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Solo schooner v 4 SoTD schooner.

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I like the aggressive fire.

In future, deselect the weapons for 1, 2, 3, & 5.  The hit R to only open the gun ports on right side.  You'll move abit faster as the left side gun ports aren't open.  You can also set it up so your guys using the right side guns, can also use the left side guns.

Also lead the target to windward, cut your sails to about 60% then you are more agile and can dodge incoming fire etc  the ai is trying to judge where you'll be, you need to not be there then the fire lands.

And that spam text in the top of the scrn is turned off in advanced options.

Nice video tho.  I like the dreadnought like laying of roof tiles.  I don't really bother with it anymore, instead I use mastercraft/legendary planks, decks etc.. and 200% resistance..

Sailing is great fun.

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Not sure how to set using crew both sides, switching ect. Can you show a tutorial ect


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