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    Can you guys finally fix the animals and crewmembers and even players falling through boats and floors? Every serverrestart our tames, crew (and we sometimes as well) are dead because they fall either through two or three decks or two or three floors, animals as well as crew, and it's starting to get old. I know this isn't ark, but you're using a lot of the same code, and I've only seen this happen in ark once or twice in over 1300 hours. Please fix this!
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    Stop with this stupid daily raid timer. It will completely ruin the 24/7 pvp we have now.
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    Gotta love those that label everyone that doesn't agree with them as a big bad meanie offline raider. I agree with the other poster's comment that demanding specific hours of 'no raiding' does not work when many of the players have different work schedule and time zones and for the record, I do not enjoy offline raiding nor do I get a buzz from it. Glad you have already had enough and quit the game, gives you more time to whine on the forum about a game you no longer play. priceless
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    The first line of your post, all assumption ignoring the reasons I have previously stated for defending, and the last line of that first paragraph which slings a very incorrect political title at me, shows your true hand so I will not waste my time addressing all your tainted spew, just the couple points in this first paragraph before I stopped reading. And as an fyi- there are very few posts I literally stop reading without finishing but past experience has demonstrated that discussions with people that begin their posts ignoring your previous points while throwing incorrect political labels out are never productive conversations so I do not waste my time on them. As already stated, my company does not go out of it's way to offline raid but at the same time, we do not do global shout-outs to pencil a raid appointment on everyone's calendar, especially if this is a retaliatory action. No, I am not vehemently defending offline base raiding simply because I benefit from it, I am defending it as this is a survival game and not every company has matching work schedules or time zones to know what day or time to raid someone nor should they. This is a pvp pirate survival game where the devs (with forethought) intentionally set up the game mechanics to allow raiding at all times so if this is not your cup of tea, they also set up pve servers where you are protected from raiding. As with most survival games, surprise is often an element of a successful battle so announcing to your enemies your are coming and waiting until they have all their players online to raid is more of a pve mindset, not a pvp pirate survival game mindset. Even if the devs would give in to the pve wanna be pvp player's whining demands and change this, it will never be enough as next there will be demands that 99.9% of all people would need to be online or whatever the next ridiculous demand will be. Regarding my lack of 'empathy', again, this is a pirate pvp survival game not a Dr Phil episode with an abused spouse as the main guest. And regarding those less fortunate than myself, anyone can do what I did, start out solo and if that plan is not working, adapt and make or join a company. Oh wait.... spoon fed entitled snowflake people do not have this capability as they are too busy making 'woe is me' posts insisting survival games be changed to their demands rather than adapting to the game like I did.
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    1. Levers On Ships Currently when trying to place a lever on a ship, it says "Cannot be placed on a Platform." A Lever on a ship would be very convenient to ensure all of your ship's doors are closed, and to have a quick, convenient way to turn on all of your lights and turn them off, since Wall Hook Lanterns do not turn on and off automatically like Buoys. 2. Permission To Come Aboard The current setting; "Nobody but company and allies allowed on ships" feels like gauze on a hemorrhaging wound. As it stands, without allying with EVERY player who wishes to view your ship design, catch a ride to another region, or just hang out, nobody can help others. I propose a new setting which would bypass the company and alliance setting temporarily to allow individuals onto your ship, with strictly your permission. 3. Assign To Repairs / Unseat All As it stands, NPC crew-mates begin to automatically repair your ship when unseated and the ship is anchored. This causes NPCs to be free-floating on your ship's deck, occasionally glitching through and drowning or teleporting up and down getting stuck between decks. I propose an additional, man-able position on the ship meant for repairing. This should stop NPC crew-mates from disappearing or dying by glitches. Additionally, I propose a command be added to the HUD while at the wheel of your ship and through the lieutenant podium to "Unseat All" NPC crew-mates. 