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    Welcome to GamingOGs Atlas Servers! We're OG for a reason! We offer some high-quality atlas servers and community compared to our competition! We believe very strongly in building a safe clean community that everyone can enjoy! We have custom coded plugins being developed that no other atlas server will have to offer! Come check it out and see what you think! Server Features: MILITARY VETERAN PROGRAM 7x7 GRID / MAP ALL ISLANDS / BIOMES GHOST SHIPS / TRADERS MYSTERY LOOT BOXES KRAKEN / ALL QUESTS / POWERSTONES COMMUNITY FAVORITE MODS PVP AND PVE GRIDS / SERVERS AMERICA AND EUROPE GRIDS / SERVERS UNIQUE PLUGINS **(GAMINGOG ONLY!)** BALANCED RATES / PLAYER LEVELS / DINO LEVELS 99% UPTIME - ZERO LAG NO B.S (COME BECOME A OG!) Rates: 10-15x ALL Features (Explained): MILITARY VETERAN PROGRAM (Our Military Program is a program GamingOGs offers to Military Veterans who can apply to earn benefits/perks on the GamingOGs/GOG servers!) 7x7 GRID / MAP (We offer a 7x7 large scale map that provides PVP and PVE servers alongside them being AMERICA and EUROPE division!) ALL ISLANDS / BIOMES (As Atlas updates and adds new islands we always try to add the latest and newest islands/biomes that Atlas adds in their updates!) GHOST SHIPS / TRADERS (Not many servers include this for ship paths, We make sure all our maps come with NPC trader ship paths just like Official has!) MYSTERY LOOT BOXES (You can earn mysteryboxes by voting/donating or simply playtime on the servers. You can unlock hundreds/thousands of different items/rewards/perks!) KRAKEN / ALL QUESTS / POWERSTONES (We make sure we include the full quest system alongside power stones and the Kraken is located in the middle where we will host events at!) COMMUNITY FAVORITE MODS (We take feedback and suggestions very seriously and have added some of the most fans favorited mods for Atlas!) PVP AND PVE GRIDS / SERVERS (All of our servers and maps include [Donator Grids / PVE Grids / PVP Grids / Event Grids] this allows you guys to experience the full system in one single map!) AMERICA AND EUROPE GRIDS / SERVERS (We have balanced half the map to be the United States and Europe servers/grids this allows for people globally to have smoothly playable ping!) UNIQUE PLUGINS **(GAMINGOG ONLY!)** (We are excited to announce and tell you we are one of the only Atlas servers that offers custom plugins that greatly improve your play experience on our servers!) BALANCED RATES / PLAYER LEVELS / DINO LEVELS (We have staff meetings to discuss the most logicaly and most common-sense balance rates for the entire map. We based this off math formulas and community feedback!) 99% UPTIME - ZERO LAG (We have AMD RYZEN top-end hardware that provides some of the most smooth gameplay and uptime possible! Come try it out yourself!) NO B.S (COME BECOME A OG!) (We don't put up with toxic BS, We don't allow our members to be personally attacked or dos/ddos'ed at all! We stand with our players/community!) Website/Discord Links: VISIT OUR WEBSITE (CLICK ME) JOIN DISCORD (CLICK ME) DIRECT CONNECT (THIS IS FOR THE 7X7 MAP) US FREEPORT #1: steam://connect/ EU FREEPORT #1: steam://connect/ MOD LIST https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1633361967
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    I truly hope that Grapeshot reconsiders adding the ship harpoon to the game in the May update (at least on PvP servers). Some of the most enjoyable naval fights we've experienced occurred when we were outnumbered. Being chased by four or five enemy ships, dodging fire, maneuvering for a quick shot and trying to stay ahead of repairs. But with the ship harpoon, one ship gets one hit and the fight's over. Mark my words, the new meta will be stripped-down max-speed brigs with just a ship harpoon (and maybe a few fire-swivels), followed by one or more max-damage ships. I.e., a single well-balanced ship will never be able to outrun or out maneuver multiple ships: the ship will be tackled (ala EVE) and destroyed. This is a highly avoidable error. Hopefully they reconsider.
