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    Why people here can not see his point but only bash for his attitude? Artefacts not beeing acc bound is a problem in PVE. People seems to enjoy staying on GAR for a chance to grab one off of an unlucky guy. Fighting Hydra/Dragon is a huge time investment for smaller clans. When you are the only one in the group not getting the PS, good luck doing it again. Dealing with grifers just waiting to invalidate your time investment is not ok on PVE.
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    So yesterday I finally got around to breeding. I did it a lot in ark and thought that maybe I would try it here. Bears being the obvious choice as we had 2 perfect tame 30's itching to get it on. I spent the 4 hour gestation making sure I had everything ready to go once the little balls of fur were shat out in our tames pen. I spent almost 6 hours with them making sure they weren't too cold/hot with campfires and penguins. They hit around 20% and I figured I could get at least 3 hours of sleep before work. I go to sleep with 4 fires still blazing next to them and hope for the best. I wake up and log on to find that both of them froze to death and my penguins glitched through the foundation. It sucks wasting so much time for something to not even have a chance. Oh well, I will try again. Devs, if I could make a suggestion to breeding, make it to where once they hit juvenile that they get a fortitude buff so when the temps swing a little too high/low they don't die. I would love to no life this game but cant because I have to adult
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    I love this game but, I would rather the scuba gear, from ark over the dive suit how would I go about porting it from ark to atlas
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    Now that you have solved “tax” issue and people not wanting to “work for anyone else” please consider the following. Everyone has their tax rate at max on PVE and there is not reason not to.... So Make tax rate and upkeep cost tied together. Want higher taxes pay more gold upkeep, no settlers, lower tax rate and lower upkeep costs. I leave the math up to you.
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    ui nice idea! Well you could say npc's cost a bit of a gold value when they are farming resources? But if you play alone I assume you're in lawless?
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    It's an issue we're working on at the moment, the client isn't receiving the correct information about whether it can feed the elephant or not from that specific location. As other's have recommended, whilst frustrating, a current workaround is to approach the elephant from a different angle, edging forward slightly, and attempt to feed it that way. We're going to be working on a more permanent solution to this of course, so you don't need to rely on these workarounds.
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    Hello! How about a right triangle of a floor and foundation?
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    Any plans on removing the extremely monotonous minigame mechanic?
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    Thank you very much for all of the reports and info, everyone. I think we have a solid repro of the issue now which Should™ enable us to start hammering away on a fix.
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    Seriously people,you need to do something about ships,they aren't enjoyable anymore they are becoming a menace.You build a ship go out exploring only to come back and find your base surrounded by strangers ships who have docked and logged off.Or you build your ship park it outside your base and someone dumps their damn brig across the back of you stopping your voyage,and this is pve,at least in pvp you could blast their ship.We have 4 ships now and can only park the two smallest ones and even they have been blocked in.Just give us some way of sailing our ships that we spend hours on please,I love the game so far but this needs to be dealt with asap because this issue will lose you players.Many thx for your time.
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    *fix breeding *make wind directions change more frequently *add electricity *continue working on ghost ships they are buggy This game isn't a true pirate game a mix between two different games I enjoyed ark and sea of thieves. And its been a good source of entertainment. I would love for the army of the damned to be more active on the shores were you have to fend off the island ect. So many ideas for this game... For those who say keep it pirate not ark.. Realize its a mix between two games take the game as it is. To the devs don't put your hands in to many cookie jars until you finish with the first cookie.
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    that wasn't what the OP was asking. He was asking about the shaded bar on the icon not the lines between them.
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    Last one. (Joke) Bed are limited to the current grid you are in. For fast travel an NPC must be placed call him “ticket salesman”. When you fast travel you board a transport ship, costs 3 gold per grid, each grid takes 1 minute to cross, you can play a mini game to decrease gold cost and travel time. Please continue doing what you are doing I am really enjoying the game. Please limit wipes to your nose and rear end.
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    Animal/crew seated points on boats. A small post that snaps to the deck, small, medium, large varieties that you can “Use teather xxx” command and animals will be (seated) on the boat. In my observation things that use your seated code are never wonky like things just sitting on deck.
