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    Before you post yet another thread, perhaps you should read through the existing ones and maybe add to their discussion? We do not need yet MORE threads on these topics. The devs have already addressed a lot of it and there are plenty of existing constructive threads. Just saying...
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    Bulls need a cargo harness that moves weight. Make a medium gate that fits elephants. Behe gates are stupid
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    @Jatheish Two primary issues that need resolutions asap, basic QoL changes that would make a huge impact, and some suggestions for tames: 1) Animals falling through the mesh of boats or structures absolutely needs to be fixed ASAP. I recognize you saying above that you are making this a priority, so I'll just reaffirm how crucial this is to the player base. This has to be the #1 priority for animals; we've stopped sending bug reports about this, because it happens so much. Daily. And it was never fixed in Ark. Don't let this one slip. 2) The main thing wrong with the breeding system is how fast the temperature spikes can kill an animal. In Ark, you generally get to a point where you can leave the darn thing alone entirely for large chunks of time, as long as you're careful and watch your timers. In Atlas, even if you've got all the temperature ranges for your biome/grid known, you still have a maximum of maybe a 10 minute window where, if unobserved, the baby can die, because it can transition from a heat wave to a cold front, and no amount of insulation we've found can prevent a swing like that from killing a baby without manual adjustment. This window should be significantly longer, especially further on into maturation. You can still keep the temperature requirements, but the window for failure needs to be much larger, given the extremely long maturation time. Boosting someone else's idea: Give babies a scaling insulation buff when close to their mother. This will benefit smaller tribes who don't have as many people to do babysitting, and still make it more complex for larger tribes to manage that proximity if doing mass breeding. We also need some way to cool down a baby. It doesn't have to be huge (but more than being submerged in water). Necessary QoL changes Add armored saddle blueprints to the game (even just a bit, doesn't have to be the full 25 armor of a bear) Add Medium sized gates, for Tier 2 animals (and smaller tier 3s) Make medium and large sizes cages (like those in the Piracy tree) to hold animals on board ships for better transport. Make the "Transfer <animal> to <x>" option move them into specific, named cages, instead of to ships. Filter gathering would be amazing Add the "Dino Leash" item from ark Animal Specific Seagull - allow for a 'homing pigeon' ability where it can send weightless items like blueprints or treasure maps back to a specified location at your home base (like a special bird cage you craft) Crow - Help you spot nearby undiscovered Discovery Points with a UI element, like the Bulbdog alerting you to high level predators Sheep - Convert the hide-like resource your shear off them to a Fiber. This would help alleviate the lack of fiber in certain areas, since you could just bring along a couple sheep. Also fur just seems more like fiber then hide. Pig - Allow it to act like a super-shovel. Bonus chance to harvest worms, gold, etc from the ground Wolf - Revisit the idea of a "Pack Buff" like in Ark, as a means of boosting the wolves' currently underwhelming power level, without drastically changing the creature itself. Elephant Giraffe - should be able to gather additional thatch from trees (higher up) Bulls should get a buff to farming thatch from plants on the ground (all plants, not like how with Bears it needs to be a special plant) Shieldhorn - Its special passive ability is fantastic, but it needs a base HP boost or armor to really be a viable tank. Razortooh - Needs a stamina buff, and probably HP or armor. Seagull - Gather fish, increase Fog of War reveal distance Rabbits - on the shoulder gives a "Lucky" gold boost buff PS: While the new taming system of getting hit by the animal is somewhat annoying, I really like that it pushes taming into more of a group activity, often needing people to do the primary tame, scout/kill predators, and have someone on backup to take over if you miss the sweet spot a few times and get hurt. I like this design direction; even though I end up doing less solo taming, I have a LOT of fun on our group taming excursions into dangerous areas! Edit: PS, clarity, typo
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    @Jatheish As a designer I would scrap how animals are at this point. Currently this game is turning into an Ark expansion. I would decide to stop living in Ark's shadow. Currently I've done all PvE material so my day consists of riding around on a level 70 bear with elephants behind me harvesting X resource with hopes of actually needing blue print weapons to complete the next PvE tier. Currently riding is basically a requirement for things to do effectively either everything else needs to be brought up or beastmastery needs to be brought down. I would change the tree to crew. It would allow you to get animals but the animals would have something they bring to the table and not be rideable. The shoulder mount thing would be fine but cruising around on (current meta tame) is basically Ark. So I now have a blank slate and need to make it so I can get tames. I would want it to be a low chance from mate boosted animals when you harvest their bodies or a high chance from an alpha. Could also put a vendor in the game that sells the babies. So now my players have a baby X. This whole temperature thing currently is silly and the way to fix it going to require a lot of resources from my company (grapeshot) so the cost would be too great to keep this. The concept is cool but the creation and implementation creates a poor user interaction with it so I would scrap it. The concept of feeding animals something special is a good one so I could fill up a bear with honey and it would mature faster or just use berries cause they are easy but longer time until they are grown. So now I have a way for players to get tames so I now need to make them useful. This would be the bottom tiers of the crew tree. Different animals would have a function that fall into combat or utility. For this I would