for climbing ladders if you're an admin or owner of a company - Improved Ghostship appearance logic - Fixed a bug which allowed clients to complete a musical sheet without even having to play a track - Updated Equatorial tags and temps for Giraffe breeding, as it now spawns in the bog. - Hid and cleaned up text overlap issues with the Sextant/GPS when inside menus Meaningful communication and keeping an eye on the horizon Following this post, we plan to make a shift to our routine in regards to Captain’s Logs. We’ll be opting for quality over frequency and making sure they are meaningful and offer insight into what we’re working on. This means we may decide to change our regular schedule of Captain’s Logs in favor of bringing news and updates which matter. We assure you, we’ll still be present reading, interacting, digesting and responding to your communications across Discord, the Forums, and social media. Keep that precious feedback and bug reporting coming! There are big things in the works for the game and, unfortunately, they can’t be shared just yet. Rest assured that you can take things growing a little quieter as a sign of the calm before the exciting storm! Finally, we’d like to extend a sincere expression of our gratitude to all of our community for your support as we ask you to batten down the hatches and keep a keen eye on the horizon for the bigger adventures to come! Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Navigate ye olde Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    This is a bad start to a thread that's supposed to get the community working together on improvements. The original post rambles and the ideas are not coherent. The OP doesn't seem to realize there is both a pvp and a pve aspect to the game. Worst of all, there's a brand new thread for this which starts off in a much better way. Copying someone else's thread just to gain attention is not good form.
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    It's huge, gives you a lot to do and just get bigger with new islands and lot of stuff to craft or build up. of course there are several bugs and wrong working processes and balancing. But listen: now it's just a half year gone since the alpha release. Look at how often they listen to the community (who payed, plays and know the game) and changed lot of things. For one it's OK, another thinks it's worster now. I know a lot of games who stuck 4 years or more in the alpha phase and they're all not as that big as atlas is after 6 months. Please stop opening a whine thread each second day. We don't want it, it doesn't help (at least because it's the wrong forum) and really no one wants a dude who get absolutely no idea about the game to tell what's wrong.
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    Is there a point in buying anything from someone, when you can farm it or craft it yourself? For high rolls of good items is there a point in selling them instead of using them yourself? No matter what trading systems they implement if they don't solve that first.
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    So, what is the defining act of piracy? Attacking merchant shipping. What's weird about Atlas as a pirate themed game? The act of piracy itself is largely absent from the game because there is little to no merchant shipping. As someone who loves the economy aspect of MMORPG gameplay and thinks it's vastly underdeveloped in Atlas, I don't think any sort of central auction house is the way to go for this game. The need to actually physically transport goods AND develop the personal interactions of trade networks rather than anonymous bidding systems is something Atlas should encourage more of through design, not truncate by plopping in the same systems other games use.
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    Can we get a bit longer spoil time on these things please. Or just remove the spoil timer/make them go in a preserving bag/fridge. Something. We made them 6 hours prior. They said they had 12 hours on them. Lost 40 med kits when we logged off to deal with real life stuff.
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    here is the issue, and the part you seem unable to comprehend. According to the math, at certain weights, you will move faster with a weight sail or two than you would with all speed sails. So depending on what your normal configuration and weight is, you may be faster with a cargo crate or a weight sail. I would suggest you actually attempt to read the data I provided instead of shouting something that you heard someone else say.
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    Lower the combat phase. Month later people will want it smaller and then smaller and then oops we're a PvE server. I suggest we change the combat phase to 23 hours a day. The remaining hour everyone spawns on a power stone island naked and we duke it out with our fists.