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    Crabs are OP in pvp right now. Able to pick riders, jump away to heal, pick balista npcs. Not much you can do but try to suicide barrel bomb or crab vs crab. This crab is ridiculous the way it just jumps out of danger 10,000 feet + 1000s of hp, they are really too much for this game considering there is no counter. This is a copy paste from ark and out of balance with atlas mechanics.
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    Will we ever get a server that combines PVP and PVE? For example, most zones will be PVE but there will be PVP zones where you can fight others. You could have a timer of 5 minutes on your ship after entering a PVP zone so people could not dip in and out to escape.
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    It would be very nice if you devs would try and keep the game a little bit true to the era. Is this game really just gonna turn into Ark 2? I'm sure a lot of us would prefer pirate related content. Anything else takes away from the immersion. How about keeping that stuff set aside for a dlc so everyone is not forced to play with it.
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    You made an awesome game that you want to play, that's why I spent so much of my time and compiled this beta tester report, in the hope that the game will continue to develop and become better! Here are a few of my wishes / suggestions: 1. Real pirates do not sink ships, they seize them and rob! Add a boarding mode for sea battles. The mode is activated when a boarding hook loaded into the swivel weapon engages the enemy ship in a close naval battle. I described the entire mode in detail in the “Boarding” section. 2. To ban bots on swiveling guns on ships. Give players the opportunity to land on enemy ships. 3. Balance melee weapons. Blackjack is much more effective than saber and lance. Purple stunning damage is more effective for players than slow saber strikes and spikes. Stunning at 1 minute is tantamount to killing and even more dangerous. Swords and pikes are useless. Increase the damage and attack speed of the saber and spikes, otherwise they will not be used, because the baton worth 20 wood is more effective. 4. Ship guns and gunports no one uses, because big guns are more effective. Enter the limit on the number of large cannons on the ship, so that players use ship cannons and gunports. 5. Players cover the ships with roofs to protect the cores from the cores; they turn out to be ugly monsters, not ships. Limit the ability to close the slats roofs, build only up and inside the ship. 6. There is very little variety of ships, there were a lot more sailing ships in history, please add new ships. And add more varied fittings, not only the bow of the ship, but also the new appearance of the sails, different steering wheels, beautiful railings, patterns, statues, lanterns, balconies, so that players can create unique ships that do not look alike. Reduce the weight of wooden structures on the ship, so that players make not minimalistic ships due to problems with overload, but can create their own unique ships with cabins, rooms, balconies, etc. 7. Turn off automatic bots shots on ships, let bots shoot at the player’s command just to make the fights more alive and unpredictable. Bots auto shots in anchor mode only. 8. Fix non-killing bots in the tow. This is a problem, the immortals should not be. Imbalance in favor of the defenders. 9. Reduce the resistance to damage from the armor, or increase the damage of the firearm on the armor, killing a player with 6-10 shots from a long-reloading weapon is not normal. The same thing, increase the damage on animals and bots, killing them from 10-20 shots is awful and implausible. 10. Allow bots to use firearms (carbine, musket, pistol) to liven up battles and use NPS in combat as a combat unit, and not only as an application for the functioning of a tow or pivot weapon. You can give them slow aiming so that they do not hit the running targets and long reloading so that the bots are not a strong problem for the players. But when a bot is not a useless servant for stationary guns, but a combat unit from which a detachment can be created and used when attacking an enemy it will be fabulous fights. 11. Add a debuff after death, for example - 30% to everything within 10 minutes. That people were afraid to die, engaged in food and the balance of vitamins. Now if there is a bed near, then no one is watching the food and vitamins, because to die and be reborn next to it is nothing. People deliberately kill themselves to restore the balance of vitamins or fill the stomach. Boarding mode a) You can load boarding hooks into the swiveling weapon on ships. b) When approaching ships at close range, you can shoot hooks and cling to the enemy ship. With a successful hit, the boarding mode begins, at which the ships approach, align and stop. c) Each hook hooked to the enemy ship has a margin of safety and can be destroyed with a melee weapon. If all hooks are destroyed, the boarding mode is terminated. d) Under the boarding mode, you cannot open the sails, you cannot shoot from guns and swivel weapons, you cannot flood your ship and demolish the planks, the resource box and the box for projectiles are blocked for use. e) To capture an enemy ship, you need to set a flag on it in boarding mode and protect it for 15 minutes. The defending team can reset the boarding and seizure of the ship by destroying all the hooks holding their ship or running to the enemy flag on their ship and pressing E to destroy the flag holding the command for 30 seconds. Any damage to the player resets the process of destroying the flag and must be re-clamped for 30 seconds. f) If the attacking team manages to defend their flag on the enemy ship for 15 minutes and save at least 1 hook, then the enemy ship goes along with its resource box and shells as a reward.