think of how I envision an amazing creature of the type. Bear- Combat- Taunt enemies around the player acting as a tank. Chicken- Utility- When on wander produces eggs Cow- Utility- Produces milk (more on wander) Bull- Utility- when on wander fertilizes nearby crops Crow- Shoulder- When you die acts as a bed. Razortooth- Combat- nerfs alphas. Shieldhorn- Combat- Produces a shield that deflects projectiles. (Currently elementals have little counter play) Elephant- Utility- When on wander collects wood. Giant Pig- Utility- When on wander finds buried items. Giraffe- Utility- When on wander gathers thatch. Horse- Utility- Rideable, pulls carriage and cargo which helps tranports large amounts of people or heavy amounts of resources great distances (we need something that makes unloading a galley not horrible) Lion- Combat- grabs smaller creatures. Monkey- Shoulder- barehanded becomes climbing picks at a much higher stam use rate. Ostrich- Utility- Harvests seeds when on wander. Parrot- Shoulder- Makes musical instruments easier to play and buffs the buff radius. Penguin- shoulder- fortitude buff. Rabbit- Shoulder- When on shoulder provides a movement speed. Rhino- Utility- When on wander gathers stone. Seagull- Shoulder- When on shoulder reduces/removes fog debuff Sheep- Utility- When on wander gathers fiber Tiger- Combat- reduces movement speed of enemies. Vulture- Utility- When on shoulder decreases vitamin depletion. Wolf- Combat- has a howl that increases damage. Turtle- Make tameable- Shoulder- Increase swimspeed, decreases oxygen use, and reduces deep diving debuff. Rattlesnake- Utility- When on wander produces venom, venom is used for anti-venom which reduces torpidity. So now that I have all these super cool animals I need to transport them and the current bug is they fall off (scavenging tames in the ocean is super lucrative I know a guy that got a Razortooth) I would make it so boats have a animal attachment that is basically a cage and when you send the animal to it the animal gets turned into more of an item that is placed inside the cage instead of being on the boat (no more lost at sea tames yay). We now need somewhere to put all these wandering tames. I would make it so tames on wander don't leave your territory. I would also make it so you can apply a filter on the map to see where certain tames are. Now for the meaty part of the new tree. I would make it so NPC's you get from SotD have a type of suffix like Bob. Bob would be a builder. You would need points in crew to hire Bob and then you can put him on a smithy. If you have skills in construction you would be able to make things like stone at a reduced cost. The points in crew would only be to get Bob, the points in construction would make it so you can get the discounted building from Bob. This would make Bob your righthand man when it comes to construction of things. You would still need the recipe to make it though. So getting NPC's and keeping them alive would have benefits beyond "I need guys on my sails" which you would want to keep around because sailor NPC's would make your sails better. This would lead into reworks of the other skill trees, I would make farming capable of making the large crop plots grow fiber,thatch, and wood that the NPC's can harvest at a drastically reduced rate. The rate they harvest can be modified by giving them higher end tools. Artillery tree would also get access to alchemists that can be put on a mortar and pestle that will make it so you can stack unlimited resources inside it and queue up organic paste for more than 220 at a time... it would also make it faster to give the QoL that is missing from the chemistry station. I could keep talking about how I would change it but the TL:DR is make animals more companion rather than a requirement but still have meaning. Make NPC's more than a parasite when you arn't sailing. As a designer I would change a lot of things but for creatures this is what I would do. ~Lotus
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    I like this. Even a 3-5 minute warning about rain would be a game changer.
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    Most important thing is to split harvesting materials from food collection. At the moment when I harvesting with bear for fibre I alway get tons and tons berries and so on. I don’t know why fruits and vegetables a called Resourses. Could make another option like disable food harvesting. Thanks
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    seagul- reveal more fog of war in open seas and maybe show trails of the ships ? vulture- show health of every living thing around you? bull- carry more weight -giraffe gather more thatch -bear should be able to gather honey and please add ignore item list to the animal inventory like in the bank and more agressive options to animals like : attack only players and tamed creatures. i want animals protect my base not to chase a seagul to the open seas
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! It's your Co-Captain back again with my trusty bag of pistachios and bad Dad jokes (although I'll restrain myself in relation to the latter this once). We’ve prepared a hearty edition of the Captain’s Log to make up for last week’s absence. There is a load of information, updates, and glimpses of what’s to come to share with you! In this Captain’s Log, we will be taking a look at what has been implemented over the past fortnight along with a view of what’s on the horizon for the weeks ahead including some key changes to design aspects of the game. HULL-UP ON THE HORIZON Upcoming ‘Mega’ patch and Current Focus In an earlier Captain’s Log, we announced that we would be making changes to the game which reduce the steepness of the climb necessary to experience some of the later game content. We want to reduce how punishing ATLAS is, especially to solo players and smaller groups, and ensure that those who cannot invest as much time are still able to experience the fun that ATLAS has to offer. We’ve begun that process with our recent minor updates which have incorporated changes to weight, structures, QOL improvements and small tweaks to creatures. However, we recognize that there is still a lot more that needs to change, including revisiting some major design aspects of the game. It is for that reason, we’ll be delaying the February Content update to Mid/Late March so we can include some of these major changes. First of all, we’ll be revamping the Land Claim/Ownership System. We