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    Dear devs, small teams and solo players cant defeat the Kraken, so please remove that barrier from the sub and allow ALL PLAYERS to own a submarine. If you want to keep the sub rare and not available for every stupid noob : Thats ok ! But then please do something with the resource cost (gems, gold, whatever) so that it is difficult for players to farm the components. But dont lock the submarine behind a barrier that only mega tribes can crack
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    I wasn’t complaint about the wipe in any way shape or form lol. the point would be playing an mmo. Food, water and vitamins is actually pretty old that doesn’t really give any inmersion factor especially when you just kill yourself when you are close to your bed. It’s just a chore. It’s not realistic in the slightest.
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    Company limit on PvP server has been increased to 75.
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    Whenever I try to tame anything that isn't a passive tame the taming doesn't work, it'll allow me to feed a couple of times then stop, still shows me options to feed but the animal won't eat.
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    There were actually some good changes that were made during this last update. The thing is the changes weren’t drastic enough. This is the time to make a really big choice. Either get rid of the survival aspect of get rid of the mmo aspect. Yes mmo really only means a lot of people on one map but other parts come with that You guys will end up failing if you trying to do both. there will never be an economy or government if you stick with the survival aspect. If I were to give you my opinion on what to choose it would be to get rid of the survival aspect of the game completely and totally. you might disagree but this is still very much ark. It is still build a base, build a boat and go raid people. and with companies instead of factions I see very little that isn’t just ark survival evolved. the update did bring in slightly more players than i thought but the peak before the wipe was announced was 25k and the peak now is 12k with this weekend peaking at 11k already. so yes this updated and the changes increased the numbers by 10k during the wipe phase but it only brought back half of the people from before the wipe. not dumping on you guys for wiping by the way. It was a needed choice of course. The changes needing to be more drastic though. even though I think companies in general needed to be eliminated, if your choice is to keep them you need to make them as small as possible. If people really want big groups then do factions. Even if you aren’t part of the same group and don’t play together? Who cares, you are in the same factions. At the very least it would enable a LFG function to where people from the same factions could group up to accomplish certain goals. The other good news is they couldn’t be betrayed because they would be in the same faction. so he is my half compliment half realization. You guys have been doing a very good job getting more communication out there and I will applaud you for showing you do care by trying to make this big changes. That you have done a good job on. as far as the actual decisions go, or lack intensity of those changes this is where the compliment ends. If you are not looking at the big picture you see the numbers went up from the 2k to the 11k it currently is, which is true small picture. Big picture is a different story. In all reality they have lost half of their playerbase since the wipe was announced. You can look at 2 up to 12 all you want. But it is really 25 down to 12. so to end it, time to choose. Mmo or survival. Both will be a fail
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    Should dissapear after 10 days of inactivity
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    yea as i said you were indeed correct about that, but if you were writing a tesis about something using the exact words to describe something is a must, but we are playing a game, and he is just stating his opinion, being that opinion prescise or not i believe there is no need to be hostile about it.
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    Sorry guys but comparing EVE with Atlas is like comparing apples and pears. and if I look at what EVE can do, it's an insult to compare it to Atlas. Boomervoncannon is right in EVE is most action in the 0 sec. GSF 33800 member, pandemic 18928 member, Test Alliance 17034 member .... and so on. @Jose did you ever try to claim EVE solo Sov? will not go alone the game mechanics does not allow ^ ^ and the most important EVE is for a completely different target group.
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    the delay of the NAPvE server is typical of the devs. Did you actually expect something different?
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    I had been trying to tame a level 24 elephant for about 2 hours and it seems almost impossible. In addition to the wonky hitbox for "Press E to feed" creatures lose their tame percentage very rapidly now. I had this one up to over 80 percent tamed. My next bola caused him to land in a place where feeding was unreachable. I undid the bola and he was back to about 30%. After that I gave up.
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    What happened to the other NA PvE server??? Now we are going to have two PvE servers and 1 PvP designed for small groups that has been over taken bye Mega's?!?
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    I think Grapeshot should start holding seminars on "How to not be an introvert and join a team."
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    Beautiful. Its like they dont want people playing this game. It turned into a "season 50% off each Mega patch" cash grab.
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    We've got a rework in progress for the water reservoir, will be making it's way into the game soon and will help with islands that lack rainfall.