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    Here is an idea why can we not have an endgame item called a tavern make it massive so it takes up a lot of space very expensive to craft and what this thing does is it feeds all the npcs on the island so it lowers clutter of food larders EVERYWHERE now its just 1 item feeding all of the npcs on the island and if you want make it so people can customize it for the PVE players. Also while im at it why not make it so the flag pays all of the npcs on the island and npcs of docked boats, this makes it so everyone stores all of their gold on the flag and an incentive for players to conquer said flag for the gain of the gold inside of it. These 2 updates will improve the QOL of the game so much its worth looking into, nobody wants to go around filling 30 chests with gold and food with 10 fps small updates like these will bring players back, please please please consider it.
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    For the last day or 2 (since the last patch), Ive been having a problem logging in. Most times now I cannot log in via the "Rejoin server" option and instead have to use the "Join new server" option. Once in the game I am unable to interact with items at all and I am unable to access my inventory. Pressing the "I" key for the inventory flashes the inventory up very briefly before disappearing. As for interacting with items - any item - nothing happens. I see no text telling me what the item is and therefore do not get the option to press "E". Pressing it whil looking at the object does nothing. My only option is to kill myself off. At the death screen I then have to reset my home server as it will not allow me to respawn at any bed. Once respawned I can then kill myself for a second time and it will allow me to interact with beds and all is normal again. If however I have to log for any reason I have to go through the whole process again. I know Im not the only one with this problem as my son who lives elsewhere from me has the same problem.
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    EU PvE : B8 - Island : L'ile de l'entente - La Voile Lactee Level 7 - Green skin and orange/yellow perl - 7000 golds Level 4 - Orange skin and orange/yellow perl - 5000 golds SPECIAL RARE COLOR all sold in this category PREVIOUS CRABS - ALREADY SOLD Sold - Level 31 - Green/yellow skin and white eyes - 5000 golds 23/05/2019 15h57 dontremember Sold - Level 32 - Green/white/grey skin and black eyes - 5000 golds 23/05/2019 15h57 Carnotaurus Sold - Level 32 - Purple/pink/white skin and red eyes - 5000 golds 20/05/2019 16h12 Risa Valys Sold - Level 35 - Green/orangeskin and green eyes - 5000 golds 20/05/2019 20h40 Zedinex Sold - Level 32 - Green/white skin and green eyes - High Health - 7500 golds - great color though 20/05/2019 20h40 Zedinex Sold - Level 28 - Purple/red skin and teal eyes - 3500 golds 20/05/2019 13:40 Robone Sold - Level 32 - Green/white skin and grey eyes - 6000 golds 18/05/2019 15:40 Mojazena Sold - Level 38 - Green/radioactive skin and yellow eyes - 5500 golds 18/05/2019 11:30 Tony Sold - Level 35 - Red skin and teal eyes - 5000 golds 18/05/2019 11:01 Taz Sold - Level 37 - Flashy green/red skin and black eyes - High Health / Very High Damage - 12000 golds 20/05/2019 08:25 Karash SPECIAL RARE COLOR Sold - Level 32 - Albinos - White/grey skin and red eyes - 12000 golds 18/05/2019 20:40 Dogg Sold - Level 34 - Gold skin and teal eyes - High Attack & High Weight - 15000 golds 18/05/2019 11:30 Tony Sold - Level 40 - ALBINOS - White skin and red eyes - 15000 golds 18/05/2019 11:30 Tony
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    Welcome! It’s a super fun game even solo. Remember it is early access so there are bugs. PVP - look for a good unofficial server with a good community PVE - look for a unofficial server with a good community Official servers are pure poison right now so be cautious and if you go there expect the worst and hope for the best!