recognize that for a lot of players, land is incredibly difficult to get, and in some cases impossible, unless you’re in a lawless zone or playing with a large group. This is something we’re planning on addressing by introducing some new mechanisms related to land claiming, such as upkeep, as well as some possible limitations which we’ll be able to cover precisely in the next Captain’s Log, as we’re still hashing out the details. The next aspect we’d like to tackle and include in this March update is defense against ‘offline raiding’. This is something that has often been echoed around the community as being a critical problem with the game. Players are unable to enjoy PvP versus one another because the meta encourages/enables offline raiding through how easy and effective it is. Our plan is to introduce game mechanics which will funnel PvP taking place during online hours and the overall objective is to provide players more power and defensive options over their land. These are two major systems that will be receiving attention from our development team over the coming weeks so we can have them ready to launch in tandem with the aforementioned changes in March. We’ll also be including some additional QOL changes, first pass adjustments to the vitamins system, Companies and other aspects of the game based on recent feedback. You can look forward to the specifics of those changes in the next Captain’s Log where we’ll share the full updated patch notes, including the revamp of the Claim System and how we want to deal with the offline raid meta. Public Test Realm As we get closer to the release of this update, we’ll be deploying the changes in advance on a publicly accessible test network before it hits the Official Network. We’ll be iterating based on the feedback and reports you guys make, ensuring that we’re able to deal with any critical concerns prior to the update hitting our live servers. Additionally, we’d also like to use this network for some of our more regular updates too. Most hotfixes will still go through our internal processes before they’re pushed live, but when it comes to the more widespread/impactful changes, whether balance or fixes, we may look to deploy them onto this network for players to experience first hand in a test environment. Please note that these servers won’t be considered ‘stable’, and therefore could be wiped at any given moment. We’ll likely set them up as multiple smaller clusters, and have tweaked rates on them to account for the fact that it won’t be as large of a network, have as many players, and playtime being minimized. ISO Blackwood! Prepare for a dark twist on the Equatorial biome with ISO Blackwood. Dark jungles, caves, alcoves, villages, homes, and farms, an interesting array of animals and a new concept; The Mire. Wade through thick green waters teeming with dangerous creatures, rare plant life and the occasional Gorgon to find buried treasure, lost corpses and even the giant and ancient snake boss Anacython. The mega content update to drop in March will also include an alpha release of ISO Blackwood (from the creator of the popular ARK mod, ISO Crystal Isles). This will be a standalone map which players can host on a single server and still experience all that ATLAS has to offer! Creature Feedback Following (or alongside) the upcoming update, we’d like to take a pass at the creatures we’ve currently implemented and are presently seeking feedback related to them! If you’d like to suggest some changes, especially if it’s related to their abilities/perks, then please do so here: Patch Roundup Complete Patch Notes We wanted to tackle concerns players had in regards to QOL along with overall balance and we implemented some key aspects of that in our v18.84 patch. We have made interesting design choices at times and realised it would be good to take a step and back and observe how some of those aspects were playing out on a grand scale. Taking a look at weight in general was a focus and we made some sweeping changes to the weight of all items and resources as well as providing buffs to weight capacity in some specific ways. Balance in relation to defense was also on the agenda, with built structures being given resistance buffs along with some a new defensive mechanism for anchored boats. We'll continue to monitor PvP balance moving forward and make further adjustments as we deem necessary. Creatures were also given some love in an initial pass and, as mentioned elsewhere in this Log, we are currently taking feedback on creatures that we will utilize in tandem with our plans moving forward. General QOL changes also included the Fountain Of Youth (pending a redesign in the future), a respec option, and skillpoints among others. released patch notes up to v18.95 v18.95 - Optimized server spatial octree, which should result in better server performance and reduced stalls. v18.94 - Fixed an issue with NPC's not interacting when stationed. v18.92 - Canvases are now free-paintable - Improved the appearance of storm cyclones vfx v18.9 - Fixed an issue with babies not eating from inventory/troughs when in stasis. - Fixed a bug with Alpha creatures. v18.89 - Fixed an issue with the unstasis/render distance on ships - Optimized performance of various server subsystems. v18.87 - Optimized performance of various server subsystems. v18.84 Weight - Gold coins have had their weight reduced by 50% - The weight of all items have been reduced by 30% globally (does not apply to structures that are placed on boats, only items in inventories) - Weight Sails now provide 20% more bonus weight. - Diving Suit now provides a buff which gives players a 50% extra base weight when diving underwater - Water Barrel now has a base weight of 75. It can hold 6000 water (previously was 500). For every 1000 water, it will add 20 weight. This means the lightest it will be is 75, and the maximum weight will be 195. - Players now start the game with 30% more personal weight and will gain an additional 40% per level (so base weight has increased from 250 -> 325 and bonus per level is up from 10 to 14) - Tamed creatures now gain an additional 6% weight per level into weight rather than 4% Creatures & Tames - Elephants and Rhinos now provide a 25% weight reduction to their specialised resources - Giraffe now receives an approximate 2x bonus when harvesting thatch and has a 25% weight reduction when carrying thatch - Elephant base stamina increased to 390 - Rhino base stamina increased to 190 - Giraffe base