4. Handling Sail; Reverse Allow Handling Sails to provide faster Reverse speeds. As it stands, ships can currently back up no matter what. If the Ship layout includes a Handling Sail, this ship should reverse slightly faster. 5. Flags Create a new Flag item to be crafted in the Loom to place anywhere on your ship, preferably at the top of a Sail mast. 6. Send - To / Send - Off As it stands, Ships give players the ability to interact with their tames and "Send To Ship..." I propose another ability should be added to "Send Off Ship..." for those cases where someone's tamed animal got stuck inside of a structure they built on the ship. Alternatively, add a targeting system for where on the ship, or off the ship, that the tamed animal be sent to when interacting with the "Send To Ship" option. 7. Captain's Deck As it stands, a Galleon is the only ship that comes with a snap-able slot for a receded Deck to be placed higher up at the back of the ship. I propose another optional Deck slot be added to the back end of Brigantines and Schooners, like the Galleons, for cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing ship designs. (The Brigantine is especially difficult to make the ceilings and walls line up with the back end of the ship.) 8. Improved Respawning @mKHammerBro Better Ship structuring to prevent falling out the back of a ship in motion. This happens often. Through Decks and through the back wall. Alternatively, re-code the Ship itself to act as a Respawn point, and change the Ship's accommodation level to improve how soon it can be reused as a respawn point. Maybe this will solidify the player's position on the boat when respawning at full sail. 9. Anchoring @mKHammerBro Increase Ship's anchor length to allow deeper anchoring. Larger ships can't get close enough to anchor sometimes. Maybe a craft-able mod or purchased at a Freeport. Additionally, stop beds and other structures from preventing anchor drop. Many can't anchor their own ships inside their own territory because of a random person's ship or raft anchored nearby. 10. Careening @mKHammerBro Introduce a new mechanic to ground Ships to scrape and clean the underside of the hull. In the past, this process was called Careening, or Heaving Down. Barnacles and other sea life clings to the underside and rots away at the wood. This could also introduce a new way to repair your ship's planks or add a temporary repair and/or speed buff to your ship. 11. Mooring @ikarirain Introduce a new item to be crafted at Smithy's from the Seamanship tree, Bollard. There are instances where a ship is too large to reach an anchor-able point, so it's been proposed to allow ships the ability to be moored in by ropes to Bollards, which can be placed on piers or shipyards, to safely "anchor" the ship in your territory, given anchoring isn't possible. Additionally, increase the amount of Bollards needed to moor a ship depending on the ship's size and/or weight. 12. Select All or Individual Sail Controls @Shakarian Ability to control all sails from the wheel, or select which individual sails to give certain commands to. For instance, all sails selected by default. But press keys similar to the cannon crews to deselect certain sails. 13. More Structures on Galleons @Vostik Vostik's Galleon is comprised so far of only ceilings, roofs and walls. and They can't even place a ship resource box anymore, yet I see a vast open space in these images still to use. Increase the structure limit on Galleons. https://imgur.com/a/Mz7F2TT 14. Knots @mKHammerBro When building your ship and rearranging sails and what-not, players are asking for a way to measure their speed. To truly see which sail and sail-set-up is faster. This system would obviously be Knots, how to tell how fast your ship is actually moving. 15. Look-Out / Telescope @Aristocrates It is known that being at the top of a mast gives the player a slightly larger render-distance so they can see ships and such ahead of time, but it would be nicer if there was a Telescope sort of attachment to build on the Smithy that could be attached to the top of the mast, further improving this render distance for preparation or avoidance purposes. 16. Additional Sails @Grodgen Auxiliary sails: Jibs, Mizzens, Staysails, etc: Currently we only have access to main mast sails. It limits the potential of ships. Ships have tons of sails on them, including these smaller or medium sized ones. Have them take up sail a small amount of points like masts but provide enough bonuses to the ship to make them viable. Lateen Sails: We have square sails, gaff sails, and mainsails in game right now, however, we are missing lateen sails, which were used way before the other three became popular. 17. Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads @Grodgen Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads: Currently they have no collision. You can't stand on them and it also limits their functionality as actual bowsprits. If you like any of these options, please reply "+1" an don't forget to Upvote the post! I'll be adding ideas posted here by others and tagging them for credit so this post gets bigger and noticed! Thank you for taking the time to read this @Jatheish! Regardless, loving the game.