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    Partially correct. It depends on who is hosting the server. They likely have a deal with a server provider(s) in the same way Conan Exiles is partnered with g-portal. Any server hosted via that company results in a kickback, and in return Grapeshot gives them advertising as the "preferred host", implying that there is some advantage to using them whether there is or not. Your point stands, however. The more community servers can be readily accessed, the more people will be able to play on them, and the longer they will stay active. Plus it is good business in that it can only result in additional copies of the game being sold by people who want to play on a community server to play with their friends/gaming group.
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    Better yet ad a Moderator that actually does his job!
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    I love the idea. Less time running EVERYWHERE to feed and more time to travel, pvp, and enjoy this amazing game!!
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    It is not surprising in the least why this game is dying and new interest is all but dead. It is an "offline" griefer's wet dream! Last night I logged in on my Lawless Island on the NA PVP server, to find that my first schooner, I am a solo player, had been stolen overnight while I was away sleeping or while I was at work. My schooner was within four solid stone walls so that it could not get out. I promptly tried to contest the ship to get it back but the freaking company continued to log inside of the ship to contest it. I tried to hail that company but they would NOT respond to me. So, confused and royally pissed off from being "offline" griefed, I went to get a cannon to blow the mother up but the cannon I had placed down oddly had a 19-minute cool down, which I had never seen before. Before the 19-minute count down had completed, they had arrived outside my walled shipyard with another ship and promptly blew out my gate and then swiftly sailed away with my stolen schooner! How much of a dick move was that? How hard-up do you have to be to take the time and effort to steal another company's boat instead of just making your own? Why in the hell is this game promoting this kind of B.S. "offline" griefing? There was absolutely nothing I could do as a solo company as I only have like 140 gold to my name and given how freaking much the NPC's cost to maintain, I could not afford an NPC puckle gun defense. There was absolutely no benefit of PVP here only an offline griefing. I pretty much will be just logging in every night to ensure that my current progress is not lost as I wait to see if the DEVs can revitalize the game but I have pretty much lost any passion for this game anymore. I prefer to play as a solo player since I have very strange working hours and never know when my free-time will be and I have come to distrust other company members as they often time behave erratic or like ignorant children and I dont want to risk losing all of my stuff to a defunct company. I actually enjoy the challenges to go it alone but the only remaining things that seems appealing anymore in this game are very difficult to acquire or maintain as a solo company. So I am in a catch-22. There are too many unforgivably broken game mechanics left unresolved. The game in its current state simply favors the "offline" griefers and does not promote actual PVP interactions. All of my current interactions and woes have been because of "offline" raiders. At this point, I am not even sure that the DEVs are competent enough to even begin to address them let alone with a satisfactory resolution. If this is the kind of experience that they intend for their customers then so be it, they can take this game and choke on it! Pretty fucking stupid and a sad waste of such a potentially monumental game...
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    You are absolutely right +1
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    maps?....use bears to do treasure maps matey....level up there mele ect... my company is just me and a mate...we have 2 galleons,2 brigs,schooners ect ect..you get the jist.. i got the sub....powerstones and the bosses can be soloed...just google it.. hell i mythos just for a giggle on my own when bored...by kiting gorgons from a ballista schooner from shore. i built my mates galleon this weekend...in just under 8 hours....complete with all deck furniture. get a nellie for wood....bears for treasure.....and for a crap ton thatch get a girrafe or even better go to l9 and gather the leafy stuff in its thousands via a bear from the middle island beach i am in pve but hell...i dont make all this shit just for some asshole to destroy it on a whimm....its my pirate toybox you bastards! (it also helps that i am semi retired/work related spine injury and am on most of the day pottering about much to my wife and kids delight ha ha ) oh and live on a lawless....
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    I just put two pics of the tiny wind line. I just want the devs to realise they have a lot of people who would enjoy sailing if there was not such a frustrating mechanic in the game. I literally spent 32 mins watching dead sea as I returned back to base. This game should be all about getting on the sea. People should be visiting islands 3-4 grids away constantly. Instead no one wants to sail because they do not want to get lumbered with the boat. There is also another thread on reddit about reversing speed. Another example of pure annoyance. You get back to base and have to spend 5-7mins just slowly reversing...completely annoying time sink. Lets make sailing more enjoyable! There is no need for new content just revisit what you have and improve the experience.
