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    I'm a little confused as to what your complaint is based upon considering we haven't announced the details of our claiming system rework yet. Some players have speculated on what it may entail but it's just that at this stage, speculation. There will be time for everyone to give their feedback on the system as we’ll be deploying the changes in advance on a publicly accessible test network before it hits the Official Network.
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    I’d like to see the ability to unclaim your own ships as admin for your company be implemented if possible. We have a shit tonne of ships and rather than just scuttling them I’d like to give them away or trade them with other players with some kid needing to sit there for hours and hours waiting for the claim flag to do the job. 1. This would also be good for PVE/Roleplayers so they can trade ships with others as a business or whatever. 2. Additionally in PvP people can demand someone surrender their ship and if both parties agree the ship can be handed over without the need to wait hours and hours. 3. Smaller companies can trade bigger companies fully levelled ships easily for alliance purposes so the bigger company won’t need to care how many ships it loses in PvP if their allies are just creating them and levelling them to hand over. Hopefully this will lead to the focus coming off raiding and moving to more sea battles. Im in a mega company btw ( for any haters out there so don’t bother with the toxic shit posting) this is just an idea. I’d like to see people work together more and I believe the current way of trading ships is essentially only based on pvp mechanics when it really need to be. I appreciate any input.
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    Weren’t you they guy that kept trying to shut down everyone from complaining? I mean, I believe everyone should say anything they want. But at the same time, if you don’t want to be a hypocrite, you really only have to choices. conplain when you want, and let others complain when they want. or, keep feeling people to stop complaining and then stfu. either one if fine with me. I have no preference to what you should do. You just seem to be starting to rant and I am pretty sure you don’t like the people that rant. might be time to take a step back and look from the outside in really.
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    Just wait. When you're pacing up and down the gunwales of your galleon trying to think of what to do... remember this post.
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    not even a problem anymore.. i spend 1 hour with a baby when its born, then it can hold enough food to last till it can get to the trough, i only come back and check it for the imprinting. No need to sit with it for hours. If your food is decaying faster than the animal can eat it look into growing some veggies as they provide more food meaning the eat less, and they last forever in a trough. If your living in an area that tempeture needs constant monitoring. might want to look into renting land in temperate zones. Since the new patches last week i have bread close to 35 baby bears and lost 0 to food or temp issues. PS im a solo breeder
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    Can't see ships or bases until you're right on top of them.. Utterly stupid.. I'm sailing around trying to find someone to have a ship battle with, can't find anyone because the render range is so low.. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.. Ridiculous.
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    It would be nice if there was a way to open a trade window with another player. What I’m thinking is an option under the E menu, similar to recruiting, that one player initiates and the other accepts. It would then open a window very similar to a smithy in that your inventory opens on the left, you put trade items in the top-right section, and their trade items appear in the bottom-right section. Both players would then have to click on a trade button, and any changes to the items would disable that players trade button. This would allow for honest trading between players with very little chance of being defrauded out of goods/gold.
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    If claim flag maintenance is going to be put into effect, it needs to come directly out of the bank only. Individual claim flag maintenance will only further RUIN the system for small companies and solo players. claim flag maintenance directly at the flag makes the game even more tedious than it already is currently. Running around, and sailing around to each flag to do maintenance is simply a tedious mechanic and completely unfun.
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    This is Gandalf my grey Stallion I painted the white on him since I would love to see more horses with pretty markings (like paints, appaloosas etc)
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    All on PvE Official. Here's a few i found in my box of too many for this week! Another sleepless night in the cabin, i wonder how the seas will fare tonight? Thanks!
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    Tax on PVE is stupid. It all came down to who was able to claim the land first. Abolish tax all together on PVE. New players have ZERO chance of getting any land whatsoever, by eliminating tax it will open up so much land for new players as hoarding the land would reap no reward. There is a company on our island that claimed the majority of the land, they dont even have a base... just flags and a tax bank set to 30%, do they really deserve all those free materials just for being the first people to walk around hitting F1? no. There is also no way to claim the land off them, as long as they visit once in a while to refresh the flag timers its all theirs for nothing. Tax on PVE is a stupid concept. Just abolish flags all together and make it like ARK, would be far less frustrating.
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    Wow, you literally just advocated for P2W mechanics in this game. Or any game that is played with other people for that matter. I try my best to adress opinions and ideas and do not like attacking a person. However this is blatantly against what every single gamer should innately stand for. Witch is to be able to have the same opportunity to enjoy a game they paid for without parsing out better parts for those that can and want to pay more. You sir, are a piece of dog shit. I will activly spend 10 minutes hoping something unfortunate happens to you today.
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    You mean you don't like the sound of two paper bags rubbing against each other constantly as your run along?
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    1 person can place 2 flags. Would be totally fine.
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    The issue Mike, is that the large cannon kite meta means that to get a fight against such a player, you need to face tank a few volleys just to get close. Losing planks/sails in single volleys. That doesn't make for exciting pvp.
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    Pillar spam is a bad idea, i have this in my lawless areas. As it is the only protection against the raiding meta (foundation-cannon-byebye huge stone fortress) i spam myself.. very stupid. Hopefully we get some system with max flags per active player (who must have logged in during the last week). Or a „homestone“ solution. I scouted many islands today, the big companies fell apart, in 2 cases there were just the company founder left, owning 20 galleons and 2-3 islands solo...lol. An easy and fair system is a must !
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    One main building, your capital. Place this and you own some land. Spend skill points to unlock more flags to place. Upkeep goes into the capital building.
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    This legit complain 'bout the red in red cross shows one thing - if u cant even think thru the small things (as a Dev), what to expect from the "bigger fish to fry"...
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    This is the sort of thing that makes me roll my eyes whenever I think of their pre Atlas launch statement that they “learned so many lessons from Ark”. This red on red thing is the sort of thing that internal testing and QA should catch long before it ever goes to live servers and that’s only if nobody on the actual design team has a common sense moment and catches it on the front end. It’s another strong indicator that one of their weaknesses stems from apparently not playing their own game much because if they did this would jump out at them as an easy fix fast.
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    Wipe.....ok. Day 1. Run, run, run for land Day 2. I have Land. Now this Game is great Day 2. I don't have Land. This Game sucks. Game need a wipe!!!
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    ISO putting every single map designer on the Grapeshot team to shame(sorry Ben ). I mean it's not even fair. How about hiring her instead of letting her talents be unofficial only?
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    I would love to have some Place on an claimable Island (PVE Server) but all i found so far are People having much more Land claimed then they nee d. I had to make a decission searching on Islands where no claimable Land is available or placing Foundations to avoid having nothin g. In my Opinion there is too much water and not enough claimable Land. And there are too much greedy People ….. hello World.
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    Sounds like lawless isn't affecting you in the least bit. Play the game the way you want, it is a sandbox after all.
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    What I find is that if new settlers bother to communicate with the residents of an island most of this sort of land appropriation can be avoided. But, many times I've tried to talk to people who come into my space, drink from my barrels, and cut down the trees directly next to my buildings, only to refuse to even acknowledge me when I am standing right in front of them. These are the same people who build and run, or build right on top of me, or resources. So, I play defensively. But I am more than happy to have neighbors who are respectful.