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    Divinity Gaming is hosting... [DG Atlas Adventures] Strict rules about land grabbing to ensure that players always have a place to dock their ships! No tolerance for exploits to keep the riff raff down so you can enjoy your play time! Moderated Discord packed full of info to help you and your crew on your Atlas journeys! x2 XP - x4 Harvest - x10 Taming! 100+ Player Levels and +++ Discoveries! Weekly events and giveaways! Steam Cards, Games, Discord Nitro, DG Store Credit! Monthly map image contest, if your map gets selected it becomes the background for 30 days 'Community Goals' set so that the players can work as a team to obtain boosted rates! 8 Mods - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1646275495 4x4 Map! 1 Wipe since launch! PvE: Outer Grid -> A1, A2, A3, A4 / B1, B4,/ C1, C4, / D1, D2, D3, D4 PvP: 4 Center Grids -> B2, C2, B3, C3 4 Center grids completely dedicated to PvP for those who want to BLOW IT ALL UP! Outer grids dedicated to PvE game play equipped with Power Stone Islands, The Maw, full of Mythical Creatures, and plenty of room for your crew to find a home! Contains all biomes, all resources! Full customized shop with plenty of packs to spice up your game! Wanna help boost the server hardware, or future server grid expansions, you'll be compensated for it! Want to grab that extra horse you don't feel like taming, we've got that too! \^_^/ Supporter named Islands! (For those who have helped sustain the server and ensure its longevity!) Hosted on an OVH box with high quality hardware for smooth game play! Outstanding connection with great up time! 5 Months Pre-paid! We are here to STAY! 4 Active dedicated Admins! We're here to ease the burden of Early Access issues to ensure everyone has a great time playing the game! A friendly, active Discord! - https://discord.gg/BxfyJsR Official Website - https://divinitygamingwebs.wixsite.com/divinitygaming Official Discord - https://twitter.com/DivinityGaming8 DG Atlas Adventures servers are based out of Canada. Ping for most of our European players is around 35-50 and we've had zero complaints on any kind of lag! 99% Uptime!
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    Today I experienced the brand new fuckery that is the updated cyclones. I could not sail through them without dying. "But they spawn only 33% of the time now!" except it was still a solid wall of cyclones and now they do significantly more damage. I am attempting to get a sloop to a golden age ruin so that my company can use the fountain of youth and get one bit of a reprieve from ONE of these awful mechanics for like a month, and in doing so I was killed 4 times in a storm and my sloop (admittedly, it was basic and garbage) was capsized. In one of my bed spawns, a ship of the damned (L20) immediately spawned and just crushed me. This is my limit. I appreciate a difficult game, like challenges, like having long term tasks, but this is just a bit extreme.
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    - Dolphins chance to jump has been reduced to 20%. Thanks devs ! You solved the most important issue of Atlas ! - Fixed crew on puckle gun taking damage from fire aoe buffs This puckle defence never worked well, cant we get autoturrets and X-plants like in ARK ? - When gunports are closed they now reduce their specific snapped-cannon weight by 60%, open-ports are default cannon Well, you try to adress the front-shotgun-oneshot-everything issue, but this is not the solution. - Large Cannons now do 30% less damage against Ship planks and Ship Well, this makes large cannons pointless vs regular ones. I am not sure, but they did about 30% more damage than regulars before the patch ? So now they do the same ?
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    This is not a game for a single player or even small gang of players In PVP forget of having fun playing solo or small gang. You will be raided, your base will be destroyed and stuff you gathered with hard work will be stolen every time you enter the game next day (assuming you don't play the game 24 hours a day). Few planks floating on the water will show you the place where the previous day you left your ship, that you were building the whole day.You will be building again and again only to give fun big and old companies in destroying it and robbing it. You'll be discouraged hard to stay long enough until you reach the state of the game when you could protect your base during your absence. Remember, entering now after a few month of game you're facing powerful, established companies that have the whole islands or many of them, that have all powers available in the game and that want to rule alone the whole Atlas. Everything what you have in the beginning are your pants and naive, false believe. The only way to play PVP is joining big companies, where most of the time you will be gathering stuff for the bosses. If they don't like you, you can be dismissed any time ending up with nothing. In PVE you can live on the water in tiny Sloop or in narrow and crowded piece of land in Lawless area. Forget of settling down in Not Lawless area to build long lasting permanent base. Two, three or five people own the whole islands. Many time they occupy the area with 20 or 30 flags in a greedy desire only to have more land. You can not claim the flag until they stop playing for 20 days or so. Will you have enough patience to wait for it. Maybe on the last day they arrive again to reset the counter for next 20 day. Travelling from island to island in my attempt to find some land I observed that there is not much life preset there. Despite of it nobody will allow you to settle. It is mine and go away. So solo player if you are very, very patient you can try but the question is: will you have fun?. Probably not.
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    On actual sailing ships, the rigging is climbable. This would also save weight on the ships. Thanks for listening.
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    Dear OP, now you witnessed a thousand and one stupid reason why MMO suited ONLY for large companies and not suited for single players and small companies. Do not pay attention to them - these people either do not understand the meaning of MMO, or just trolls. On the topic: Yes, the claims system does not work correctly, but the developers plan to fix it in the big February patch, but judging by the latest patches, changes for the better will not be and the mechanics will break even more.
