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    I think it would be a fun addition, presumably, they're different/special, perhaps quest-kills or with unique rewards.
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    There are a lot of reasons why players have moved on from Atlas, but, on PvP servers, the constant demolishing of everything one has built (often when offline) is going to be in the top three. The bear cannon - one single asset has probably cost Atlas hundreds or thousands of players. "Hey, it's a PvP game! blah, blah". Yes, I know. I play for the PvP and I've blown into many a base and sunk dozens of ships - I've used it a lot, and I'm telling you that the bear cannon is a ridiculous weapon. We've done a lot of testing on both official and private servers, and a manned bear cannon will out range ANY NPC-manned defensive weapon. That means that all of those defensive positions around your base are utterly useless if you're not also there at the time of the attack. And since there's no in-game notification (other than the log) of an attack across grids, chances are that you won't be present when any particular attack occurs. So, two suggestions: 1. Cut the range of bear-mounted cannons by 50%. Not 10% or 20%... by 50%. It's a serious change, and the folks who enjoy running off your new players will certainly cry bloody murder, but it'll make base defense meaningful again. Seriously, when in all of military history has a towed weapon ever been able to out range a fixed gun emplacement? 2. Allow weapon-mounted NPCs to notify company members (across grids) when they've agro'd on a pathfinder.
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    Ok if my ship is in motion and i run up steps, I fall out the bottom of the ship. Now a new bug has risen, if a door is open on my ship, i get stuck on it and sometimes fall out the bottom of my ship. When im close to the steering wheel, i float as if i am being pulled feom my ship by a mermaid, but im not near any mermaids. The first bug i mentioned has been with me prewipe but the later bugs have just started postwipe. Tames and npcs no longer rise or fall from the ship as they used to so you're on the right track. Please fix asap as i encounter these bugs daily. Thanks for the hard work put in thus far.
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    Yeah, after thinking about it I do realize I could have worded things better. Sometimes it is a heat of the moment kind of thing. and I know right? There is a lot of people that just try to shut down others because they disagree with them. I really don’t like to tolerate that kind of behavior so o do tend to be harder on others that are like that. on a good note though I am very excited for the console release. I am just really wanting it to be in a lot better shape than it is and right now it is only the pc players that can make it that way. i give the devs plenty of responsibility for their actions but I also can’t let certain players just act completely innocent either.
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    I kinda get what he is saying, as I do consider myself and my group beta testers more or less for this game. Even if we don't, we still want the game to be good, no? I remain positive, most of the time when it comes to the game, that most of the kinks will be ironed out. I think the game has come quite a ways from it's rather disastrous launch. Don't think for a minute that I think the game is perfect, it is not even close to being anywhere remotely considered a game I'd recommend to the general public. I do like the game but I do have plenty of gripes with it, from the servers straining with larger groups of players, to the lag structures bring, the pain in the butt taming process, and the huge grind for a boat that is doomed to sink 30 seconds later. Let's also not forget the offline raiding that plagues many. But the game does seem like, with the way things are and the sample of players on the forums who's responses I can read, to be on a downward spiral. The game needs some serious attention in many key aspects if it wishes to be a game that people (other than myself) will want to play. I have plenty of ideas, but I don't like to share them until they are fully thought out and I can present them in a non-rambling easy-to-follow manner. Usually someone beats me to the punch on bringing it up, so I usually don't make a post outside of agreement or furthering discussion.
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    Is there any chance we can get a dinghy for moving cargo? Right now, the only way to move stuff from land bases to sea and vice versa is to carry it by hand, a trip at a time. This motivates people to park their giant ship as close as humanly possible to land, weaving through the million shipyards to try and not have a 3 minute swim to your boat (dodging sharks the whole time). Could we get a cargo moving dinghy-style ship that we can load up with a reasonable amount of cargo, move to our ship, and then retract into the dinghy launch? That would allow us to bulk move stuff on or off the ship and park further out.
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    Hi all making a new event to take down the kraken 1.0 for getting the sub. All are welcome to join. The event Will take place friday 7.june at 09:30 pm CEST. We will do a meet up in G8 at the north Island as last time. Will sail at 9 pm. If you Just want meet directly in H8 that's fine aswell. Participants need to bring a battle brig or galleon to the fight. When you sign up please put in this info. This so it's easier to count how many we are. If we get 70 people like last time we will have to Split i to 2 groups to avoid a lag party. If that is the case i Will assign groups and time for 2 group. Example Company name: Lost Vikings Boat: battle brig Players joining: 1 Hope to see all and happy sailing
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    Thanks for the report, Ill pass it along
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    Very large companies will abuse the hell out of Freeports and use them as staging areas to harass people on the other side of the Atlas. There will always be a way around larger company limitations.