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    Sailed nicely to the powerstone island. Server goes down and boom look at that beautiful arrow upon return. 8 knots speed to sail home with.....honestly I just do no get why this is not being addressed. My sail back 1 grid is now 40mins watching dead sea. Why is this a thing?!?!?!
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    This is core issue that people aren't articulating well enough. What is a major reason people leave the game? Starting over every single day/week/month gets real old real fast. I know when I build my ship on Saturday morning, that by Monday morning [] [] [] [], a lvl 100+ guy will destroy it while I am not online. There is no gain to [] [] [] [], there are no treasures, no valuable mats, just the end of my/your Atlas until the next weekend. That is a problem. It is a longevity problem. It is NOT a big deal to have a safe spot. It will in fact be necessary. At some point, players need the ability to log off and do RL things, maybe even for more than 15 hours at a time. These people deserve to be able to come back and have some sense of progress gained over the last time they played. Atlas needs an AH, in whatever form it comes in, and it will by default HAVE to act as a bank. Atlas needs a bank as well, and at some point a safe harbor to put an empty ship in. These are fundamental systems necessary to have an economy, and an economy is fundamental to a MMORPG. Other wise we are playing a different version of ARK, a terrible survival game with capped people on small static servers. I fully believe we will see these systems implemented over the next year. Otherwise I would not even bother playing EA or released Atlas, because in all honesty this is NOT a good game as it is now. It is a great start to a good game that needs finishing.
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    This time seems to be about counterfeit UK diploma certificates lol. hell, in this country it's easier to earn one than to try to counterfeit it
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    Some places seem ok, and a bit of a challenge. Spent most the weekend in K3, realy good place to find bears. unfortunately it's also a realy good place to find lions & wolves, came across 4 alpha lions and 5 alpha wolves, so lost a couple of bears, my life a few times, my monkey got chewed right off my shoulder and an almost tames 29 female bear to an alpha wolf that apeared out of nowhere. That seemed a fair challenge to me. Some places however seem too tame, where only compete inattention might be harmfull. So i don't think it's a global thing that needs adjusting, more of a regional or even an island specific spawn udjustment.
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    https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Level Look there, i made a table (the picture) to level 150. Also the numbers for the three major patches are given.
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    Gold consumption is super low. Its like 8 gold a day per crew. Less if you take them off their posts when you park a ship. Even at 30 crew, that is only 240 gold a day on station. A decent blue map will give you 1.5 to 2k gold - enough for 6 to 8 days. Or a handful of flotsam collections each day. This is a non issue.
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    No offense, but how many of the cool upcoming content i can use as a single player ? Do i have to kill the second Kraken for gaining access to the crossbow ? Wipe because of the double-firepower-glitch ? More or less a MUST in a persistant PVP world. Maybe you can give veterans a little startup bonus (free levels, no aging.. whatever) to reward their loyality towards Atlas.
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    Many Players are unable to make powerstones or ark bosses by their groupsize. Sadly, Wildcard never understand that players do not want to be forced into large unknown playersgroups. They bring some of their friends or beein alone... it is time to overcome that stupid pickture, that everyone in a mmo is a friend or anyway useful. Players are indivduals. Time to understand and respect this! Bring friends and Players together, but dont force that!
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    U Dont even Need to Sail to each Island. Freeports Give 4 Discovery points And u get another 100 for killing both whales,which rly is easy done alone. Each powerstone gives 50 DP,so 900 in total. Another 150 for killing the Kraken. Even People on a Raft Managed to leech it.
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    Animal/crew seated points on boats. A small post that snaps to the deck, small, medium, large varieties that you can “Use teather xxx” command and animals will be (seated) on the boat. In my observation things that use your seated code are never wonky like things just sitting on deck.