stamina increased to 440 - Baby creatures will no longer take into account the temperature alterations from coldfront and heatwave - Tamed creature resistance has been increased by 30% and damage increased by 20% - Bear health has been reduced by 10% - NPC Crew can now be renamed - NPC Crew can no longer be placed on Bear and Horse Carts - Company Tame Limits have been doubled - The interval between paying crew gold has been increased by 40% (there is now more time before you have to pay them again) - Ship of the Damned will no longer physically damage a team's structures and anchored boats unless they have been specifically damaged by that target. PvE servers only. Structures and Items - Puckle Damage has been increased to 100 base and is 50% more armour piercing - Carbines reload time has been reduced by 10% - Pistol reload time has been reduced by 33% - Blunderbuss reload time has been reduced by 20% - Blunderbuss damage to creatures has been increased by 50% to wild and by 20% to tamed. - Stone Structure SAP crafting requirements changed to fibre. - Wooden Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 30% - Stone Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 45% - Explosive Barrel change reverted until the redesign - Reverting damage increase and crafting cost decrease to Grenades - Oil Jar weight has increased to 10 and fires lit on top of oil have had their duration reduced by 50% - Oil Jar has been made more difficult to craft - Fully Anchored Boats now have a buff which provides a bonus 300% structure resistance QOL - Old Age no longer has a debuff - Fountain of Youth is now available on all Golden Age Ruin servers (we'll be looking at redesigning how this works in the near future) - Players can now purchase a respec soup at the Commodity Trader in Freeports - Players now have approximately 20% more skill points per level Bug fixes - Fixed a bug where quality specific equipment would display a multiplicative % stat increase and a flat stat increase, but only one would work. Going forward, the flat stat increase will be made obsolete and items will no longer be generated with it. Quality stated items will now only generate with the multiplicative stat bonus, and this change will be retroactive. - Fixed a bug where items would falsely state that they were providing a speed benefit (did not do anything). They should not generate anymore going forward. - Mortars will no longer be able to shoot at players outside of render distance v18.76 - Fixed a bug where fire AoE would not attach properly to moving boats. v18.74 - Potential fix for some frequent server side crashes. We'll be monitoring with this build v18.73 - Diving Suit will make wild underwater creatures ignore you unless you attack them - Alcohol will no longer spoil - Cooking Recipes spoil time increased to 10 hours - Spoiling time increase bonus on Preserving Bag has been increased - Decreased crafting costs for Grenades by approximately 20% - Improved cannon collision and obstruction check to limit the effectiveness of multiple cannons in gunport. - Diving Attachment now has the same health as the Dinghy Hangar - Fixed a bug relating to shooting cannonballs, previously allowing it to go through certain ally structures. This will no longer be the case anymore. - Cannister shot range increased by approximately 20% - Cannister shot damage increased by approximately 10% - Spike shot explosion timer is now 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds - Spike shot now reloads approximately 10% quicker - Spike shot range increased by approximately 15% v18.69 - Fixed some server startup crashes - Widened the amount of networking info the server can send to clients - Server optimisations v18.65 - Fixed a bug related to server transitions v18.6 - Crow's Nest peak will no longer block the camera. - When it rains, cyclones now only have a 33% chance to occur (previously 100%), and will deal twice as much damage. - Dolphins chance to jump has been reduced to 20%. - Client-side option to hide the Gamepedia Wiki button in player inventory. - Patched out some .ini changes which allowed people to remove certain visual effects granting them an unfair advantage in PvP - On PvE specifically, Ship of the Damned should not attack anchored ships that have not fired upon them. - Rare Resources are now available on PvE Commodity traders for a higher gold amount than regular resources. - Fixed crew on puckle gun taking damage from fire aoe buffs. - When gunports are closed they now reduce their specific snapped-cannon weight by 60% (previously 50%), open-ports are default cannon weight. - Gunport crafting and repair costs are now the same as regular planks. - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to place multiple claim flags at once. - Large Cannons now do 30% less damage against Ship planks and Ship decks. v18.58 - Added extra server-side protection to remote inventories to resolve an exploit v18.57 - Company Claim Flags cannot be personally owned anymore. - Server crash fixes v18.55 - Client Side GPU Optimisations - Explosive Barrel Weight now correctly displayed as 60 - Added a direct button to the ATLAS wiki when opening your inventory v18.5 - Server optimisation for structures on boats - Fixed a bug where picking up a higher quality structure within the pickup timeframe would result in the common structure, rather than the specific higher quality itself Dynamic atlas maps roundup The ATLAS Dynamic Maps is a system that monitors live in-game territory ownership and indicates which companies dominate over the lands. Each week with our Captain’s Log, we’ll be including an image to monitor the progress of the maps, taking note of any exits or new arrivals and any drastic changes in the overall claim. Those who will come to dominate the ATLAS may very well become clear in the days and weeks ahead, though maintaining a large Empire will likely come with its own longer-term challenges… The companies that have occupied islands for a certain period of time will soon gain the automatic privilege to name them on the in-game and web maps, as it is their land! Remember you can don your Company’s company flag by stylizing it in the game with a paintbrush! Upload your own images or design it how you like, with the top company flags always being visible on https://map.playatlas.com/ [EU PVP] The Whale's Wrath Held: French & Ships, The French Monkeys, IVANARMY, ENSLAVED, and Frogues Orientales. Arrivals: Eternal Diamond, CHZ!!