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    Alright you devs! Whose brainy idea was it to redesign the appearance of the most beautiful animal in the entire mod so that it now looks like a cross between a zebra and something with Michael Jackson's skin disease? Ugh. Please change it back again! At least something in the mod should be gorgeous even if they're not all that useful.
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    Hi and sorry for my english i'l try to do my best. I play on EU PvE, actually we spend the most of our time on the sea and the sea is really boring. We spend many hours on our ship with nothing to do. Please wilcard try to do something, i do know how (minigame, quest, craft etc...).
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Meat for tames is ridiculous. It needs to either last longer, or stack higher, or both. Alternately, some new recipes for 'meat/fish kibble' for animals which stacks higher and lasts longer would be good too. Stack to 100, last as long as cultivated vegetables for preference, and make it only edible for tamed animals - no use for people, or in taming. (And please don't do something silly like make it take multiple bits of meat to make 1 kibble...) The disparity between feeding herb/omnivores and carnivores is extremely frustrating
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    We will add some Razors, Shieldhorn and Horses in the evening. Tiger, Lion, Ele, Giraffe and crows maybe as well. (Crows still preorder > free market). We will keep you informed
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    Newish, wasn't always that way but it's been like that for a while now, not sure exactly which patch it popped up on. Since it's been like that I started packing some pistols in my music box. People get shot for dancing while I'm trying to play a hard gold song.
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    If anything is causing the players to quit it certainly is not the boosted weekends!
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    I use my second monitor to watch movies, it is boring on long trips but I try to stop on many islands to get discoveries maps or resources, but it does feel like a large part of the game I spend at sea, as there isn't much to do once you have a well established place of residence or island of your own. I like the fact that you're almost forced to explore either for discoveries or resources, I too wish there was more to do on the ship, maybe mini games to slightly increase ship responsiveness, or speed. Maybe cleaning barnacles off the hull could increase speed slightly, maybe hang over with a grapple and have a mini game, or swabbing the deck could increase morale and reduce vitamin depletion slightly. Making the grapple more responsive or easier to hit the flotsam at full speed or even any rate would be good fun as well.
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    That kind of proves it’s boring though lol. If I have to do something else instead of playing the game then that speaks volumes. That is also why I won’t be spending that much time at sea. I plan on having fun on land and not needing something else to keep me from getting bored
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    Sea travel's not boring for me as I feel i constantly need to keep any eye out for SoD's. I play solo though, so I have no-one else to help keep watch. Not always fun travel, but keeps me from getting bored on long distances. Too many times have I looked away for a few seconds to find 3 or 4 ships appear in front!
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    I had the same thing happen to me, hung myself and got the curse. Five real days passed and still had it. The only thing that seemed to fix it was taking my skeleton down from the rope and getting my skull back.
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    Yes I live here also and there are many people on the big island doing this, see my other post. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/72198-adminsdev-foundation-spamming/&tab=comments#comment-365985 gradfathers I thnk have blocked the gems off but if you go to whispering island I have a ladder there for gems for everyone, help yourselves.
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    will you settle for both? you're going to get both....
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    I am also habing a ridiculous amount of ping across all servers. Im in south Carolina, and never had this issue until 2 weeks ago after a patch that "fixed servers". I wish this was fixed so I could actually enjoy this game..... BUMP
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    every player should have a personal box. being in a company sucks cause is usually one or two guys who don't farm shit but dictate every thing and make rooms where they stash shit that only they can enter.
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    Force PVE Players into PVP will only make them quit. If i want to PVP i will join PVP-Server instead of PVE.
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    Yep, it's on their list and they are working on it.
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    I reduced the volume of the snow. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Just what it says. If I have it equipped and the outline out trying to place my entire computer will lock up.
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    They keep spinning off new publishing companies for each game to hide the fact that it's Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd. every time.