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    I solo just fine on pve. I have 2 crewmayes but they are weekend warriors. I have like 6 claim flags. 1 brig 1 galleon 3 schooner 4 sloops. I have an Outpost in lawless. I have about 350hrs in game. I have lost ships to griefers as well It's not that bad.
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    Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Version: v18.84 Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Status: Healthy Upcoming patch notes Please note these updates may not necessarily be in the next patch but will make into an upcoming one. V19 - ETA: LATE FEBRUARY New Features and Content - New Feature: Daily Missions for players with unique and powerful rewards - New Feature: 7 more ‘Main Quests’ which upon successful completion will provide their own unique Skill unlock - New Structure: Guillotine. Hanging your foes in a noose taking too long? Off with their heads! - New Feature: Curses. Tied to the execution of players - New Creature: Giant Crab. It can carry heavy loads, along with players, tames and wild creatures - New Vehicle: Submarine. Explore the depths of the ocean in this small scouting submarine. No weapons on board, but it does have claw arms to help harvest the ocean floor and explore (demolish) shipwrecks - New Structure: Bookshelf. Store and sort your high-quality maps and blueprints. - New Environment: Deep Ocean Trench. A new area to explore, guarded by powerful underwater creatures and home to the new Giant Crab - New Feature: Player shops in freeports. Players can set up automated shops in each Freeport, listing loot for sale and naming their own gold coin prices. - New Cosmetics: Multiple Armor sets to customize the look of your company and crew! Provided as a permanent unlock for completing the Quests in addition to skill rewards. - Ship of the Damned will now come in multiple size variations with different stats and difficulty levels. QOL Changes - Reorganized claim flag notifications, so they no longer clutter up the entire HUD when lots of messages are flying by - Territory map will now display allies as teal-coloured - Character creator now has a Height slider to make it easier to set your character's desired height - Any dead ships (shipwrecks) from your Company appear with a unique icon on your map now, so you can find the wrecks - Global territory message updating - Currently contested claims will be indicated on the minimap - Players can now mount a sail to directly control the sail's open/close amount and rotation settings in a more intuitive way. - NPCs will be added to Freeports which will allow players to redesign their character's tattoos for a gold cost released patch notes current v18.84 Weight - Gold coins have had their weight reduced by 50% - The weight of all items have been reduced by 30% globally (does not apply to structures that are placed on boats, only items in inventories) - Weight Sails now provide 20% more weight - Diving Suit now provides a buff which gives players a 50% extra base weight when diving underwater - Water Barrel now has a base weight of 75. It can hold 6000 water (previously was 500). For every 1000 water, it will add 20 weight. This means the lightest it will be is 75, and the maximum weight will be 195. - Players now start the game with 30% more personal weight and will gain an additional 40% per level (so base weight has increased from 250 -> 325 and bonus per level is up from 10 to 14) - Tamed creatures now gain an additional 6% weight per level into weight rather than 4% Creatures & Tames - Elephants and Rhinos now provide a 25% weight reduction to their specialised resources - Giraffe now receives an approximate 2x bonus when harvesting thatch and has a 25% weight reduction when carrying thatch - Elephant base stamina increased to 390 - Rhino base stamina increased to 190 - Giraffe base stamina increased to 440 - Baby creatures will no longer take into account the temperature alterations from coldfront and heatwave - Tamed creature resistance has been increased by 30% and damage increased by 20% - Bear health has been reduced by 10% - NPC Crew can now be renamed - NPC Crew can no longer be placed on Bear and Horse Carts - Company Tame Limits have been doubled - The interval between paying crew gold has been increased by 40% (there is now more time before you have to pay them again) - Ship of the Damned will no longer physically damage a team's structures and anchored boats unless they have been specifically damaged by that target. PvE servers only. Structures and Items - Puckle Damage has been increased to 100 base and is 50% more armour piercing - Carbines reload time has been reduced by 10% - Pistol reload time has been reduced by 33% - Blunderbuss reload time has been reduced by 20% - Blunderbuss damage to creatures has been increased by 50% to wild and by 20% to tamed. - Stone Structure SAP crafting requirements changed to fibre. - Wooden Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 30% - Stone Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 45% - Explosive Barrel change reverted until the redesign - Reverting damage increase and crafting cost decrease to Grenades - Oil Jar weight has increased to 10 and fires lit on top of oil have had their duration reduced by 50% - Oil Jar has been made more difficult to craft - Fully Anchored Boats now have a buff which provides a bonus 300% structure resistance QOL - Old Age no longer has a debuff - Fountain of Youth