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    Yet here's another bug that pops up with the update. While taming a giraffe and feeding it, it is able to turn its body while it is trapped by a Bola and glitches you into its attack path. Dev's please repair these old and new bugs before adding anything to the game. I would be happy with the game as is if these really old bugs and the new ones that was created are fixed.
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    K4 is one of the busier Claim area, but is less than the average for lawless grids also in the Temperate Biome. The average for lawless is now more than double than the claim islands, and the difference is growing every day.
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    So I tried this on 2 different elephants both lvl 2 wheat grass, potatoes and wheat all have the same value at 1.5 percent, then we tried a lvl19 with wheat, and it was taming at 1.5 percent, the other problem is even with three people working together the highest we could get was 14% complete because ever time it would drop another 4 or 5 percent with in 10 seconds
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    if in desert do the devs not know that cold night and hot days = condensation , do they not think that desert dwellers would set up condensation traps ?, to at least have a bit of water before wipe the reservoirs filled up over time , they ran out if used too much wasnt at all op unless u built hundreds of reervoirs , i had enough for the odd drink and to keep my crops watered digging holes and filling up jugs to fill reservoirs to keep crops going is tedious and uneccesary as a game play mechanic
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    I don't want landlord on top of me in th game. what is unclear with that? Ability to set tax on you only flagged piece of land adding a bit of fun to the game. Nothing special. Example: imagine polar region and you flag the only spot with trees (they are rare there).And then you enjoy free wood resources : - ) WIth 1 pillar per person there will be enought land for everyone. Everyone will be able to own piece of land, sowe all will be equal, we all will be landlords. No slavery.
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    I wouldnt put it past the designers to look at the numbers and come to the wrong conclusion. I would think "Make claimed islands better" They will think "Nerf lawless!" Best not to spread around the tales of the golden lands of love, peace, harmony and friendship that is lawless.
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    Uhm, there is no need for them to put out "5000 islands"... if they would have kept some version of the old claim system, but with a limit on how many flags you can own, the problem would have been solved or at least almost non-existent... Cause there would have been a LOT more land for everyone! Not just companies with 5 members or more. As a solo player, then you could have had maybe 1 or 2 claims. Now, instead, a few companies own the whole Atlas, and the rest of the population is told to rent or go to lawless. When there was a much more fair solution that they could have implemented instead. I don't know how many times I saw players suggest to the developers to simply limit the amount of claims, and scale it according to Company size. I am sorry but this system is deeply unfair. We all paid the same amount of money for the game and should all have a Fair chance at owning a piece of land, However small it would be. I am not a greedy person, I don't need an island. Just a small claim for a shipyard, a base, but I want it to be my own, don't wanna be at the mercy of a landlord. The old claim size was perfect. It was enough for a base for a solo person or small company. They could have limited something like: 1 claim for solo player, 2 claims for 5 person Company, 5 claims for 10+ Company, and so on. With a max of maybe 15-20 claims for the larger companies. Most people would have been able to see the fairness of such a system. But instead they went with this and it makes me sad cause I really have loved this game from the start but it is getting so frustrating with this unfair system.
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    Ok, so to start on a positive note, I will say that you sound like a good landlord. And for some people, they might be very happy to be a renter at your island and that might be enough for them. However, that's not really the point, whether the landlord is Good or "bad". The point is, to be free of a landlord altogether. I believe this is a deeply rooted human need. It is the dream of very many people, to have some place to call "My own". I sure know that's True for me. I rent an apartment IRL, but would a thousand times more want to have my own place. So I rent IRL, now I come Into a fantasy world, a game, and am going to rent and pay taxes just like in real life? A game is supposed to be an escape from real life... where you have a good chance to get stuff you can't in real life. The deep seated human need to have your own space, you can see in every neighborhood of Residences. They have fences around their house. The fences are even low, not able to keep out people, simply to mark out "This is my territory". As you say, you have a landlord's perspective. It is the same IRL. The people who have money in society, most often Believe that "the other half" doesn't need more money, or that they should be content with what they have, etc. Empathy for others, true empathy, is quite rare, sadly... I am not saying that you don't mean well, I think you do. But, what you're saying is a little bit like a millionaire telling the beggar to be happy with what he's got. It might make sense to you since you're in the privileged position. This claim system is a disaster for solo players and small groups and sadly it will drive away many players. I am still debating whether to give up the game or not, since I don't rly like lawless and would like a landlord even less.
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    I solo the Kraken with a schooner its not hard at all.