**, Kraken, Dark Project Armada, and Stray Cats. Departures: Goulou Goulou, Future, ETERNIA, Bad Company, and Les Spectres. [NA PVP] The Kraken's Maw Held: Dynasty, TPG, CSTG, OwO, The Federation, and No No No. Arrivals: Uganda, SoV, Sons of the Seven, and Team Casualty. Departures: High Seas Booty Bandits, Barry Sails, Destiny and SNC. And whilst there isn’t active PvP on PVE servers, we’d like to recognize the following Companies for their claims! [EU PVE] The Siren's Call Held: Compagnie des Indes, Rum ueber Bord, Future Company (HUN), SouL SanD, Dos Bros$ and SwiftS.RU. Arrivals: Black Hand, Phantasia, M.E.R.C Spirit, and mochi. Departures: Paragon, Woelfe des Rudels, Fenrirs Dogs, and Tacorsair. [NA PVE] The Hydra's Den Held: Scales & Sails, Atlas Shrugged, The Exiles, East India Trading Co, and Sons of Orion. Arrivals: Without Divide, TPG, Lotus, Poets and Pirates, and Darksea Dawgs. Departures: Narcos, Paragon, Dead Men Floating, Plunderers, and CN- adilt supplies. SHOW 'N' TELL#4 We saw an impressive array of submissions in this edition of Show 'n Tell. It's awesome to see all of your creativity and talent. Feast yer eyes on th' best o' th' bunch below! WINNERS CAPTAINOKAMI This beautifully constructed coastal village reminds us of Bora Bora. No attention to detail was spared and this idyllic sanctuary is a testament to its creators' vision and dedication. GINGERBABY This dramatic action shot captured whilst numerous Companies take on their first Kracken kill sums up the large scale aspect of the fight. Congratulations on defeating the Kracken, guys! OTAWA72 What can be said that isn't already caught in this awesome shot? Boom! BRIANEATSZOMBIES Elegant design and tidy composition. Winner winner chicken dinner. BOSSNDABEAT Thematically consistent and an aesthetic delight; we loved this entire build that can't quite be conveyed via a screenshot. HONOURABLE MENTIONS NOOM NOMAD_RAV THE PILGRIM GLOBYTHEOLDPIRATE Congratulations to all of the winners who will receive some real life cash booty! We look forward to the next round of Show n' Tell! Alrighty, that ’s it for this log! Thank you so much for becoming a part of our crew and we can't wait to show all you scallywags, landlubbers, captains, and seadogs what lies ahead! Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Navigate ye olde Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    I’m against having a upkeep for claims, logging in to refresh claims is all the upkeep that is needed, there is no difference any way you look at it, take a player such as yourself who seems to have plenty of gold, if it’s required to place gold or mats in a resource box to keep a claim, then why not place enough in there to cover the next 5 years and log off and go do something else. Some people in the game have already acquired over 100k gold in the game, do you think paying for claims will affect them any ? Hell no, the only ones who will suffer are solo players who have no interest in grinding gold to hold claims and new players who are trying to get started. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the point is that having a upkeep on claims will not solve anything, having a limit on claims may help but who here would have multiple accounts just to increase the claims they can have ? We’ve all paid for this game and we all know it’s early access and we all know change is going to happen. The issue is how to keep the player base you have and still pull in more. The land issue is a issue and the number of flags one can place is a issue but if each person can hold let’s say 20 flags across all regions, the a company of 5 has 100 flags, ..... are you starting to see where I’m going with this ? Having a upkeep won’t solve the issue, it will create more issues for solo and new players. Most of us are still building on our 1st base vs others who have already built multiple bases or even empires. Some of us are moving at a snails pace in the game because we are here for the long haul, some people have already done everything that the game has to offer and is playing something else until new content arrives. So who gets punished ? Who decides what is fair for everyone ? We all have ideas and it seems we all are playing the game our own way so we look at the end results differently based on what we have plans to do in game. This isn’t a storyline type of game where players are forced to do things in order to increase skill lines and level up, in this game you level up by simply surviving the environment.
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    The problem is Atlas devs are against the wall. People are fleeing the game in big numbers and any change they make that isn't close to perfect just makes another slice of people quit. Claims is just one of many issues that Atlas got. Solving claims wont magically make the player numbers change, far from it. But for claims a removal of all sea claims to begin with would be a good idea. Not only do they not count on the timer, they also give a much larger area in return and they don´t really make sense anyway. But the people that abused sea claims need some kind of grace period where they can place land flags inside their sea claim that covers land. Capping flags per person doesn´t work and claims are no longer personally owned. The upkeep method is much better, get say 5 free company flags and then add gold cost to the rest. But again, it wont solve all your claim issues. Removing claims all together wont work either. What you want is to make it too troublesome for the 1 guy that got 50 claims to keep going, nothing else. But the big question is, how many people can the Islands actually support. I have seen eco dead islands due to the way people build on yellow flags and that´s even worse than everything claimed with red flags. Not that servers can really handle above 50 people anyway. People building Minecraft castles isn't helping either in any way. We are funny enough forced to be land bound in a sailing game. Hence we need a small base and lots of resource land, not to mention the mandatory zoo. In the end you will never get around the 10 companies with 5 casual players in each all having 10 flags and essentially locking up an entire server. There just isn't claims enough to go around unless the population is spread enough or low enough. Someone will always complain why he or she couldn´t get a spot exactly where they wanted. You know the perfect Island, perfect biome, perfect habour area and just next to the metal nodes.