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    "Survive the wild, despite being swarmed by countless wolves, bears, sundry wildlife and deadly humans... all at the same time! Build your homestead... IF you can find land... and lose it overnight! Repeatedly! Work with others to tame the WIld West... if you can trust them, don't have resource spawns walled off and aren't blocked in by foundations and pillars!" "Based on the same winning formula as Atlas!! Tried, tested and coded to perfection!"
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    @Jatheish Two primary issues that need resolutions asap, basic QoL changes that would make a huge impact, and some suggestions for tames: 1) Animals falling through the mesh of boats or structures absolutely needs to be fixed ASAP. I recognize you saying above that you are making this a priority, so I'll just reaffirm how crucial this is to the player base. This has to be the #1 priority for animals; we've stopped sending bug reports about this, because it happens so much. Daily. And it was never fixed in Ark. Don't let this one slip. 2) The main thing wrong with the breeding system is how fast the temperature spikes can kill an animal. In Ark, you generally get to a point where you can leave the darn thing alone entirely for large chunks of time, as long as you're careful and watch your timers. In Atlas, even if you've got all the temperature ranges for your biome/grid known, you still have a maximum of maybe a 10 minute window where, if unobserved, the baby can die, because it can transition from a heat wave to a cold front, and no amount of insulation we've found can prevent a swing like that from killing a baby without manual adjustment. This window should be significantly longer, especially further on into maturation. You can still keep the temperature requirements, but the window for failure needs to be much larger, given the extremely long maturation time. Boosting someone else's idea: Give babies a scaling insulation buff when close to their mother. This will benefit smaller tribes who don't have as many people to do babysitting, and still make it more complex for larger tribes to manage that proximity if doing mass breeding. We also need some way to cool down a baby. It doesn't have to be huge (but more than being submerged in water). Necessary QoL changes Add armored saddle blueprints to the game (even just a bit, doesn't have to be the full 25 armor of a bear) Add Medium sized gates, for Tier 2 animals (and smaller tier 3s) Make medium and large sizes cages (like those in the Piracy tree) to hold animals on board ships for better transport. Make the "Transfer <animal> to <x>" option move them into specific, named cages, instead of to ships. Filter gathering would be amazing Add the "Dino Leash" item from ark Animal Specific Seagull - allow for a 'homing pigeon' ability where it can send weightless items like blueprints or treasure maps back to a specified location at your home base (like a special bird cage you craft) Crow - Help you spot nearby undiscovered Discovery Points with a UI element, like the Bulbdog alerting you to high level predators Sheep - Convert the hide-like resource your shear off them to a Fiber. This would help alleviate the lack of fiber in certain areas, since you could just bring along a couple sheep. Also fur just seems more like fiber then hide. Pig - Allow it to act like a super-shovel. Bonus chance to harvest worms, gold, etc from the ground Wolf - Revisit the idea of a "Pack Buff" like in Ark, as a means of boosting the wolves' currently underwhelming power level, without drastically changing the creature itself. Elephant Giraffe - should be able to gather additional thatch from trees (higher up) Bulls should get a buff to farming thatch from plants on the ground (all plants, not like how with Bears it needs to be a special plant) Shieldhorn - Its special passive ability is fantastic, but it needs a base HP boost or armor to really be a viable tank. Razortooh - Needs a stamina buff, and probably HP or armor. Seagull - Gather fish, increase Fog of War reveal distance Rabbits - on the shoulder gives a "Lucky" gold boost buff PS: While the new taming system of getting hit by the animal is somewhat annoying, I really like that it pushes taming into more of a group activity, often needing people to do the primary tame, scout/kill predators, and have someone on backup to take over if you miss the sweet spot a few times and get hurt. I like this design direction; even though I end up doing less solo taming, I have a LOT of fun on our group taming excursions into dangerous areas! Edit: PS, clarity, typo
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    Pigs could be good for farming seeds, or cooking ingredients. place a lasso in the game for things that are passive flee in order to tame