is now available on all Golden Age Ruin servers (we'll be looking at redesigning how this works in the near future) - Players can now purchase a respec soup at the Commodity Trader in Freeports - Players now have approximately 20% more skill points per level Bug fixes - Fixed a bug where quality specific equipment would display a multiplicative % stat increase and a flat stat increase, but only one would work. Going forward, the flat stat increase will be made obsolete and items will no longer be generated with it. Quality stated items will now only generate with the multiplicative stat bonus, and this change will be retroactive. - Fixed a bug where items would falsely state that they were providing a speed benefit (did not do anything). They should not generate anymore going forward. - Mortars will no longer be able to shoot at players outside of render distance v18.76 - Fixed a bug where fire AoE would not attach properly to moving boats. v18.74 - Potential fix for some frequent server side crashes. We'll be monitoring with this build v18.73 - Explosive Barrels will be undergoing some changes with this patch, please note that they're still in the process of receiving their redesign, but this puts them close to it: Limited to 1 carryable stack per person. Stack size will remain at 10 You will not be able to store them in creature inventories, however, legacy ones will remain there. They will be able to be placed near enemy structures and water without needing a claim flag, but not on boats itself. You will not be able to equip them into your hotbar, they must be placed from within the inventory. There will be a restriction to how many can be put down at a time within a certain radius. Reduced Explosive Barrel damage by approximately 20% Reduced Explosive Barrel explosive radius by approximately 20% - Diving Suit will make wild underwater creatures ignore you unless you attack them - Alcohol will no longer spoil - Cooking Recipes spoil time increased to 10 hours - Spoiling time increase bonus on Preserving Bag has been increased - Increased Grenade damage by approximately 50% - Decreased crafting costs for Grenades by approximately 20% - Improved cannon collision and obstruction check to limit the effectiveness of multiple cannons in gunport. - Diving Attachment now has the same health as the Dinghy Hangar - Fixed a bug relating to shooting cannonballs, previously allowing it to go through certain ally structures. This will no longer be the case anymore. - Cannister shot range increased by approximately 20% - Cannister shot damage increased by approximately 10% - Spike shot explosion timer is now 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds - Spike shot now reloads approximately 10% quicker - Spike shot range increased by approximately 15% v18.69 - Fixed some server startup crashes - Widened the amount of networking info the server can send to clients - Server optimisations v18.65 - Fixed a bug related to server transitions v18.6 - Crow's Nest peak will no longer block the camera. - When it rains, cyclones now only have a 33% chance to occur (previously 100%), and will deal twice as much damage. - Dolphins chance to jump has been reduced to 20%. - Client-side option to hide the Gamepedia Wiki button in player inventory. - Patched out some .ini changes which allowed people to remove certain visual effects granting them an unfair advantage in PvP - On PvE specifically, Ship of the Damned should not attack anchored ships that have not fired upon them. - Rare Resources are now available on PvE Commodity traders for a higher gold amount than regular resources. - Fixed crew on puckle gun taking damage from fire aoe buffs. - When gunports are closed they now reduce their specific snapped-cannon weight by 60% (previously 50%), open-ports are default cannon weight. - Gunport crafting and repair costs are now the same as regular planks. - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to place multiple claim flags at once. - Large Cannons now do 30% less damage against Ship planks and Ship decks. v18.58 - Added extra server-side protection to remote inventories to resolve an exploit v18.57 - Company Claim Flags cannot be personally owned anymore. - Server crash fixes v18.55 - Client Side GPU Optimisations - Explosive Barrel Weight now correctly displayed as 60 - Added a direct button to the ATLAS wiki when opening your inventory v18.5 - Server optimisation for structures on boats - Fixed a bug where picking up a higher quality structure within the pickup timeframe would result in the common structure, rather than the specific higher quality itself v18.43 - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to stall out servers - Added extra protection to inventories to fix and prevent players from bypassing pin codes - Fixed a bug with the Kraken which would have inflicted a high amount of unintended damage - The Kraken's Barrier will no longer damage ships on collision - Explosive Barrel weight has been increased back to 60 (we're still working on a redesign). This is not visible on clients but will be active on servers. We will have a corresponding client fix to go out with this later. v18.31 - Explosive Barrels can no longer be placed on enemy ships, and only have a weight of 6 now. This is a temporary measure due to undesired gameplay. We are going to be redesigning the barrels from a technical/gameplay point of view to give them more use in the future. - Fixed a case which allowed players to enter the bottom of