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    Claim flags should not have a gold requirement. The last thing this game needs is to make solo players constantly hunting gold just so they can keep their claim.
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    The OP tames are a joke .. you are stupid. Stop posting.
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    Bear - It’s clear that the bear is the popular choice for best all-around tame. I think that the bear’s combat ability is where other offensive tames should be. In addition to all that strength and health..and stamina..and carry weight, which makes sense because it’s a bear, their strongest attack also has a conic radius and they are unmatched at gathering underbrush resources; and their bite or swipe gives you the ability to gather meat or hide at various rates. They can run fairly quickly at top speed, but easily bump into things and lose their momentum. Their biggest negatives are that they can’t jump and are not very nimble, so backing up or making sharp turns can be slightly difficult; but their swipe is conic so that’s usually not a problem in combat. Most people are pretty happy with the bear and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think it really shines because it doesn’t have much competition; by that I mean that most other tames feel fairly useless in general. I can only think of two reasonable things to change about the bear without painfully nerfing its stats. Make it T3 and lower its attack speed. Attack speed is the huge thing here. It would lower its ability to both attack in combat and gather at a high rate without making it too weak at anything it’s currently good at. Chicken - It gives you eggs. Not worth breeding. Cow - It gives you milk. Not worth breeding. If anything, add the ability to ride it without a saddle like the pig simply for a quality of life improvement. Bull - Please enable the use of cargo saddles for bulls. Increased carry weight and possibly buff damage. I would really like the bull to be useful for something. I think it would be great to give it the ability to gather materials that currently do not seem to be gathered at increased rates by any other tames, such as tree fibers like bamboo and silk as well as secondary resources from trees such as cocoa and limes. Crow - It buffs intelligence at a decent value. Definitely the most useful shoulder pet. It’s not the Crow’s fault that intelligence rolls blueprint bonuses on a percentile and simply increases your maximum while doing nothing about the minimum, still letting you roll a natural 1, so that almost no one bothers to put their stat points into it when they could use those points for something more concrete. Or that it’s only semi-useful when crafting special blueprints and absolutely nothing else like gathering rates or something. Please increase the spoil timers on worms because birds are hard enough to tame already. Razortooth - I’ve heard it’s a picky eater so I really haven’t tried to tame one yet. But I’d definitely be upset if something I traveled so far into the most dangerous territory in the game for and worked so hard to tame died because it’s squishy. It’s not even in a tier, so it should be that strong and scary. Shieldhorn - I heard it stops bullets which is pretty cool. I see a lot of people saying to buff its stamina so I’m going to assume it needs that. Again, it’s difficult to get to and tame so it should be better than T3. Definitely seems like the tank tame so I’m hoping it has very high health. Elephant - Elephants are great. They gather wood and can kind of stomp on things. I love the carry weight buffs. But I think it needs a couple changes to really shine. Something so big and heavy shouldn’t get stuck on snakes and and puppies. If it’s possible, adding some sort of collision change that lets you push creatures out of the way or walk over them more effectively would be fantastic. Please remove the collision from their tusks though because they get stuck on literally everything and you can barely even walk around them. Giant Pig - Everybody poops. You can ride it. But you can’t make it poop while riding it. I tried. Giraffe - I love the recent changes to weight and thatch gathering. Exactly what this tame needed. Horse - They’re very fast and can carry a decent amount of weight, as well as gather seeds and some berries and vegetables if you need them. Useful for exploring new places and traveling in general. They are so ridiculously annoying to catch though. Taming them is easy, if you can catch them. Basically, you either make a trap and hope one decides to fall in or you chase it down with another tame and somehow trap them between a rock and a hard place and hope they don’t get free in-between bolas. That’s if they don’t run into the ocean and swim around in circles until a shark eats them first. Please lower their movement speed, preferably only while wild if that’s possible, or make them semi-aggressive so they only run away at a certain health threshold. Lion - Good at killing things, but they should be stronger than bears. Please buff their carry weight and stamina so they can be a little more useful for other things as well. I’d like it if they didn’t sound like rubbing sandpaper while running around too. Monkey - Health regeneration is cool, though it’s not much so I think this should be increased. Making their buff more noticeable would make them more desirable for map hunts and Golden Age Ruins runs. They throw poop at things too, but that’s about as useful as a ball of poop. The Monkey is small, but it’s quite nimble and reflexive so I think it could use a little more health for survivability. Ostrich - The ostrich is one of my favorites because I love the temperature regulation buffs. It is by far the most annoying tame to be around though, so please lower the interval at which it makes that horrible vocal noise. It’s smaller than a horse so it can’t carry as much weight, but it also seems to have lower health which makes the horse a more desirable choice for a travel mount in any biome but the desert; or maybe a heat wave in the tropics. The hyperthermic regulation is great, though obviously only useful in warmer climates so it’s very situational. I think that it needs a slight buff to compete with the horse, either movement speed or jump strength to make up for the difference in health and carrying capacity. Parrot - By far my favorite avian. The available color schemes for this tame makes it kind of fun to seek out. I love the fortitude buff, but it’s such a small amount that it’s hardly worth the effort. Taming any of the avians can be fairly challenging, and they all have very low health values so they can die easily if anything goes wrong. I think the fortitude value should be greatly increased, by at least 4-5x. Currently a decent level parrot doesn’t even provide you with a third of what you get just from balancing your vitamins, and even the vitamin buff doesn’t make a huge difference honestly. Bird tames aren’t designed to fight or gather, their only value lies in that buff they provide when on your shoulder. Currently not worth the effort to tame or take with you on your travels, especially when zone changes cause shoulder-mounted pets to get lost in transition and tames