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! Now that the flux of development related to ATLAS 1.5 has settled, we have made a return to our regularly scheduled patches to address stability, bugs, and balance whilst we prepare our next Mega-Update. This is a good time to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring ATLAS continues moving towards its ambition of becoming the ultimate fantasy pirate adventure. This Captain's Log will give you a sneak preview of what we're currently working on for our May Mega Patch whilst maintaining the live game on the side. livestream! But before we get into that... save the date, as next Friday, the 3rd of May at 2 PM PT we’ll be live streaming some of our upcoming content and revealing more details about the next Mega-Update! The stream will be hosted on both Twitch and Mixer, so be sure to tune in! twitch.tv/sailtheatlas mixer.com/playatlas We’ll also be collecting questions from the community which we’ll be answering live. If you’ve got something on your mind, whether it’s about future development plans, upcoming content, decisions regarding features, or how we feel about Endgame, submit your questions to this thread! mega-update! Now that our first large milestone has made it out the door, the team has been working hard on our next major content update. This will include new playable areas, creatures, weapons, items, ship mechanics and more -- much of which we’ll be covering in our upcoming Live Stream! Please keep in mind that this update is an evolving work-in-progress and thus, isn’t set in stone. This means that it’s open to change, whether it’s the visual appearance or the actual intended gameplay purpose it serves. But without further ado, here’s a little peek of the content to come! Icebox A high insulation box for transporting ice! Can be used to reduce surrounding temperature, extend the spoil time of perishables, and quench your thirst -- assuming it’s fully stocked. Spear Gun An underwater weapon that players can use to launch a piercing spearbolt with power and accuracy. Torpedo An underwater missile fired from a torpedo launcher (snapped to gunports), which can be aimed down into the ocean to destroy structures built underwater, or shot across the water surface (cannot travel or be shot above the water surface). Heavy Cyclops Cosmetic The heavy armor edition of our Cyclops Armour opens the door to intimidating your foes in our tribal-themed skin with a little extra heavy...metal This Mega-Update will be loaded with new features and content and we’re excited to get it into your hands. There’s a lot to come with it and even more planned for the months ahead which we will be displaying and discussing in the stream next week. As always, thank you very much for all of your feedback and reports; this community is very involved and passionate and you guys directly facilitate the evolution and development of ATLAS along with our ability to address issues and bugs. iso: Blackwood In early June we expect to be able to release our special mod-map, Blackwood, created by Iso, the level designer behind ARK’s popular mod-map Crystal Isles. This is not something we’ll be supporting specifically on our Official Network, as it was designed and intended to be used for single servers an example of a stunning mod map that can be hosted unofficially. This specific map will be set up so that you can still enjoy all the mechanics that ATLAS has to offer, whilst hosting it as a standalone server with no additional database setup required! patch roundup! The community’s contributions throughout early access, whether that’s bug reports, feedback on features, and content suggestion have been highly helpful in ATLAS’ development. Thanks to your reports, we were able to identify and resolve one of our more frequent server crashes. Additionally, we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the core technical aspect of the game and have significantly optimized crew attached to stations, movement on ships, and resolved some outstanding bugs. The effect on our servers after eliminating that crash. The dip you see on Wednesday and Early Thursday was because we had temporarily disabled a feature which had a high chance of causing the crash and then further dropped Late Thursday onward after we fixed the issue and re-enabled the feature. We couldn’t have done it without your report, so please keep them coming! You can submit a bug report to our forums here Please have a read through of our guidelines thread to help us get all the information we need: And we’re currently collating information regarding ‘vanishing’ structure pieces, so if you’ve experienced it please post a response in