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    Sure, when you buy a product you expect it to work. But if the company selling the product warns you up front that the product is not yet fully functional, then you bought it with that understanding. Either way if you buy it you are still a customer and not an employee. At no point whether the product works or it doesn't, does Maytag have the right to expect me to help fix the refrigerator. If they sell me the refrigerator with a clear warning that the ice maker doesn't work yet and online feedback and input from me may help it to work better in the future, then I have the option as a customer to participate by offering said feedback or not, but under no circumstance am I ever under any obligation to do so. I agree that the EA concept is flawed and a problem in the industry right now. I think studios are being greedy and shortsighted by seeing that they can flip what used to be a cost center in testing to a profit center in EA without stopping to consider the negative ramifications to a game's reputation in the market place when they do so with a far from finished EA game. I think at the moment Atlas is most definately a poster child for this sort of thing. I think by contrast Satisfactory released to EA in March with a game that was out of the gate far closer to a finished product and felt far more like I was getting my money's worth than Atlas did. Contrasting the two reveals one of the problems with EA: it is too all encompassing of a label. The consumer does not know whether he is getting a really enjoyable very playable game at a discount with a few bugs and some content not yet added, or a dumpster fire 2 years away from completion like Atlas. Some clearer standards of disclosure at a minimum are in both the consumer's and ultimately the industry's best long term interests. So I agree that the mixed bag nature is very much a problem. Because of the short term upside to studios, it's unlikely EA will ever just go away, so I think focusing on reform is the way to go. Going back to the refrigerator analogy, I think if Maytag wants to sell you a fridge that is not yet fully functional, there should be requirements that they disclose more clearly and specifically what works out of the box and what doesn't. I also don't think that hurling invective at those that decline to participate in the "job" of making the game better is a very useful or fair approach. This comes across as particularly selfish when you are exhorting others to make the game you are not yet playing better before you buy it. At a minimum you should refrain from it until you have actual skin in the game, and even then I'd consider it poor form. Either way I categorically reject the notion that anything I pay for as a leisure pursuit is a job for me. On this subject I refer you to Mr. Mark Twain: "Work is composed of that which a body is obliged to do. Play is composed of all else."
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    Nah, I can guarantee you will be long gone before I am. You are already old news as far as I am concerned. You complain about people complaining. Your stay will be short lived because rest assured, this game is going to change and the complainers of the complainers will be gone. time to get used to that. Once console releases I will be pushing a lot of changes. It is time for this game to reach its full potential. we are the future and you are the past. Welcome to the future.
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    Hey @Dainter Try giving this a go: Right click ATLAS in your Steam Library Select properties and then the tab 'LOCAL FILES' after that, you'll see a button called 'Verify integrity of game files' and let me know if that works out for you!
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    Sailing is extremely and utterly boring! The worst part about this game is sailing, the times it wastes, and the boring and pointless SOTD/Tornado encounters. There is absolutely nothing that interests me as of current design to make me want to waste my time and effort to sail to other islands. Hell, I am 100 yrs old and still do not care about the FOY quest. I prefer to live, develop, and tame on all of my Lawless base locations which I have spread out all over the map. I would love to see a "Fast Travel" system where you could travel between your beds while retaining all of the items you are already carrying. This should be a pretty easy system to implement.
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    These are the ships that my daughter and I built, and we had a ton of fun doing so.
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    hrm.... How fair is it to not read the entire post and then make a statement that is obviously passing judgement on the poster (I meet people like you all the time..). If you're gonna pass judgements on what kind of person he is, basing those judgements on a single sentence (your own post heavily implies this was all you bothered to read btw) is kind of the definition of a knee jerk response. Also, if you can't be bothered to read his post, why should he bother to read your response?
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    Oh really, it wasn’t like that at first, it was only durability. Then a month ago I saw a thread about what you’re saying and people told OP it wasn’t true, I hope it is true because that would be a good thing.
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    bad luck I guess, I once got one a while back but I cannot remember where I got it from. I threw it away immediately because it has 0 use to it so why exactly do you want it?
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    EU PVE I5 Shipwreck Island Crewmembers are resting at cinema.
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    If you think that's bad. I had one in the mouth of a giant 3 lighthouse tall totam. About 33% of the mobs spawned next to me, 33% at the bottom, 33% at the top. And the shovel point was floating in mid air above an incline. Fuck. That. Noise.
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    M12 is also very easy to run solo naked. I'm 88 now so prepping my journey! Can't wait!