in general fall off or clip through boats so easily. Not even worth the crew slot it takes to bring them with you. Penguin - Adorable and cuddly. They help keep you warm in the coldest of climates but restrict your actions while doing so. They’re slow, weak and only eat fish which makes them extremely high maintenance. Currently not worth the effort for any tamer or breeder unless you’re simply trying to stay alive in your own home during a polar cold snap. But even then, you might as well just save the ironwood in your grills, give in and wait until it’s over. You already have to travel to the most dangerous waters outside of Golden Age Ruins just to get to the polar biome where penguins live, through high level ships of the damned and aggressive whales waiting to destroy half your planks with a single tail sweep, to the harshest biome of the game with dozens of the most dangerous non-mythic creatures around every corner, waiting to punch you in the face. Their buff should be applied in a small radius with a proper icon, specifically for tamers willing to handle the nightmare of breeding and are wishing to raise baby animals. Penguins should be able to eat regular meat too. For our sanity, please. Rabbit - Cute, squishy, I guess they warn me of danger. Kind of useless. They should provide a movement speed buff that scales with level. Rhino - Rocks are heavy, metal is heavier. The rhino needs more carry weight than the elephant honestly, especially since the elephant handles easier for some reason. Currently only useful for destroying player structures on PvP, but even then it would probably just get shot. Seagull - Definitely the most useless tame so far. Why an animal that can’t breathe underwater provides you with a buff to oxygen and swim speed, I don’t know. Maybe so I can swim one second faster to the shore from an anchoring point 20 meters away, or I could just use a dinghy if it’s really cold or something. And it only eats fish? No way am I going fishing every day just for that. Making it so aggressive creatures won’t go after PCs in a diving suit has made it somewhat viable. But please, if it can’t breathe underwater, at least give it so much oxygen that it won’t need to; without having to waste all its stat points by putting them into oxygen. I’d rather put them into food so I won’t have to fish as much to feed this thing. Seagulls basically eat anything in real life, so I don’t really understand the fish-only thing. Please buff oxygen and let it eat regular meat if not berries and vegetables as well. Sheep - It gives you fleece, so that’s cool. Or I could just ride my bear around and kill all the sheep to get even more fleece. More fleece is always good. Tiger - The tiger is my favorite tame overall. Not because it’s great, I just like large cats. The bleed attack is amazing and actually makes it viable to take on stronger enemies, albeit in a sort of kamikaze way since elementals and most other mythics pretty much decimate anything in their path. Needs a stamina and carry weight buff, like the lion, for a quality of life improvement. It should also, like the lion, do more damage than a bear without relying on the bleed; especially since it has significantly lower health, is designed solely for combat and not to gather much of anything at all. Not sounding like wet leather while running would be a very appealing change as well. Vulture - For such a biome-specific and annoying creature to tame, I was disappointed to find out that vultures do absolutely nothing at all. If you attack one, all of the vultures in the area aggro to you; as if trying to tame avians wasn’t difficult enough. They only eat rotten meat, which is kind of silly. I get it, they’re vultures. But why would they only eat rotten meat and not regular meat? Do they sit around and wait for a corpse to decompose into filth before coming at it like flying piranhas? No, they dive right down and eat anything and everything in their way. They desperately need something to make them desirable to players. All of the birds are completely useless in combat, even the vulture. Buffing its health and damage to make it at least usable as an attack pet would be a good start. It’s bigger, tougher and more aggressive than any of the other avians but their stats don’t reflect that at all. Still, a vulture could never kill a wolf one-on-one, and I wouldn’t expect them to be able to. But being able to provide support damage and possibly buffing their carry weight and hide or keratinoid gathering rate could make them somewhat useful to bring along. Even if you added all that, I still think it would need some sort of player buff while shoulder-mounted to really make anyone want one. What buff exactly though, I’m not sure. Perhaps a melee damage buff that scales with level to make for a great partnership. Wolf - Lastly, and certainly least, the wolf. It was my second favorite, right after the tiger. That was until I found out there was no pack buff, then their health and damage got nerfed so significantly that they became only just slightly more dangerous than a dog with a chew toy. They’re about as useful as a warm blanket. They keep you warm, but they have such low stamina that you can’t run anywhere with them, such low damage that they can’t properly defend themselves and such low health that they die quite quickly after you find out that they can neither run away from nor fight anything even remotely dangerous because all of their stats are so poor. You can’t carry anything while riding them and they don’t even get a secondary attack. Just some howl that you think might actually do something but it does nothing at all. With Nature’s Roar, my wolf was still doing less damage than my bear’s normal attack. I get it, wolves were scary at first and a lot of people probably cried about it because they’re aggressive and are in many more biomes than other aggressive animals, and they can chase you down unlike the rattlesnakes, cobras and crocodiles that you can just run away from. Lowering their aggro range was a good idea, but lowering their damage and health made them completely useless as a tame. They weren’t even all that useful before. Keep their health the way it is, that’s fine. But buff their damage back to something reasonable and give them significantly more stamina. Add a bit more carry weight, at least enough so that they can carry some hide and give them 2x rates for hide and keratinoid. This will make them desirable and useful for travel and hunting across all biomes, but not too dangerous in the wild. Turning their howl into a timed pack buff that scales with the number of your own wolves in range would also be a welcome addition. Some additional notes, please fix the things like….tames falling through floors, falling off boats, flying off into the sky, getting lost in the abyss during zone transitions, floating or clipping after anchoring, falling through the back of the boat when porting between decks, wild animals spawning inside player structures and attacking all our tames. Thank you. Also please add saddle blueprints that are better than regular saddles. War saddles would be really cool too, like they weigh a ton but provide much more armor than a regular saddle. Nerf fire elementals. If you’ve read all this, thank you for your time.