this thread with any information that you can provide, we’ve included a guideline that’ll help us identify the problem. Patch notes up to v102.45 - Fixed issue where tames could be given move-onto-ship points that were outside the bounds of the ship, or nearly outside. - Fixed issue where tames could potentially fall endlessly and drown when moving-onto-ship. v102.4 - Fixed a server crash - Re-enabled Red Alert and the ability to return the crew to their previous seat following a Red Alert (can be activated using Right Shift) on Official Servers v102.38 - Fixed creature "drift" on ships for client - Fixed issue where creatures could disappear or erroneously die in some cases when moved onto ships, re-enabled move to ship functionality for Officials. - Added cooldowns to activate or reset Red Alert state (clients get a corresponding message onscreen when they try to execute the order during the cooldowns). - Fixed issue where crew melee swings on ships couldn't hit their targets. - Red Alert temporarily disabled on Official Servers whilst we investigate an issue related to its stability. v102.1 - Hand Harvesting Skills now affect tool usage as well. - Fixed Climbing Picks sometimes sending the player off into infinity. - Ended the Easter Event. Bunny hat skin applications and skinned items will still exist. - Significantly optimized the networking of character movement on ships. - Fixed a bug where you couldn't see another player turning their character on a ship if they weren't moving. - Fixed a server crash. - Fixed issue with resources not respawning near shipyards/docks. - Fixed an issue where mortars and lighthouses may not have had their activity tags updated properly. - Fixed issue that would cause characters (including creatures) based on a ship to "drift" off the ship over time. v101.32 - Possible fix for shoulder creatures disappearing or flickering post-transition. - Placed Water Reservoirs will now show their water richness percentage on the HUD. - Water Reservoirs will now gain water from rain. - Fixed Treasure Maps generating locations stuck in the world. Will not effect existing Treasure Maps. - Empires PvE mode will now have a 2 week declaim tag period of claim flags (was previously 6 hours for test purposes). - Disabled 'Move To Ship' pinwheel action for non-crew tames on Official Servers until we have resolved issues related to the feature. - Fixed Island Points totals getting de-synced/displaying incorrectly for Companies. and you can check out our entire Patch List since release, here: SHOW 'N' TELL #7 We’re still collecting entries for the Show ‘n Tell! So you have a little longer to astound us with your creations, be they your fleets, building designs, imaginative tatts, entertaining videos, original fan art or scenic screenshots. Don’t be shy and head to the submission thread for a chance to win some booty in the form of a cash prize! Alrighty, that ’s it for this log! Thank you so much for becoming a part of our crew and we can't wait to show all you scallywags, landlubbers, captains, and seadogs what lies ahead! Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Navigate ye olde Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    I reduced the volume of the snow. Thanks for the feedback!
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    I really like the snowstorms in the Tundra, it's a great addition. The sound of the wind is really loud however. I have to turn down the SFX volume when it snows. The wind sound drowns out the sound of everything else, including people talking. I'm not sure if this is intentional but a large decrease in volume would be nice. Also, it's a small detail, but the snow only appears to fall about 10-15 feet away from the player model. It looks like you are walking around with a giant umbrella overhead. Looking forward to the update.
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    I think the submarine SHOULD stay locked behind the Kraken. It's end game content ... the major point of it is so that someone can go explore the trenches and collect the Power Stones from them and summon the next level of World Boss (dunno if it's just a harder version of the Kraken). MMO's have always locked better loot and resources behind end game content since they started coming out. Getting the submarine is WAY easier then it ever was to get Sulfuras <Hand Of Ragnaros> or Thunderfury <Blessed Blade Of The Windseeker> back in Classic WoW. Those required 40-man raids and several weekly runs to gather enough materials, and that was assuming that your raid was even lucky enough to have the item that started the quest-line even drop.
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    How about just needing the first set of stones?? You can easily do the golden age ruins with just a few people. I have done a few solo with just naked runs crew and balistas on the ship.
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    Yeah im a bit disappointed. Thought each Quality Tier would add like 10 Level so we end up Getting Level 100 in the end. Sounds much but with the Sotd changes And the galleon class And 2 additional stats it would still be Fine. Just add that the dmg Stat only Applies to Cannons on gunports, And you would have proper Naval Battels again And no front or backloader anymore