ships - Fixed a case which allowed players to clip and stick themselves inside the boat's hull - Protected against players accessing inventories from outside ships via clipping into boats - Fixed multiple cases where players would fall through structures upon server restart, login, transition, etc. - Fixed a crash which would occur when transitioning with the sextant buff - Fixed Swivel Cannons from firing through walls - Allow players to pick-up structures if you're on the same team even if you do not have demolish rights - Global Number of Ships is now displayed in the player's ATLAS Map UI. We'll be making this more visible on the UI in a future update. It will not display if you do not have any ships and do not belong to a company. - Cleaned up an error message when attempting to craft a boat when you were at the maximum global limit - Added a Crew name filter for company UI - Added a 12 second delay between playing status voice clips (such as injured or starvation) - War Drum songs have been adjusted to be more rewarding. Details can be found here. - Tweaked war drum battle songs to eliminate a big gap in the note sheet preview (just the preview, not the actual song) - Fixed a bug causing the buff timer shown on the music UI during a looping song that gives a perpetual buff to become off by 1 second from the actual buff timer. - Fixed a bug causing notes to incorrectly fail when activated near the edges of song loops - Fixed a bug where client fps stutters could cause notes to fail that should have been auto-played - Reduced tutorial background opacity - Made it so text wasn't cut off for long paragraphs in the tutorial - Mod Map Extensions now work (and will not require recooking the mod) - Linux WaveWorks optimisations (Linux Servers will run much better) - Kraken will no longer give impulses to players for the tentacle slams or tentacle impacts - Impacts with the Kraken bodyparts will no longer cause ship damage - Ship of the Damned Kraken minions are now damageable in PvE - Reduced the damage of the Kraken homing projectiles by 50% - Increased the damage taken by the Kraken tentacles by 50% - Ghost ship will now appear every night rather than every 3 nights - Swapped Mythical and Legendary in the descriptions for tools skills tier 2 and 3, as they were previously incorrect. - Fixed a bug where beds that were placed beyond the default accommodation limit were destroyed on server load v18.15 Bug Fixes - Turrets and Cannons will no longer fire underwater and can no longer be mounted underwater - Fixed a bug allowing players to reset all glider cooldowns by moving the glider between hotbar slots - Increased the required minimum diving velocity before going into the glide-fall state to reduce gaining/maintaining height - Ghost Ship has been fixed and will now take damage. Server Performance - Eliminated Cannon Animations playing entirely on the server for performance savings Quality Of Life - Option to hide territory broadcast messages - Territory broadcast message boxes now scale according to the character size of the message - Gunport camera socket has been lowered and moved forward for better viewing when shooting from gunports - PvE players will now be able to see their claim flag's inactivity timer on the flag itself - Attacking Player no longer needs to be in range for declaiming progress - Glider now has a required dive duration rather than a forced dive cooldown (achieves the same nerf effect on glider spam and feels better to use) Creatures - Whale Counts have been boosted on the Tundra and reduced the spawn interval between whales by 50% - Wild Dragon damage has been reduced by 30% - Golden Age Spawns have had their spawn interval increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and increased distance from players from 7700 to 9000 Music - Various buffs/changes made to musical songs played on the Accordion. Details can be found here - we have some planned updates to come for the War Drum in a future update, once we've resolved some technical issues related to it. Miscellaneous - PvE Claim Flag inactivity timer has been adjusted so that it now scales dynamically. A company with a small number of flags will be declaimable after 3 weeks of inactivity, whereas a company with a large number of claim flags would be declaimable after 3 days of inactivity. - The gold cost has been increased on upgrading higher quality items and structures - Cooking Recipes spoil time has been increased - Top Companies will have their names displayed on the left-hand side of the map and are now granted special nameplates and figureheads - Fixed server issue that could disconnect clients if they had a lot of map entities.
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    By your logic, pirates were actually sailors, because the sailed around in ships. Nope, they were pirates, just like we are in this game, not sailors. It is a pirate game likewise. The game needs to focus on pirate activities, sailing, exploring, salvaging ships, finding buried treasure, fighting, killing various creatures, amassing riches, building ships, etc. All pirate stuff. Making the sailing harder is not something a good pirate should care about
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    Blah blah blah. Don't try and recruit everyone and you won't have these problems. I played ARK for 3 years and 6000 hours and never got insided once. There is also a permission system which if setup right prevents the most damaging kind of insiding.