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    Increase the amount of tames that are passive tames. Seems kind of weird to beat up a passive animal to tame it. Maybe make an exception with passive tames like the gathers like Bears, Elephants etc. (leave them bola tames) With aggressive animals like wolves , lions etc. bola taming makes sense. For example it seems weird to attack and bola a small bird to tame it. I agree with all the rest of posts that you need a thatch tame as not all islands have the kind that a bear can collect.
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    Horses could be passive tame. They are really derpy, getting stuck on terrain or launching themselves. Their acceleration from 0 to 100000 is insane, making them hard to trap and bola. Not counting the fact they run into open ocean and swim in circles for hours. An ability to see your animals on map/atlas would be great. As it is alpha game build bugs happen, stuff happens, its too easy to lose your animals. This feature can be taken out for full game release, but it would make a nice feature for now. Armored saddles to buff your animal, give it more survival ability? Breeding is so so so tedious. Do you really want us to spend hours upon hours handfeeding babies surrounded by 7 grills or penguins to make sure the temp is good? High level tames should be hard to get, but maaaan I am not looking forward to breeding at all. Elephants could have more stamina. There should be an animal that gathers thatch faster than a player with a pickaxe.
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    I have created a small web application to assist traders in finding other traders. You create your buy/sell orders and it gets listed between all other available trades. A prospecting buyer/seller can go through the list of available trades on their server, and contact the buyer/seller directly. Discord Webhooks can be added to link to a Text Channel on your own Discord that will receive live broadcasts of every order as they are placed. This is my first publicly available web application. I hope this will become a successful tool for traders like myself. Feedback is always welcome, and I will try to implement requested features in my spare time. This is the link to the web application: https://www.atlastrader.trade V2.0 (Current Version) Update Notes (2019-06-28) Did a complete rebuild of the application. Taking into account comments and observed behavior on the application. Removed the Tender system - People did not understand it, and they felt it made the process complicated. Added a messaging system to the Order directly. Added Companies - Create a company, join a company. Add your Discord Channel. Added Webhooks for Discord - The most important feature for this new version release. This links directly to a text channel on your own Discord Channel. Every order that is made is broadcast to this channel where you, and all your discord members can see what orders are happening where. V1.1 Update Notes (2019-02-23) Added to resource list: Blueprints, Animals, Weapons, Ammo. Added extra Info column to Order List. Added links to User Profiles in: Order List, My Order Tenders List Added GPS Long/Lat in User Profile (Use this where your base location is) Added "Times I Play" to User Profile (Ex. I play mostly on Sunday. Week days sometimes from 7pm to 9pm) Added a Time Zone selection to User Profile. Added menu Icons and removed menu items users do not have access to. Added a Help Menu with an F.A.Q section.
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    Can we get a different color player marker for the map so it contrast the red land claims
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    No I won't company up. This game is not just about being in big groups. They have said plenty of times they are changing things to make it not so much of a struggle for solo and small companies. So don't tell me to company up, i'll play the game the way I want to. If I'm not happy about something i'll speak up, rather than tell others how to play.
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    I mentally saw my screen shaking as I read your post! hahahaha
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    You will crucify me, but I would remove the opportunity to ride on predators. No tiger or lion will ride on horseback. Now this accumulation of animals, turns the romance of sailboats and piracy in addition to the ARC. People are building ugly boxes again and storing animals in them.
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    Hope you're having a great day I know this is already on the grapeshot list of things to be discussed but it's becoming more and more of a problem everyday on our server and I'm desperate to get a .ini configuration. I see it being done in up to three different ways: Limit total number of claims per person (Probably not) Limit total number of claims per tribe per cluster (a fix we can work with) Limit total number of claims per tribe per region (this would be awesome) Thank you for everything you do!
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    We're going to be looking at moving over the tax-bank item-restrict functionality over to tames. Thanks for the feedback folks, keep em coming
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    Looks like you guys reached your company's Ship limit. Scuttle some rafts or sloops.
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    Server Ping is 10/10 - Steady 20-30 Amazing Server Community with active and returning players. Dedicated and most developed server staff yet. (Plugin addons etc) Respectful Staff who are out there to help GOG's discord is well organised and put together KINGJAMMY