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Many/Most Discovery Areas not working

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It is already frustrating enough that you need to get so many Discovery Points to level up.  What is more frustrating is that it seems many Discovery locations are not showing up or working.  I have spent hours in some regions sailing around using the spy glass, going onto the islands, again using the spyglass and no matter what can't complete some of them.

So today, I decided to use the wiki which has many of the co-ordinates of some of the DP's.  I have noticed that when going to these spots they are not showing the blue hew (when looking through the spy glass) and then when you go to the exact location you still don't get awarded the discovery.  The discovery seems to not exist at all.  The name does not appear in the top right corner.

Here is an example below with screenshot.

Location from wiki:

N2   Teeth of a Beast          The Mumbling Reef          81.56


cheat TP N2 163359 150799 968

You will notice in the screenshot that I am in those exact co-ordinates.  The name of the location is not "Teeth of the Beast" as it says in the wiki but just the islands name (The Mumbling Reef). There is nothing above this location for me to climb (and I have in fact moved around this location a fair bit and have of course used the spy glass).  Nothing is working.  This discovery location is simply not showing up.  I have found many like this that are also not showing up.

It is so annoying wasting time trying to systematically complete regions and now knowing it can't be done because half of them are bugged.  What's the point in trying any more? FIX ASAP please.


Bugged DP.jpg

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I spent ages trying to find a discovery location on the island I live on and followed the co-ordinates shown on the Wiki. I gave up in the end, then as I was out and about I stumbled across it. I looked at the co-ordinates and they were out, not by much, but far enough away from the actual specific co-ordinates on the wiki that I wouldn't get it.

So don't trust the Wiki completely. I've not been to N2, but I suspect the wiki is providing you incorrect co-ordinates.

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You are probably right.  But there are some regions I have spent many hours sailing around looking for DP's and missing many.  The last week, I've spent tons of time in all the islands in M3 for example solely trying to get all DP's and still missing a whopping 4. 

Pre-wipe I used to be able to complete whole regions fairly effectively with little time wasted by simply using the spyglass.  I understand the wiki is not always reliable but I am simply not finding many of the Discovery locations in some of the regions despite tons of work, and from using the spyglass both from sailing around the islands as well as going through the middle of them too.  Given I used to do them a lot easier pre-wipe and have only just started trying hard to do them again, I assume something is not working.

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