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    I remember reading a thread like this in the Eve forums over a decade ago. The beauty of these games is WE ARE THE CONTENT. We are the story. Its a open world sandbox MMO. We do what we want when we want. Some people/companies run on emotional response. Some are calmer and more calculating. Some are just plain sissies. I hate MMO games with limitations. I hate games with rules. This is the first game in a decade plus I am really really drawn too. Last MMO's I loved were Shadowbane and Eve. Both games have these elements. Insiding. Theft. Espionage. Doublecrosses. Hoodwinks. Subterfuge and to top it all off.....just plain old ass kicking.
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    What the heck are you smoking that you would want a ship with a political statement on it? If that is on a PvP server, I'd sink you as soon as possible
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    So, I spent about three weeks on PvP, and now about two on PvE. During my 535 hours spent playing, I've made some notes on systems/mechanics that just didn't make sense or were too punishing. Some of these might be more PvE side since that's what I've been playing lately. Honestly, I love the game and would love to see it take on more of an "MMO" aspect because I really think you have a shot at helping start the revolution that would kill Theme Park MMO's, and let's be honest, they need to die. The post title is because at the root of a lot of this, I see you are trying to make things take time, like any MMO would. But the route you have chosen isn't fun, it's punishing. I don't feel a sense of achievement upon completing my goal, I feel a sense of dred towards the next goal because I know it's going to be more of the same thing I just spent forever doing. The summary to most of this is that, "The juice needs to be worth the squeeze", and right now I'm squeezing with barely any results. - Food drain to stamina regen is ridiculous. - Requiring skills to use higher tier items is stupid, considering, - You have to find treasure maps - You have to then go complete the Treasure Maps - You then have to hope you got the right BP of the right quality, most likely you didn't - You then need to grind the materials - You then need to be able to craft the thing - You then need a skill to even use them? Like, bro, we already did a week's worth of work just to be able to make the item. - Too many "gates", this isn't a Korean MMO, keep people engaged with new content and reaching new goals, not stupid shit in the way to prevent them from reaching something "too quickly". - What the hell is with Thatch gathering? It's the only resource that doesn't have a tame equivalent, meaning we spend our stamina to gather it, meaning we have to eat CONSTANTLY to gather large amounts of it. (Like for a Galleon, for example) - Elephants suck, they drain stamina too quickly and their gather rate is butt. Why are Bears so OP and Elephants so UP? They both need better balancing. - Food mechanic is dumb, it's too punishing. When it's easier to avoid a mechanic completely rather than use it, what is the point? - Land claiming system is chaos, break each island down into small claimable grid squares or something. Trying to refresh them, when you can't even find them, is chaos. Hell, trying to even figure out "the line" between your Company and other Company claims is chaos. Completely remove water claims, they are pointless and just serve as an easy way to try to climb the claim leaderboard. - Trying to take claims from others is also chaos, making a central building where you can take over another Company's claims instantly would be far better when trying to take land from a large Company. It would limit the amount of defensive structures built all over the place and centralize the fighting on PvP / make removing dead companies easier on PvE. Make that building also offer additional perks / controls for land claims, such as being able to change settings for all land claims in a server from that building. (Based on the grid claim system I previously mentioned, that would work really well) Just make it take a super long time to claim so that the defending side has ample time to repel invaders. - Ship weights are garbo, I build my transport ships with nothing but a raised platform and a resource chest just because you have the weight set so low. On top of that, even then I have to keep them below half weight so that I can still travel full speed. If the ship has nothing on it, it can't defend itself, so all I can do is run from Ships of the Damned. Also, this makes the ship look dumb as hell. Ever seen a Galleon with nothing but a tall ass podium for a steering wheel? It's stupid looking, and a sad ass example of a Galleon. I want my ship to look like a Pirate Ship, not a Hull and a podium. - Get rid of Ships of the Damned, or at least their character model. They are so out of place in this setting and make zero sense. Kiilling other ships that look like ours and work on the same mechanics, not the ability to just go where ever they want without having to deal with the wind that we have to, would be better. Fighting other "pirate ships" and maybe even be able to claim Rare / Legendary ones that have a low spawn chance would make more sense. It would be super cool to be able to find, fight, and claim rare / legendary ships that have super low spawn rates but custom models. You can even balance them by not allowing building, they are what they are. It's also a pretty "MMO" type feature. - Some of the skills in your skill tree don't even have a function on PvE, such as the time shortening skills for claiming enemy ships. Why can't we claim enemy ships on PvE if we can claim their territory and their buildings? - (This is PvE side specific) Being unable to land on "enemy" ships is stupid, why didn't you just make it so that non-company players don't count toward weight/crew? Just make it so that they also can't access Cannons and what are they going to do, shoot pistols at SotD? It's not like they would have much of a use, and then they couldn't destroy ships by adding too many crew. Most people ignore your food mechanic, and even climate mechanics, they just use beds to keep respawning. So at worst, we'd be able to ferry people around, and at best we'd be able to not lose all our stuff because we accidentally ended up on an enemy ship / we'd be able to explore other people's ships. Showing off our ships is half the fun of building them. - Don't require points into being able to use items, require finding and using skill books to learn the ability to craft higher tier items. Give crafters more depth and provide another means of trade. - Break the skill tree down into divisions based on playstyle, not by category. Have fighters go down a skill tree for fighter related things, sailors/captains for the same, and so on. Try a "web" skill tree, not a "multiple tabs" skill tree. It would feel more "MMO" and be easier to plan out builds. Right now you have to use an external site for looking up where certain skills are and such, it's annoying. - Add a way to "stow" or "tie down" tames on ships, making them static structures on a ship like a wood ceiling would be. Travelling through servers with them causes desync that makes it impossible to get by them on even a Brig. When I'm taking fire and need to repair but can't because my Elephant is bugging out it really isn't a fun time. - Region lock China / give them their own server. I stopped playing PvP because they drove the ping up so high I couldn't even reload a pistol let alone fight back, and what is worse is that they do it on purpose. PvE is barely any better, there are certain servers I have to avoid completely because they drive the ping up so high by just living there that I can't even safely travel through the zone. Yes, they are paying customers and you want money, I get it. No, as a paying customer I don't want to have a game I can't fully access because of that fact. They need their own server and we need our American server region locked. Yeah, yeah, VPNs and all that. Great, the lag will be on their end and not the servers.
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    So you couldn't answer the points I made so you're practicing the common tactic of shifting focus. Got it. Griefing is always going to be an issue in MMO's, that's just a reality. This goes double for a game in the early stages of it's development cycle, when the game's systems are still being poked, prodded, tweaked and tested by both players and developers alike. So that leaves you with a fairly basic choice to make: A) Accept that griefing cannot be eliminated and provide documented evidence whenever you encounter it so that it can (hopefully) be addressed and minimized over time. As part of this you will need to understand that administrative action is unlikely to be as swift as you might like, and in GrapeCard's case, there is a lengthy track record of response times that are poor at best. B) Play single player games where griefing is a non option. If one were truly foolish, one could attempt C) Demand a single player mode in an MMO genre game where numerous core game mechanics preclude that ever having more than a snowball's chance in hell.
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    Above is a related "Suggestion" post I made earlier... It feels like the "Property Title" portion of this might facilitate selling ships. Vote it up if you agree..
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    Fix this issue. You've left broken an entire skill tree. FIX IT.
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    oh this was the issue then. i got my taming reset cos i couldn't feed. i did manage at the end and it was only a low level tame but this is broken ... i ended up using a shield to feed but it is still a challenge to find the right angle which would allow you to feed or not.
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    Can't feed an elephant. Its head clips in the doorway in our capture pen and won't allow us to feed it. I can understand fixing the feeding through the wall thing but how are we supposed to tame anything anymore? So now we can't use pens? We can't feed anywhere but straight in the face. So you need to have 10 people able to do tier 3 taming, get them in a congo line and rotate them in as they each keep dieing over and over again. With every patch small groups and solo players lose content to do in the game. Now we can't tame. So any big derpy creature can't be tamed unless you get really lucky? After every patch there are so many more questions then answers. Stuff that did work just gets broken.
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    Same problem but with a bear ... he keeps killing us even immobilized with bolas and in a trap, but we can't feed him. Our "Tamer In Chief" is going mad and salty
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    You can change the Damned spawnrate by using the following arguments. ServerCustomDatas1: NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult ServerCustomDatas2: 1.0,1.0,0.1 This will reduce the spawn rate of damned with 90% EDIT: Play around with the last value (0.1) of ServerCustomDatas2 to change the spawn rate. 0.1 = 10% of Normal spawnrate 0.2 = 20% 0.3 = 30% And so on 1.0 is normal official server spawnrate After applying the arguments, you must restart server, and then you need to visit every grid (by ghost cmd or fly cmd) and use "cheat DestroyWildDinos" to remove already spawned damned from the server. This will kill animals too, but they respawn quite fast.